What is self talk?

What is self talk and why is it important?

Self talk is anything that you say to yourself, whether it is silent or aloud, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

This self talk can be positive or negative.  It can help us or hurt us.  It can make us believe that we can do something or make us have feelings of not being able to accomplish a goal or do a task.

Every minute of every day we are having “conversations” with ourselves.  We may say something out loud to ourselves like, “I can’t believe I did that.”  We may say something silently to ourselves like, “I hope they didn’t hear me say that.”  Or we may have thoughts in our unconscious mind that we are unaware of.

All of these are happening all the time.

What is self talk and what can we do to control the conversation?


be positive in your self talk


We seem to have a recording of the things that we have been told by others in our lives.  A parent may say that you won’t amount to much.  A friend may tell us that we won’t succeed in doing something.  A teacher may say something negative that leads to self doubt.  As we find ourselves in similar situations in the future we tend to “play these recordings” in the form of self talk.

We need to make ourselves aware of the times that we a having negative conversations with ourselves.  We need to stop them and replace them with positive words.  In any situation we may find ourselves telling ourselves that we can’t do it or can do it.  Either way we are probably right.

You’ve probably said things to yourself and thought, “I sound like my mother.”  That’s the recordings playing in your head.

We need to overwrite these recordings to overcome them.  When you find yourself in a familiar situation and the recordings start to play, stop and rethink things.  Start a new stream of self talk.  You are no longer that person who was told you couldn’t do something.

You are a new person.  You may just be able to do it now.  So why not “talk yourself into it?”

“I can do this.”  Is a perfectly good response to a new situation.

What is self talk and how to I fix the problem?

Self talk doesn’t have to be destructive.  It can help us succeed.  You just need to tell yourself that you can instead of you can’t.  How can you accomplish this?  You can write down positive affirmations about yourself and your abilities.  You can read these affirmations every day.

One of the best ways to rewrite your self talk recordings is to actually make a tape recording of your self reading the positive affirmations.  It sounds weird but it does work.

Not too long ago I sat down and wrote out a long list of positive affirmations like, “I deserve to be rich.” and “I can help other people to be rich.” “I attract money.”  “I am grateful for everything that I have.”  I put every affirmation I could think up or find in there.  I did a “self talk tape.”  I played every night before I went to sleep.

I’m sure that there were times when I fell asleep before the hour long tape was over but even so I know that my unconscious mind heard every word of what I was saying.


what is self talk


You can make a self talk tape about anything that you need improvement with.
Suppose you aren’t comfortable meeting new people.  On your tape add in “I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them and their lives.”

Or maybe you don’t like inviting people to see your company’s business plan.  Add “I like inviting people to our business presentation because I know that I can help people improve their lives.”

What the situation that you need to improve on you can add in a line about.

So what is self talk?  It is a way to make yourself a better person.

What is self talk?  It is a way for you to improve your life both personally and

My best advice for your self talk is to say things that you would say to your own child, if you have children.  If you don’t have children, pretend that you do.

I know you’re asking yourself if this can actually work.  I was skeptical at first but I tried it.  At first, I didn’t notice any difference but after a while I found that I wasn’t always being negative.  Then things gradually got better.  I was able to accomplish more and more.

I know it sounds crazy but it does work, if you will give it time!

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