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Self Confidence


building your self confidence


When it comes time for people to improve their self confidence, what do they usually do? They will read a book or listen to a CD. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing that, I’m just wondering if that really improves self confidence? The reason I am asking these questions is because I’ve read a ton of self confidence improving books in my life. I have to admit that I’m not sure how much of my self confidence came from those books. I would like to think that some of it did. If not, I wasted a lot of time!


I seem to think that doing things until you are proficient in them is the best way to gain self confidence.


I’ll give you an example of what I mean.


My brother is a gifted musician. He is a self taught piano and guitar player. When he wanted to learn how to play a song on the piano, he’d put on a record, yes that’s how long ago this was, and listen to a few notes and run to the piano and pick out the notes. Learning that 5 minute song might take him 45 minutes, but when he got it, he got it! He could sit and play the whole song for you.


Later, when he went to music college, in England, they wanted him to learn how to play the violin. He looked at it like it was from another planet. He had the confidence in his ability to play music so he sat down and learned how to play the violin. He knows how to play 7 or 8 different instruments, now.


He didn’t get that self confidence from a book or CD. Sure, he has natural talent, but he had to learn how to do everything that he knows how to do. He had to practice it to get better at it.


show the plan on a DVD


Unfortunately, having self confidence in one area of your life doesn’t translate to all areas of your life. My brother can shred a guitar, but he’d have no idea how to change the oil on his car. If you made him try to do it, he’d be afraid that he would do something wrong and ruin the car.


It is the same for everyone and everything that they do. You weren’t born knowing how to type on a computer. You didn’t learn how to ride a bike, by reading a book.


Likewise, you probably had no idea what you were doing when you joined your business. It’s nothing like your current job. Just like my brother trying to change the oil, a new business owner will think that they will do something wrong and ruin their business.


You won’t break your business if you do something “dumb.”


It’s all part of the process of learning how to do it. It’s just like riding a bike. You get on, you fall and you get hurt and you get on again, you fall and you get hurt and you get on again. You repeat the process over and over until one day you are able to balance yourself on the bike. You get to ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.


self confidence riding a bike


You have to do the same thing in network marketing! You try something and you will probably fall. You just get back up and try it again. You keep doing it until you feel comfortable doing it. Build your self confidence in one area and then move on to another area.


The best place to start when you are a network marketer is become a good problem finder. Learn how to talk to people and get them to tell you what areas of their life they have a problem. Just practice this until you get good at it. Then move on to the next skill. That would be inviting someone to see a business presentation. Practice that until you are good at it.


You never really have to get good at showing a business presentation. There are tons of top earners who would love to help you with that. At worst, you could just pop a company DVD in and let your prospects watch that.


Once you practice and get good at doing something, you will have the self confidence you need in that area of your life. You didn’t even have to read a book!


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