Will fear stop you from being successful?



Or will you conquer the fear?



your fear




Is there really a secret to building a successful network marketing business? Probably not. It seems like there are certain things that you have to do. There are certain things that you need to say. Then do and say them often enough and you might find success. It’s a lot of work. It’s not hard but, it is difficult.


Would you like to dig ditches every day of your life? Not that there is anything wrong with the fine career of digging ditches! I actually did that for part of a summer, in my early 20s. That’s a funny story, if I ever have time to tell you. Or would you rather talk to people about your business opportunity every day?


Funny that most people could walk up to someone, that they didn’t know and start a conversation about this or that but, when faced with talking about making some extra money, that something all together different.


What’s the difference?




I read two articles about basic human fears, recently. Here are the top five fears, in no particular order.


Fear of the unknown.


Humans like their routines. We don’t like things to change. We are much more comfortable in familiar situations. If we find ourselves in a strange situation, it will illicit anxiety.


Fear of abandonment.


We like to be part of something that is bigger than ourselves. We need to feel like we belong. There is safety in numbers. If the group shuns us or abandons us, we are much less likely to “survive.”


Fear of being embarrassed, ridiculed or shamed.



fear of embarrassment



We have a deep seated need to be accepted by others. This acceptance may be how we derive our self worth and self esteem. If we do or say anything that might embarrass ourselves, our self esteem may be damaged. This also opens us up to shame and ridicule. This can be devastating, for many people!


Fear of public speaking.


When people are polled as to what they fear the most, public speaking usually ranks at the top. This is probably due to the fact that it encompasses the first 4 fears listed here.


Fear of death.


Believe it or not, fear of death is a close second, on most people’s worst fears list. Second, only to fear of public speaking!



fear of death



More than likely, building your network marketing business won’t kill you. It might feel like it will but, it won’t!


That’s the good news. The bad news is that the other four fears come into play.


You might be asked to talk to a close personal friend or you may be talking to a stranger but, you will be talking about a business opportunity, this makes it different, an unknown situation. It is public speaking, too. Will we embarrass ourselves by saying something that we shouldn’t have? Will this lead to shame and ridicule? Will wind up being abandoned by them.


You may have heard the term “NFL.” No Friends Left. The thought of losing all of your friends is scary in and of itself.



conquer the fear



Have you ever thought of building a network marketing business in this way? Does it, kind of, make sense why so many people have problems building a successful business?


Maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. If you are in network marketing and having difficulties, this may be why.


Remember, the next time you are going to approach someone about your business, take a few deep breathes and relax. It won’t kill you to talk to them. As for the other fears, you can overcome them. The more you approach people, the easier it will become. It just that first times that you need to get past!


You will have to talk to a lot of people to build your business. Are you going to let your fears keep you from your destiny? Or will you rise above the fears and grab success? It’s there for the taking!



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