How to stop procrastination and get more done

Learning how to stop procrastination



Well, I went to dictionary.com to get the real definition for procrastination.


Procrastination is the noun and procrastinate is the verb.  So here is the definition for the verb for of the word …


“procrastinate – — vb ( usually intr ) to put off or defer (an action) until a later time; delay”



how to stop procrastination


My definition is this … knowing something needs to get done but, not doing it right away.


Now I can certainly understand not feeling getting something done NOW.  Maybe I’m tired or have something better to do.  Maybe I just don’t want to do it now.  So I am no stranger to procrastination.


Many years ago I found myself forgetting about things that had to be done that day.  I let some people down and got myself in trouble on top of it.  I felt bad about it.



learn how to stop procrastination or you will feel bad

 Overcoming Procrastination


I decided to figure out a way to make sure that I got as much done in a day as I could.  Or at least get those things done that HAD to be done that day.  As long as got the high priority things done I’d be okay.



How to stop procrastination by creating a routine



I’m not good with a routine at least not for business things.  But if you are someone who doesn’t mind having a routine then by all means you can create a routine for yourself.


There are certain things that need to get done every day.  Like creating blog content, calling prospects, setting appointments, returning calls, reading and self improvement, etc.  Just write everything down on a day planner type pad and you should be good to go.



How to stop procrastination … my way!

stop procrastination by getting it done now

Tips to Stop Procrastinating


If you aren’t good with routines like that you might want to try my method.


So you’ll need some equipment.  Here’s your list of things to get.


1.  A stack of 3×5 card … lined!


2.  A Bic pen … I prefer blue!


This is the classic “to do list.”



how to stop procrastination




I take an index card and my trusty blue Bic pen and I write down everything that I need to get done that day.  I try to put them in order of priority.  Priorities can change during the day.  So I am not married to any order on the card.


I keep the card with me at all times.  I refer to it often.  I try to combine similar things.  Like if I need to go to the book store to get a book and I need to get somewhere else in a car, obviously I try to do both in one trip.


Now maybe I start out with a big list on any given day.  Maybe I have 15 things to get done.  That’s a lot of things to do in one day … on top of the usual things.  As I go through the day I again, use my Bic pen and cross off the things that I have completed.  It actually feels good to cross off an item!  And a really good feeling when you cross off that last thing to do!!  Now I have to admit that I don’t always get everything done.



have pen, will stop procrastinating



There may be a few things that I just ran out of time for.  These go to the top of tomorrow’s to do list.  They become top priorities.  This way nothing gets left undone.  If you try this method I think you will be surprised by how well it really does work.  You get so much more done.  As you get used to it you will start making bigger and bigger lists of things to do.


I hope this has helped you learn how to stop procrastination!



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