What are the odds that you’ll be successful in network marketing?



Will you be successful in network marketing?


will you find network marketing success


I guess it depends on how you define success in network marketing. For some, reaching the top level is the only thing that will make them successful. For others, making an extra $500.00 per month means success. Still, others just want to make friends and get the products at a cheaper price than retail. How do you define success in network marketing?


For this article, I’m going to say that success in network marketing means making money. Any amount is fine. It could be $1,000 per month or $1.00 per month. I’m easy.


You can translate those numbers into English and say that being successful, in network marketing, means being in profit.


If you read any company’s income disclaimer statement, you’ll see that not many people make money. In fact, most companies say that about 3% of “active people” are making any money at all. The other 97% of network marketers are, at best, breaking even and at worst they are losing money, every month.


Those don’t seem like very good odds. Why would anyone want to join any network marketing company with those numbers? If those were the odds for any individual, who joins, then no one would join and with good reason. The one thing that you have to realize is those numbers are just the average of what’s happened to every active distributor in that particular company. That doesn’t mean that those are your odds.


As an individual, who is joining a network marketing company, you have the same odds of being successful as everyone else. Your odds of success are 50-50. There are only two things that can happen to you. Either you’ll be making money every month or you won’t.


The thing that makes the difference and tells whether or not you’ll be successful is mindset. The two main parts of mindset that we’re concerned with are these two things. Your success and your skills. Are you committed to your own success and are you committed to improving your skills, in this business? If you make a real commitment to those two things then you will probably be successful. If you can’t make those commitments then you’ll most likely fail.


the odds of network marketing success


If you are committed to your own success, then nothing will stand in your way. Neither the lack of time nor the lack of money will be an excuse for you. You’ll be willing to take as long as it takes to find success. Nothing will stand in your way.


If you are committed to improving your skills, then you will find a way to run a successful business that works for you. You’ll be willing to read books, listen to CDs, attend seminars or ask others for their mentoring and help, which could mean paying someone to coach you. You’ll practice your skills until you are very good at them.


If you are willing to make those two commitments, then you will be unstoppable. Sooner or later you will be successful in network marketing!


This isn’t to say that you have to stay with your current company. It just might not be a good fit after all. Maybe your upline isn’t all that you’d hope they’d be. Or maybe the company changed the compensation plan and now they are paying out 95% less than when you signed up. They may have changed the formula of their products and you can no longer feel comfortable selling them. Any number of things could cause you to switch companies.


However, you must make the commitment to your own success and to your own education!


Stack the odds in your favor and make that commitment, today!



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