It’s that time of year, again … Play Ball!!


 Practice makes improvement


The sound of an umpire yelling “Play Ball!” You can hardly beat this time of year. The air is warming as winter losses its grip. The trees and grass are coming back to life. The smell of flowers in the garden. The chirping of the robins … at 6:00 AM. Ugh!



it's baseball time again



My 12 year old is all excited. His baseball season has started. I get to be an assistant coach, again, this year. It’s a lot of fun spending all that time with my son! We’re off to a good start. We won our first game last Friday. The score was 13-10. It wasn’t as close as the score makes it sound.


It’s opening day for the 2014 Major League Baseball season, too. The pitchers and catchers reported early, as always. The position players showed up a few weeks later. All of the teams have played 20-30 spring training games.



practice your network marketing skills



All of the hitters have had hours and hours of batting practice. They’ve had fielding practice. The pitchers have thrown hundreds of pitches. They all should be good to go for the season.


I have a question about as all of this. This is the MLB. That’s Major League Baseball! These guys are the best in the world. The bring guys in from Korea and Japan. They bring in guys from Central America and the Caribbean. If there is a guy out there who can play great baseball, some team in the MLB wants to bring them here to play.


My question is this. If these are the very best players the entire world has to offer, why do they need so much practice? They are already good, right?


Miguel Cabrera just signed a 10 year deal worth $292,000,000! He’s good! He probably took as many practice swings as anyone else. Why?


The answer?


Because they are professionals. They earn their living playing baseball and they need to be at their very best when the season starts.


Which leads me to the point of this article.



getting to the point



Most people in network marketing don’t act like it, but we are all professionals in this business. Even if you have never earned a dime, you’re still a professional! Well, if you don’t make a profit after 3 years, you have a hobby!


We, as network marketers, practice a bit differently than baseball players do, but we still have to practice.


The things we do, as business owners, are to feed our minds with positive and inspirational words. We read books that will inspire us to take action and move forward. We find reasons to be motivated and to stayed motivated.






We memorize and rehearse our business presentation. We find people to practice this with. It could be your upline, your downline or maybe even a sideline person. You might practice your business presentation on your dog or cat, if you had to.


You need to know what your are going to say to your prospects every step of your recruiting process. Practice as many of these types of situations as you can. You need to be prepared for every possibility.



success in network marketing comes from being prepared



You practice what you will say when people hear your about your business opportunity. You will need to be able to answer many questions and prospect’s objections to joining the business with you.


You need to be fully trained and ready to go to work. These is only one thing that builds confidence better than being prepared. That’s success! Nothing creates success better than being prepared.


Once you get to work, you don’t want to have to rely on being motivated or inspired. You want to be so prepared, so well practiced that talking to people, moving them through your recruiting process and answering objections becomes second nature.


Then you will be ready to be a success in this business!


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