Do I need to be charismatic and persuasive?


 Are you charismatic?  Are you persuasive?  Do you need to be?


You’re thinking about joining a network marketing company. You like the compensation plan. You’ve tried their products and you like them, as well. You’ve done your due diligence and found out that the company is reputable and has a good reputation. What’s holding you back?


Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that you don’t know very many people. You aren’t good at talking to anyone. You couldn’t persuade a guy in the desert to buy an air conditioner. How can you make this work?


The question is, do I need to be charismatic and persuasive, to make network marketing work?




does he have charisma?



You could ask the question a different way. Do charismatic and persuasive people have an easier time making network marketing work?


I’ve never done a scientific study on this matter. This is my opinion, though.


It seem like it is easier to be successful in network marketing if you are charismatic and persuasive but, I think that those qualities can work against you. How can that be?


Most people are not overly charismatic. When we meet or see someone who is charismatic, we are apt to say, “They are very charismatic.” How often do you actually say that? I would bet, not that often. You may see an actor, singer or politician, who has charisma but, real life people?


The person who is prospecting you just oozes charisma. Their personality attracts you to them. They are polished and slick. They can give the best business presentation in the world. They could persuade an Eskimo to buy a freezer! Would you join them or do you think that you are not nearly as charismatic as they are and could never do what they do?



does he have charisma?  Is he persuasive?



Are you just as likely to think that you couldn’t do what they do as you are to think that they make it look easy?


Let’s say that the person who is trying to recruit you is just a regular person. They are a bit awkward, not persuasive at all. They forget about half of the business presentation and can’t really explain the compensation plan. They seem down right timid. You almost feel sorry for them.


Do you think, this person can hardly get through the presentation? Do you think that if this person can do this business, I sure can! You could give a better presentation than that! Right?


I do think that being a little unpolished and not so slick can help you build a business!



does he have charisma?




Be yourself! You’re enough! You CAN do this!


I think that success in network marketing boils down to talking to people, qualifying them as someone who wants to make extra money or someone who wants to own their own business and showing them the business plan. Do that enough times and you can’t help but be a success.


Maybe you’ve talked to your local Walmart clerk about your business and you’ve showed the business plan to your brother-in-law and they weren’t interested. Maybe you’re talking to the wrong people.


You want to be talking to the person who tells you that, “Yes, I could use an extra $500 per month! Can you show me how?”


You don’t need to be charismatic. You don’t need to be persuasive. You just need to be talking and talking to the right people!



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