The MLM mindset

Want to flush $300.00 down the toilet? Join an network marketing company.


mlm mindset


I’m not suggesting that you are wasting your money by signing up with any MLM company. I am saying that very few people make any money by doing so. If you read through my blog you will see that I spend a lot of time trying to get people to not to go into business for themselves. For the vast majority of people it is a pipe dream. A pipe dream, yes, a scam, no.


If you do not find a sponsor who has a complete marketing plan and proven it to work over an over again, then more than likely you will lose money. It’s sad but true.


That’s just one of the reasons that people fail at MLM. One of the other key factors is MINDSET.


If you don’t have the proper mindset toward your business, that will kill it as quickly as anything. At first, it will seem like a hobby. I always say, if you aren’t making money you have a hobby. The guys who get paid to play baseball are professionals, they have a career. Those that just play the game, do just that … play the game. Don’t treat your business like it is a hobby or a game. You will never make money if you do that. Just because you didn’t invest $300,000 in a franchise like Starbuck’s, doesn’t mean you can’t make the same kind of money those franchise owners make!


I started my offline business 25 years ago with $135 invested. I’ve made a lot of money over the past 25 years.


The MLM companies keep the entrance costs down to allow anyone to get involved. That’s part of the problem. If you do nothing with your business you’ll lose a few hundred dollars. More than likely, the $300 isn’t going to make you or break you.


Now if your company charged you $10,000 to participate, would you take it a lot more seriously? I’m sure you would! $10,000 is a lot of money to put up on a shelf and gather dust. If you had invested that much money, you’d be out talking to everyone who would sit still long enough to share your opportunity with. The phone would be light as a feather. You would find a way to make your business work. But because you have a relatively small amount of money invested, you may wind up with a lack of commitment to success.


Any business is tough. If you are not 100% committed to your own success you never will be successful. To repeat that … if you are not 100% committed to your own success, you will never be successful!


You will be faced with hardships and trials as you go on your journey. You will face plenty of rejection. You will face the ridicule of many people who have tried and failed at business, along the way. You will run into much adversity. Problems will be plentiful and solutions will be few. But if you are totally committed, you will persevere. You will be stronger and more equipped for the next challenge. You will eat, sleep and even dream about your business. Hopefully, they will be pleasant dreams and not nightmares. Quitting is never an option. Failure is not in your vocabulary.


You must believe in Winston Churchill’s famous quote … “Never give up! Never! Never! Never!” Stay committed to your success and the success of your team!


Winston Churchill


You must lead your team. Lead them by example. The team that you have created, will more than likely, adopt your mindset. You need to BE what you want your team to BE. A leader with the proper mindset can propel their team to heights unimagined.


to the moon


A great example of this is when John Kennedy was elected president in 1960. He had a charisma, an attitude, a mindset that took the United States to the moon and back in less than 10 years.


That’s how effective a good mindset can be.


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