Network marketing – Believe it or not


Are you holding yourself back?

It could be your self limiting beliefs!


conquer your self limiting beliefs


Are you struggling, in your network marketing business? Don’t feel too bad, most network marketers are struggling! When we first joined our company, we were so excited. We were going to be rich! It looked so easy when your friend drew up the business plan. You only had to get a few people involved and they had to get a few and so on down the line. How hard could that be? Unfortunately, it’s a lot more difficult than they draw it up to be.


After a while, we start to lose faith in the business. It’s so hard, I don’t think I can do it. It devolves from there. Your next thought is that no one can do. It’s just way too hard. Your next action is to quit.


Before you drop out of your business, let me ask you a few questions.


How much money are you looking to make from your network marketing business? Are there people in your company who are making that much money? Can you make that much money?


The last two questions are the important questions. More than likely, you answered yes to the second question. There are probably distributors who are making the amount of money that you want to make. This tells you that it is possible to make that kind of money. How did you answer the third question? Do you believe that you can make that much money?


That’s the most important question of the three! Do you think that you can earn that much money or do you doubt yourself and your ability to do that?


Again, don’t feel bad. Most people are struggling with a belief system that limits them and what they can achieve.


What is your belief system?


Some people call these beliefs, core beliefs. They are at the center of how we see everything. Our core beliefs will determine how we see ourselves and how we see others, too. It starts from the time we are small children. We do things, see things and we form our opinions of them. We touch a stove that’s turned on and we get burned. Our belief about stoves is that they are hot when they are on and if we touch them we’ll get burned. That’s a good belief to have.


don't touch a hot stove


Not all of our beliefs are good though. We may have drawn an incorrect conclusion about one of our experiences. Maybe when you were 5 years old, you got bit by a dog. Now you believe that all dogs are mean or could bite you. We should know that not all dogs are going to bite you, but if we have that belief, we’ll do out best to avoid all dogs.


As we grow up we continually develop more beliefs. Some are correct and helpful while others aren’t correct and don’t serve us at all.


It’s the beliefs that are incorrect that concern us. These are the beliefs that will keep us from taking action and will keep us from reaching our goals. If you know that you should be doing something, but you can’t do it or won’t do it, then you would have to think that there is something inside you that’s keeping you from doing it. That’s one of your self limiting beliefs in action.


What can you do about a self limiting belief?


Keep in mind that a self limiting belief is probably old. You probably developed it when you were growing up and it’s ingrained in your mind. They aren’t easy to overcome.


The first thing that you must do is to acknowledge them. You must tell yourself that you have a self limiting belief. It may have served you in the past, but it is a hindrance today. The second thing that you have to do is to listen to the self talk that happens when you try do to do whatever it is that you’re having problems doing.


Let’ say that you have a problem asking someone to buy your network marketing products. You can tell them all about the products and how they are made, but when it comes to time to ask them to buy your products, you freeze up and don’t say anything to them.


Tell yourself that you have a self limiting belief that is keeping you from asking for the sale. It served you somewhere along the line, but now it is keeping you from achieving your goals. Then ask yourself what happens if you ask for the sale.


You’ll need to listen to yourself and try to find the cause of this limiting belief.


listen to your self limiting beliefs


You may have trouble doing this because your mind really wants to hold onto this belief. Your mind believes that you have the truth and anything else is a lie. Listen. What is the conversation like.


Maybe you say to yourself that, “If I ask for the sale, my friend will think that I’m only after their money.” That may come to mind, first, but is that the the real problem? You may hear something like, “If they think I’m only here to get their money from them, I’ll lose a friend.”


That may be the root cause of your belief. If you ask for money, you’ll lose a friend. Losing a friend can be very painful.


The problem is that as long as you believe that you could lose a friend, you’ll never ask for the sale.


Now you have to think logically. Will you really lose a friend if you ask them to buy your products? You could. Maybe you’re a pushy salesperson that would get people mad when you do that. Maybe you just need to find a “work around” for that.


You could offer them a free sample, but let them know that you can only do that once and that they’d need to purchase them, if they like them. Or you could explain all of the benefits and then ask them if they know anyone who would be interested in buying them. That’s asking for the sale without actually asking them to buy the products.


You could try a more direct approach and try to crash through your limiting beliefs. You could ask them, very politely, if they would be interested in buying your products. If it works, you’ll realize that your beliefs may be incorrect. Doing this one time may not break through what is limiting you, but it should get you started on breaking them down.


You’ll end up facing your self limiting beliefs and your fears, along the way. This is difficult to say the least. It can be done. Other people have conquered their self limiting beliefs, so you know that it is possible to do. You’ll just have to make yourself do it!



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