2012 Baltimore Marathon

The 2012 Baltimore Marathon was a blast!


I did it!  again ...


It was a crisp autumn day.  No, it was freakin’ freezin’.  There was frost on the
windshield when I got in the van to go to the 2012 Baltimore Marathon.  I left
with an hour to get there and I still would have just an hour to wait for the race to start.  Well, for some reason, there was no traffic.  I suppose everyone slept in or something.  It took me a mere 20 minutes to arrive at Ravens Stadium.

Wow, I had over 90 minutes to wait around.  I just stayed in the van with the
heater on full blast.  There was a flurry of activity in the parking lot over the next hour or so.  I thought about taking a nap but decided that was a bad idea.  I figured I’d over sleep and miss the marathon altogether.

I got to the starting line about 20 minutes before they sounded the “gun” to start the race.  There were a few zany costumes and some weird makeup … on guys.

Halloween must have come early this year.

So the race started and I was in the back of the pack.  I’m a walker and I didn’t want to slow down any of the runners.


2012 Baltimore Marathon


I won’t go into a lot detail about the race itself.  But …

There was a horrifying incident very early in the race.  As I approached the 2
mile marker an older man, maybe in his mid 60s collapsed.  I didn’t actually
see the man fall but I came across the scene a couple of minutes later.  As I got there about 8 Good Samaritans were rendering aid to the man.  They were
rolling him over and giving him CPR.  They were giving him mouth to mouth and one person was pressing on his chest.

I have to admit to not stopping.  I would’ve stopped to help but there was
already way too many people huddled around him.  I did go to the next police
officer and request an ambulance for the guy.  They told me that the medics had been called already.  The ambulance arrived about 2 minutes later.

It was a horrible scene.  I can’t even imagine that happening to me or someone
that I know.  The poor man had trained to run a marathon and to have that
happen is incomprehensible.

You do your first marathon to test yourself, to see if you can really do it.
The second one you do is because you love it and to see if you can do it again.
Just to make sure finishing the first one wasn’t a fluke.

I was asking around, as the race proceeded, to try to get some information about the poor man but no one seemed to know anything.  One police officer said he had heard about it and that’s it.  I asked an EMT who said he had been taken to the hospital but he didn’t know anything else.


man down


One of the runners who had stopped, caught up to me and ask me if I was there.
I told her that I was there but didn’t stop but I had requested the ambulance to be sent.  I asked her what she knew.  She said the guy was barely alive but he was alive when they took him to the hospital.

I haven’t heard any news about him today.  He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

Now for the good news.

I finished the 2012 Baltimore Marathon in 6 hours and 10 minutes.

That was a few minutes slower than last year.  But I didn’t something that I had never down before.

I finished in the top 3000!!

I was #2909.

That probably doesn’t seem that great to people who are new to my blog but, I
walk.  I don’t run at all.  There were 5000 people participating in the race.

So top 3000 out of 5000 racers seems pretty good to me!

The 2012 Baltimore Marathon attracted runners from around the world.  A man from Kenya was the overall, first place winner.  So no matter where you live now, we’d love to see you here next year!

Although, I’ll warn you, I felt like I did 10 rounds with Mike Tyson when I got done.  Ugh!   I’m sore from head to foot.


Not Mike Tyson



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