10 more blogging ideas for network marketers


Ideas for your next blog post

blog ideas for network marketers


Have you started blogging yet? I seems that everyone and their brother is taking to the internet to spill their guts or share their ideas. Why not? If you’re any good at it, you can generate leads for your network marketing business and make a lot of money. The problem comes when you sit down in front of your computer screen and you realize that you don’t know what to write about.


You’re in luck. I have some ideas that might help you write your next article and hopefully give you enough ideas to write a bunch more than that!


1. If you go on Youtube to learn about what’s going on in the world of network marketing, you can write an article about what you learned. Maybe you watched an interview with a top earner or you saw a training video on how to do marketing on an online platform. Those would be very easy to turn into an article. You can embed the video on your blog and increase your engagement with your audience! You can write an article about the best 3, 4 or 5 videos that you’ve watched in the last week or two.


2. You can find a quotation that means a lot to you and share your thoughts on what it means and how you’ve applied it to your life. Or you can gather a bunch of quotations and just have an article devoted to a certain subject like quotes that will motivate the average network marketer or the 50 best quotes of Tony Robbins. People love to read a good quote!


3. Write about yourself. People want to get to know you better. You can write about your life or your family. You can write about the things that you do for fun or for your business. You can write about your goals for yourself and your business. If you’d like to make enough money to buy the big house on the other side of town, you can write about the house and why you want it so badly that you’d do just about anything to get it. Then write about what you’re doing to get it.


4. You can write an article about network marketing news. It doesn’t have to be about your company, it can be about any company out there. It could be a product launch, a new CEO that’s been hired or maybe a company is opening up in a new country. Maybe there is a national convention happening or there could be an upcoming generic network marketing event. There are a lot of people who want to be well informed about this industry. You can set up a Google alert and be notified when something of interest is going on.


5. Write an article about a strategy that’s working now. Maybe you’ve come up with something that’s working on LinkedIn or maybe you’ve learned a strategy from someone and you want to share it with the world … make sure you have permission to share it if it’s not your idea! Maybe you have a short script that gets people’s attention when doing cold market prospecting, you can write about it.


network marketing strategies


6. You can write about your results. If you’re going out into the world and trying something, you can write about what it is that you’re about to do. Then write about what you did and how you felt doing it. Then tell your audience what kind of results you got. Maybe it worked like a charm and maybe it bombed terribly. It doesn’t matter for the sake of an article. No matter what happened, your audience can learn from it.


7. You can write articles detailing everything that you are doing in your business. It could be a daily journal of the things that you are doing on a daily basis. You don’t have to be perfect, in fact, it would probably be better if you turned out to be like most people who struggle, but hopefully find success. Maybe you didn’t do anything for a couple of days, you can write what happened, why you didn’t do anything and how you feel about it. You’ll come across as real and relate-able to most network marketers!


8. You can write articles that answer people questions. If you are on a network marketing team there are usually people who will ask a lot of questions. You’ll find that those questions get asked a lot. You could be the “go to person” for all of those answers. If you get new questions you should just add them to that one article. You’re creating a repository of answers to most of the questions that are asked in network marketing.


9. You can write a “how to” article. If you know how to do something that people need to know how to do, then you can write an article to show them how to do it too. Maybe you know how to set up a blog or maybe you know how to do a Facebook Live or maybe you can teach someone how to use your company’s back office, just write an article to explain how it’s done.


10. You can write an article to help struggling bloggers with some ideas on what to write about. Believe me, even the best of bloggers sometimes have a problem coming up with ideas on what to write about, day after day. Hopefully, you can make their lives a bit easier!


Well, there you have it. There’s 10 more ideas for network marketers to blog about.


If you are having a case of writer’s block, I hope that one or more of these ideas can get you unstuck and back to work!



I hope you found this article valuable!


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Are you paying too much in taxes?


Own a business and save some money on your taxes!


save on taxes


I want to start this article by saying that anything you read in here should mean absolutely nothing to you! I’m not a tax guy. I’m not a CPA. I’m not any kind of accountant or bookkeeper. I’m not offering any kind of advice. I’m not suggesting that you do any of this. If you have any interest in your taxes, you should consult an expert and I’m not one of those!! If you do anything about your taxes based on anything said in this article, I’m not responsible because I already told you that I’m not a tax guy!


With that said, let’s talk about how to use taxes to help you close someone into the business. If you’re trying to recruit someone and you’ve shown them the business plan and they have any sort of objection you can just ask them if they are paying too much in taxes. Most people will say yes to that question.


You can probably use the question as an ice breaker, too. Then show them the business plan after they know that they can save on their taxes with a small business.


Otherwise, you then can show them how they can save money on their taxes by owning a small, home based business.


You can just use hypothetical numbers and your prospect can realize that they either make more money or less money and will save more money or less money on their taxes. I just take the national average for income and taxable brackets. There will be money savings on most state taxes as well. If you’d like better or more accurate numbers, you should talk to a CPA in your particular state.


It all starts with personal income. The national average is about $63,000, for an individual. That would put that average person in the 25% tax bracket for national income taxes.


