Who do most network marketers compare themselves to?




do you have comparitis


I don’t think that comparitis is a real word, but it does a pretty good job of describing a lot of people in the network marketing industry.


I define comparitis like this: When a network marketer compares their results with the results of others until they make themselves sick of the business.


The endless comparisons to everyone else in the business is more than most distributors can take. They see their upline on the stage. They see the new person walking on the stage to get a promotion. They hear about so many people doing well in the business and they think that they must not have what it takes to be successful in this business. What happens when a distributor gets sick of the business? They usually quit.


It’s easy for me to sit here and tell you that you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else. Actually, there is one person who you should compare yourself to and that’s who you were yesterday, last week or last year.


Why did they do so well so quickly?


You don’t know what kind of advantages that someone else may have had that allowed them to build a big business. Those advantages could have made all the difference in the world. They may have cut years off of the normal amount of time that it would’ve taken them to accomplish their Herculean feats.


network marketer making herculean effort


Yes, some people do have advantages. I know it’s taboo to talk about that, but it’s true. They may have an extremely large group of friends and family who they hold a lot of influence over. If that person does something then everyone in their sphere wants to do it too. I’ve seen this happen a lot over the years. A person, who has several thousand people in their warm market, joins a network marketing business. They get the word out that they have joined a great business and they think that everyone would not only love the products but that they would all do well in the business. The next thing you know, they’ve rank advanced to the 4th level of a 7 level plan and all of that took less than 60 days. No one should compare themselves to that person!


It’s time to work … on yourself


Since you’re going to be comparing yourself to who you used to be, you better be improving yourself on a weekly if not a daily basis. You must be improving your skill sets. Network marketing is a skills based business. If anyone ever told you that everyone was going to want your products and everyone would want to make extra money and join your business. Then you weren’t told the truth. If that were true, then you wouldn’t need any skills to be successful.


Once you learn a new skill, you will want to practice that skill. Find someone in your upline who can do things like role playing to help you get better at using the new skill. Once you have it memorized you can go to “live” practice. “Live” practice is when you use your new skills on a real prospect, but you know that it really doesn’t count. You’re just there to see how a “real” person will react and what types of questions they’ll have. It’s like on the job training.


Hopefully, this will help you to only allow you to compare yourself to who you used to be. Just know that some people really do have advantages and it’s great when they can use those to their own advantage. Don’t be discouraged by their success. You should take it as proof that network marketing can work and can work for you too!



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