How to find success in multi level marketing



Success in multi level marketing


Unfortunately, success in multi level marketing eludes most people. Millions of people have tried it and come up short. The average number of people that the average person recruits, in their entire career, is 3. That’s right, just 3. They could be in the business for years and try many different companies but the average is 3 people recruited.  No wonder people quit.


So why is it so hard to find success in multi level marketing?


There are many things that can keep you from finding success. Two of the main reasons that one might not be successful are self limiting beliefs and the lack of tangible skills.


What are self limiting beliefs?


They might be a mindset that is not in line with success. You may not believe that you can be successful. Or you might have a fear of failure.



success in multi level marketing

What are tangible skills?


There are certain skills that you need to have in order to, not only conduct a business but, to be a success. Maybe you have troubles meeting new people. Or talking to them once you meet them. You could hate talking on the phone. Maybe you are not good at overcoming people’s objections to being in business for themselves. You need to be able to train others to do the things that you need to do to  be successful.


The lists of these two business destroyers goes on and on. But no matter what it is that is holding you back there are solutions.


How do you become a success in multi level marketing?


You need to become a complete business person. You need to acquire the knowledge that you are lacking. How do you do that?


I have talked about self development before. But if you didn’t believe me, that’s probably why you are still struggling.



Business skills


Self development is all about improving yourself, your mindset and your skill set. I would suggest reading good books about business. You can start with “How to win friends and influence people.” A great book about human nature by Dale Carnegie. Then move on to “Think and grow rich.” A book that will allow you to change your mindset. It will help you to believe that you can be a success in whatever you do. It is by Napoleon Hill.


I know a lot of you or maybe even most have read either or both of these. I want you to go back and read them again. This time you need to read them like they are training manuals. As you learn new concepts and strategies from the books, you need to apply the new knowledge. You need to put them into use, practice them.



you need to practice what you have learned

You could read a book about how to play the piano but, if you don’t apply what you’ve learn, by practicing playing the piano, you will never be able to play it, right?


Maybe you are lacking the skills need to be a success in multi level marketing. You think you aren’t good at talking to people on the phone. Get yourself a book about how to talk to prospects on the phone.


read more books

If you need to improve your mentoring skills then get a book on how to mentor people. You need to write a business plan but you don’t know how. Read a book.


Any skill that you are lacking,there is probably a book that will teach how to be be better at it. You just need to read and apply the new knowledge as you acquire it. Practice, practice, practice.


The actual medium that you use is of no consequence. You could read books, listen to CDs, or watch DVDs on whatever subject that you would like to improve in. It really will boil down to the application of what you are learning.


This doesn’t just work for being in your own business. If you have a job and would like to improve in some aspect of what you do, read a book or take a class on the subject. This could help you to advance in your career.


Study everyday. Read at least 30 minutes per day and take notes. You need to think about how and in which situations that you will be able to use the knowledge you have just read about.


This strategy works very well and successful business people know this. I heard an interview with Donald Trump. The interviewer asked him what his “opening line” was when he meets someone new. He said that he asks them, “What three books are you reading, right now?” Obviously, “The Donald” believes in reading books!


What is the best way to ensure success in multi level marketing?


Feed your mind everyday. Then practice what you have learned!



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