In my state, we pay a combined 9% income tax for state and county taxes. Added to the national taxes, that’s a total of 34% paid in taxes.


Here are 7 write offs that a small business owner can take and they are write offs of money already being spent. That means that the business owner will automatically save money on these expenditures.


These aren’t, necessarily, the only write offs that a business can take, but some of their other writes offs might require that “new money” be spent. Usually spending “new money” will give the business owner a discount on what the money is being spent, but it won’t put money in their pocket.


Since your prospect will being running their business from their home, they will be able to write off a certain percentage of their rent or mortgage payments. Again, this isn’t tax advice. Talk to an accountant if you want to know how your personal situation will be effected by the tax write offs presented here. Whatever percentage of your home that you have dedicated to running your business out of you’ll be able to write off that percentage from your taxes. The national average is about 12% of a home is being used for business purposes. The average mortgage is $1550.00 per month. That would mean that you can write off $186.00 per month for your home office.


home office write off on taxes


You can also write off a portion of your monthly utilities. That would be gas, electric, internet and a dedicated phone line for your business. The average spent on those utilities is $750.00 per month. They will probably be able to write off about 12% or $90.00 per month.


You can write the use of your car as a business expense. If you have a monthly payment on your vehicle, you can write off a percentage of the payment that is equal to the percentage that you use the vehicle for business. I’m just going to count the miles that your prospect will drive for their business in this section. The average number of miles that are driven per year is 15,000. If 30% of those are used for business purposes, then that would be 4,500 miles per year or 375 miles per month. Currently, that would yield a $200.00 write off per month.


The average car payment is $400.00 per month. If you are using your car, 30% of the time, for your business you will get a $120.00 per month write off.


If you spend part of your vacation time conducting business, you’ll be able to write off part of that as well. The average amount spent on vacations per year is $1200.00. Or about $100.00 per month. Theoretically, you could write off the entire amount, if you conduct business every day, but we’ll say that you write off 50% of it. That would be $50.00 per month, on average.


The average person spends $700.00 per month dining out. If they do prospecting while they are dining, they can write off a percentage of the cost of their meals. We’ll say the write off is 30% or $210.00.


If you add up all of the write off amounts and multiply it by the 34% you’ll get the monthly saving on that prospect’s taxes. In this case, they will save about $291.00 per month. That’s every month, not just one time!


It’s almost like getting free money just for owning a small, home based business.


Every individual’s monthly savings will be different.


This may be the “push” that a prospect, who is sitting on the fence, needs to sign up with you and your business.


Be sure to ask if your prospects are paying too much in taxes and then show them how much money they could save by owning a business. Be sure to cover yourself by telling them that you aren’t a tax expert … unless you’re a tax expert.



I hope you found this article valuable!


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Happy 1,000th


celebrating 1,000 articles


When I first started this blog, I had no idea how long I would do it. I really had no idea what I was doing and didn’t really know what to expect. I plodded along and learned what blogging was all about and I had some early success. I had tens of thousands of people visiting every month.


I tried to write as much as I could as often as I could. I read differing opinions on how often one should write blog posts. Some people said that you needed to write every day, while others said you could write once per week and do very well. I decided to write about 20 to 25 times per month.


Well, the best laid plans of mice and men …


It took me about 4 years to write the first 500 articles here. It took the next 2 years to write the next 500.


I felt pretty good getting those first 500 articles done. I even stopped and wrote a celebratory article. I had no idea if 500 articles was a lot or not. I see some blogs with 2,000 to 5,000 articles or more than that. I’ve seen some that the blogger got started and quit along the way. Now that I’ve written 1,000 articles I’m probably in the middle of the pack.


It was 2 years ago that I decided that I’d write another article to celebrate getting to 1,000 articles. I’ll probably do this every 500 articles. I want to take a bit of time to reflect on the journey.




In the 6 years that I’ve been blogging, I’ve lost my father to lung cancer, I’ve lost one of my best friends to pancreatic cancer and most recently I lost our oldest son, just 28 years old, to a heart attack.


We just had our first grandchildren. Twin boys and as of this writing they are just 9 days old. I need to get some pictures of them on here … soon!


I’ve did 6 marathons, in there, as well. I coached my youngest son’s basketball team to a championship … that was fun! We came very close to winning 2 other championships as well.


In a lot of ways, it’s been a tough 6 years for me. I’ve done my best to write helpful articles. I probably should’ve written twice as much in that time span, but there were many times when circumstances got the best of me and I really just didn’t feel like writing.


I’ll keep blogging in hopes that someone out there will get inspired enough to take their business to the top level of their company’s pay plan!


The future


I’ve made a decision to take the blog in a slightly different direction in 2018. I’m going to make myself the Guinea Pig and take on some new strategies for lead generation and recruiting and chronicling my journey here. I’m planning on writing about every step I take and all of the results, good or bad, that I get.


I’m looking forward to the next 500 articles. I hope you’ll go along for the ride!


Thank you for your support and understanding. Good luck!



I hope you found this article valuable!


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