Do you attend Rolling University?


Commuting to work?


driving to work


Do you still commute to work everyday? It sucks, doesn’t it? I remember those days. I’d fight the traffic to go somewhere that I really didn’t want to go. To work for someone who I didn’t like and on top of it I was way under paid. I could tell you stories about that, but I’ll spare you the details


Driving to work wasn’t much fun. Bumper to bumper. Stop and go. Horns blaring. Fingers flying. No, not much fun at all.


Up until the time I joined my first network marketing company, I thought the most productive thing you could do in a car, while driving, was to listen to the radio. Jammin’ to my favorite tunes was a good distraction. It didn’t make the ride any better. It just made it seem a little quicker.


I had all of the radio buttons programmed to the best stations. If they played a commercial, I’d just tune to a different station. It was great. Great isn’t the right word … it made it tolerable.


When I joined my first MLM, Amway, they sold me a lot of tapes. All of the top earners had a great second income. They would sell books and tapes to everyone who came to hear them speak, at the latest convention. They held a lot of local conventions. I amassed a very large library of tapes and books.


listening to my amway tapes

I tried to listen to them on a little tape player that I had in my bedroom, but it difficult to listen to them. I’d play them right before I went to sleep. Yes, I fell asleep, a lot, without listening to much of the tapes. I needed to listen to the tapes!


I had to find a solution.


My sponsor offered up a bit of advice. He asked me if I had a tape player in my car. I did. He asked me what I normally listened to. I told him I listened to music while I was driving. I’m sure you figured it out by now. He was the one who told me about using my car’s tape player to listen to all of those tapes. It turned out to be a great idea!


I had been accepted to Rolling University!


These days most cars have CD players and some even let you hook up your mp3 player. Yay! I won’t have any more tapes eaten!


Now the good news. There are so many books of CDs now. You can use your commute time to learn just about anything. It really is amazing that some kind hearted soul has written a book on just about any subject that you would ever want to learn about.


Now the really good news. You can most of these books on CDs for free at your local library. There’s only one thing better than books on CDs. Free books on CDs!


How many hours do you spend driving to and from work, each week? Most people are driving for an hour round trip. I know several people who are driving 90 minutes, one way. I think they’re crazy, but they say that they are used to it. Personally, I wouldn’t want to get used to something like that.


They are in their car for 15 hours per week. How much could they learn, every week?


How much could you learn?


learn while commuting


Congratulations! You’ve been accepted into Rolling University, too!


It’s time to turn off your radio and start learning! Besides, those DJs never even sent you a thank you card for listening, all those years.


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