Network marketing – Can you overcome the fear of prospecting?


Does fear of prospecting keep you broke?

fear of prospecting

You have your warm market list of names and you’re ready to get to work. You decide to start with your mom and dad. They’ll help you. They’ll even buy one of the products just to support you. You talk to them about your business and your products, but they have no interest in owning a business. They do buy a couple of the products to support your efforts.


You talk to your best friend, but they aren’t as helpful. They try to talk you out of this “thing.” Their cousin tried one of those “pyramids” and they lost a lot of money. Then you talk to your neighbors and co-workers. You’re met with the same skepticism. No one is buying your products and you hear a lot of negative talk about network marketing.


You burn through your warm market with not too much to show for your efforts. Now you move into the cold market. You might be thinking that the cold market is a better place to work your business. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. You never know what you might get from the cold market. You find someone who is polite and will let you down gently. Or you may find someone who just didn’t want to be bothered by you or your message. Hold onto your hat, if you get one of those!


It’s kind of scary to go out and look for people who might be interested in your products or your business opportunity. You never know who you’re going to find and you never know what you’ll get from them. Most network marketers will tuck tail and run rather than approach a stranger about their business.



“They probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.” “You wouldn’t want to bother them, they look busy.” “They’ll probably quit.” “They’ll never join.” “They make too much money doing what they’re doing.” “They’ll yell at me.” “They wouldn’t have any use for the products.”


Have you said any of those things or something similar to that, rather than talk to someone?


I think that we all have, at one time or another. Like I said, it’s scary!


I’m here to tell you that the fear of prospecting is just in your head. It’s very real, but it’s something that you’ve made up. It’s your attitude about yourself, your business or the network marketing industry that’s keep you from talking to someone about what you have to offer!


I’ll prove it to you!


is bill gates in network marketing


Let’s say that instead of working for XYZ network marketing company, you just got a call from Bill Gates. He said that he wants you to be his business partner in a new venture. He tells you that you’re a partner and that you’ll split the profits from the business with him, but there is no paycheck. You get paid out of the profits that the business generates. Of course, you jump at the opportunity! Who wouldn’t?


He’s asked you to sell a new piece of software, but you can’t sell it in stores or online. He then offers you a chance to recruit other salespeople and you’ll get a portion of the profits from those sales too.


You start by talking to your warm market. What’s your attitude like? Are you afraid to talk to them because they’re too busy? Are you afraid to talk to them about this great business opportunity? If it were me, I’d walk into the room feeling like a million bucks! I’m partners with Bill Gates! There isn’t anything that anyone could say that would make me waiver. I have Bill Gates backing me up and I would have such strong self confidence.


If someone wasn’t interested in the software, I wouldn’t care. I would know that there are millions of people out there that are just waiting for this.


Is there any real difference?


self confidence in network marketing


Is that scenario that much different than working with your network marketing company? Or is it simply that you have more confidence in working with Bill Gates? Is it all just your attitude?


It’s just your attitude. It’s your mindset. It’s your lack of belief in the network marketing industry or your company.


If you knew that your doctor would become a top earner in your company, would you be afraid of talking to them?


I know that changing your beliefs and your mindset is difficult. Changing your attitude is one of the hardest things to do. If it were easy, then all network marketers could do it and everyone would be successful. It’s not easy and that’s one of the mains reasons that so few people can make this business work for them. It can be done, though. Talk to the top earners in your company and ask them how much they had to change their attitude and mindset in order to get to the top.



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