Maintain your credibility


 Credibility is earned!



Once you start to recruit people into your business, one thing that you will need to do is to build and maintain your credibility.



Building your credibility



Nothing will kill an organization quicker than a loss of credibility!


What is credibility, anyway?


In the dictionary, credibility is defined as, the quality of being believable or worthy of trust.


Wikipedia.org adds in an aspect of expertise, to credibility.


Why should we be so concerned about having credibility or developing it?


Author James Kouzes says that “Credibility is the foundation of leadership.”


Since most network marketers want to be leaders in their organization, it would be wise to learn what will destroy your credibility and then to avoid those actions.


Here are 3 ways to ruin your credibility



don't destroy your credibility



The worst thing that anyone can do to destroy their credibility is to lie to others. Lying may seem like a harsh term to use here. Maybe exaggerating is a better word. Many people will exaggerate claims about their company, their company’s products or the amount of money a prospect might make. I’m sure that your current company is the latest and greatest company to have ever existed. There is no real need to tell lies about the company, to convince people to join your business. Besides, in the digital age, it is too easy to learn the truth about things. Many network marketers decide to tell their recruits that they are making more money than they really make or how long they’ve been in the company.


“Six more days and I’ll have been with this company for a week. Is that okay with you?” Is a fine and humorous response to that question!


Save yourself a lot of grief and ill will and tell the truth to prospects and to your recruits, as well.


The next worst thing that you can do is to talk “trash” about other people. Insulting others or complaining about them is a really bad thing to do. If you are willing to talk about one person in your organization, won’t that person, that your are talking to think that you might be talking about them, behind their back? If you would like to have people distrust you, nothing works faster than this kind of gossip. Either keep your opinions to yourself or go directly to the person who you’d like to talk about and work things out with them! This applies to people who are in your business but, it also applies to people not in your business!


Never “steal” someone else’s prospect. I’ve seen this done and I have been one who was almost “stolen.” I was sent to my company’s grand opening, in my state. My, would be, sponsor lived in New Jersey and wasn’t able to make it to Maryland. I was approached several times by people who said that they’d be close by, to help me. I didn’t know my sponsor, at all, but, I did feel loyal to him and told those people that it didn’t matter were the other guy lived, I was sticking with him.



stealing a prospect can ruin your credibilty



I know it can be tempting to find someone in that position, at a convention without a sponsor there, and try to recruit them. I have one question for you. Would you want to be known as the person who takes other people’s prospects?


You’d be much better off if you were the one who offered to help train the new recruit for the out of state sponsor. Doesn’t that sound like a better reputation to have?


The previous three things are credibility destroyers.


Four things will be things that you can do to create, develop or maintain your credibility


You need to keep your word and follow through. If you tell someone that you will do something for them, you must be a person of your word and make sure that you do it. This is also critical. The more you are able to follow through with thing that you have promised, the more everyone will trust you, now and in the future.


Part of the definition of credibility is being worthy of trust.


Continually educate yourself. You may just want to keep up with the changes in your marketplace or you may be doing personal growth and personal development. Either way, you want to be seen as the expert or the “go to person” in your organization. This will help you in your quest to be the leader.



educate yourself for added credibility



Walk the walk. Don’t just talk the talk. Don’t be asking people to do things that you are unwilling to do. Once you have a good sized organization, you may fall into management mode. “You need to recruit more.” “You need to do more prospecting.” “Be ready to give the business presentation, tomorrow.”


If you want your group to build the business, you’d better be leading by example. Leading by example will build camaraderie, as well as a big business!




 Leadership and Credibility


Last, but, by no means least, you need to take responsibility for the good things as well as the bad things that happen. This may be difficult, for some. You’re a leader, now. Whoever is at the top of the organization is responsible for everything. Be quick to take blame and slow to point fingers. If your organization feels like you have their backs, they will be extremely loyal to you.


There will be many good things that happen, too! Be sure to spread the praise around to everyone in your organization. Don’t be a “glory hog.”


Your people will be willing to follow you to the ends of the earth and back. That’s not just a good business, that’s a great business!



to the ends of the earth and back - with credibility



Credibility is critical to your success, no matter what your doing. Live a life of integrity. The effort is worth it! Thank you!



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