What is personal branding?

Are you a company, like Nike or Pepsi?  Are you a product like Coke or Q-Tips?  Probably not.  Okay, so what is personal branding and do you need to do it?

I’ve seen a lot of answers to the question what is personal branding and I’ve seen a lot of definitions for personal branding.

Wikipedia.org answers the question what is personal branding as … it is for some people, a description of the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands. It has been noted that while previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. Further defined as the creation of an asset that pertains to a particular person or individual; this includes but is not limited to the body, clothing, appearance and knowledge contained within, leading to an indelible impression that is uniquely distinguishable.

Well, isn’t that special!


What is personal branding


I see personal branding as the same as your reputation.  Who you are and how people see you.  Are you an honest marketer?  Are you a leader?  Are you someone who will help other people?

What can people expect from you?  Will you be there to answer questions?  Or are you a jerk?  Or are you both?

Now maybe you might want to brand yourself with a descriptor.  Michael Jackson branded himself as “The King of Pop.”  James Brown is known as “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.”

In network marketing there are many people who have branded themselves.  Cedrick Harris is the “Drop Card King.”  David Wood Is the “Guru Slayer.”  Daegan Smith is “The King of Never Calling a Single Lead.”

Do you need a personal brand?

I would say that you need to build a stellar reputation as the kind of person you want to be seen as.  You will also have a separate reputation in business.  You will be judged by that.  That more than just about anything else will determine whether you are successful or whether you will fail in business.

Just be yourself! You can not be all things to all people.  You will make friends, you will make enemies.  Some people will like and trust you, other won’t.  But always be true to yourself.  Never try to be something that you aren’t.  People will see through that and they will not trust you.


So what is personal branding?


It’s what you are, it’s who you are and it is the way you conduct yourself in you life and in your business.

And at all costs, protect your reputation.  Anyone can write anything about anyone online.

As an aside:  Q-tips have branded their product so well that you may not know that Q-tips aren’t Q-tips, they are cotton swabs.   And Band Aids aren’t Band aids either.

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  1. Excellent info, Mr. R!

    Thanks for the shareage.

    Who you are is so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying.

    That’s what I live and teach.

    Thanks again.

    Goooood day! :~)

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