Garbage in, garbage out





The human mind is much like an organic computer. The one difference is that the human doesn’t come with a pre-installed firewall. It really has no way of filtering out the bad stuff. We have to make a conscious effort to avoid the things that will harm us.



If you ever done any kind of computer programming, you’ve no doubt seen the acronym, GIGO. That’s “garbage in, garbage out.” Basically, it means that if your put bad coding into a computer, you’re going to get bad results.



What are you feeding your mind?



Are you one of those news junkies that thrives on listening and watching the news programs? Are you a political wonk? Do you hang on every word that come from one of our politicians?



GIGO from a politician



If it bleeds, it leads



You may have heard that adage from the news industry. I take it to mean, that the worse the news is, the more toward to beginning of the program it will go. If there was a killing, overnight, it will go first on the 6 o’clock news. The more horrific a car crash is, the more coverage it will get.



I guess it’s what the people want to see. I would think that if you didn’t want to hear and see all of the bad news, you wouldn’t watch, listen or read about it. Maybe it’s a case of misery loving company.



I find it all so depressing.



GIGO will leave you depressed



A 6 year old girl being shot by a stray bullet is not my kind of news. I guess it needs to be reported on, but it just seems to be so sensationalized. It seems to be presented in a way that will get ratings for the channel or station.



It’s almost seems like it is being glorified. It’s put out there to say, hey, you want to be noticed, you want to get on TV, you just need to do something a little worse than the last group of people did.



I will listen to the 5 minute news at the top of the hour on local radio. I don’t really need to know much more than they are able to report on in that 5 minutes. If it is something that I think that I might want to know more about, I can read about it online.



I really think that it is all designed to keep you preoccupied and weighed down with worry. It is meant to distract you from what’s really important, your life and improving it.






Unless something directly effects you or your family, you probably don’t need to know that much about what’s going on. You certainly don’t need to be worrying about it.



It is truly a case of garbage in, garbage out.



If it goes in your mind it will come out somewhere, somehow.



It will effect your attitude. It will effect the way you talk and deal with people. It will effect your whole life.



Turn off CNN and Fox News. If it’s really important, I’m sure someone will tell you about it.



don't worry ... be happy!



Feed your mind with good stuff. Read Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins. Listen to podcasts that are done by network marketers or other types of marketers. Get yourself in the company of people who think like you do. People who want the same things that you want. Success!



Feed your mind with good, healthy positive things and ideas. This will keep you motivated for the long haul.



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