I won! I won!

Okay, I really didn’t win the Baltimore Marathon. I was in 3030th place. Out of 5000 racers. As a walker that’s pretty good. I didn’t meet my goal of being in the top 3000 but I did improve over last year’s 3214th place. So I am happy enough with that and there is always next year!

It was quite a day. My alarm went off at 6:00 AM. Bad news is that I didn’t hear it until 6:16 AM and I was running late. I came downstairs and started my race day ritual. Eating breakfast, pinning on the tracker chip, taping up my feet and taking the dogs out for an early morning walk. Some how I managed to get all that done and out the door at 7:01 AM. At least I thought I was back on time. Traffic was very heavy, as usual. I got to Ravens stadium and found parking. It was now 7:45 AM. For a normal 18 minute trip into the city 45 minutes seemed pretty good. I had to walk around the stadium to Camden Yards and try to find the start line. by then it was 8:05AM and the race started at 8:00 AM! Yikes!! I finally found someone to ask where they put the starting line this year. Around the corner and down the block a few hundred yards.

So I go to the start line and I am in a group of people who are doing the relay. Wow! 50,000 eyes on the staring line and I need to get going. Oh well, I take off out of the crowd and of course they think I am starting early. All eyes are on me. I had to smile and wave to everyone. What else could I do?

I couldn’t believe it but I started passing people at the 2 mile marker. I was 20 minutes late. I didn’t expect to see anyone for at least 6 miles. The bad news was that I had started so late that as I got the water stations along the route they were tearing them down. I did manage to get a water bottle from the “stragglers van” driver at the 2 mile marker so I had water.

By the time I got to the 16 mile marker the water stations were still set up. Even with that I had a bit of a dehydration problem. When I got to the 22 mile marker I knew I had it made. Just 3 more tough mile and the last mile you can finish on adrenaline if you have to.

It was fun! The day was beautiful but windy. A nice 67 degree day and sunny. The course was fantastic! It went through the Baltimore Zoo. I got to see 2 real ravens … the birds not the football players. They must’ve had a dozen animals on display. Everything from an alligator to a bunny rabbit, that was huge!

Needless to say, I am looking forward to next years race and hopefully, a top 3000 finish!

No marketing tie in this time. Just sharing the good news of finishing the marathon.

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