Why do I need to work on self development?



What is self development and why

should anyone have to do it?


it's time for self development


I found a definition of self development on Google.


Self development – the process by which a person’s character or abilities are gradually developed.


I really liked that definition. It talks about developing one’s character as well as their abilities. It also says that these improvements are done gradually. I believe that this definition accurately depicts what happens in real life.


I think that there are 3 main reasons that everyone should practice self development.



Reason #1


Most people need to work on their character. Developing your character will improve your self esteem and your self confidence. Improving those two parts of your character will go a long way toward you finding success in whatever you choose to do. Having more self confidence and self esteem will allow you to maintain the success that you do find. All too often, someone who was lucky to find success will backslide back to their original position.


Reason #2


As you work on your self development program, you will increase your skills and abilities. When you arrive at a job or a business, you may possess some of the skills and abilities that you’ll need, but rarely does anyone have all of the skills that they’ll need. By developing your skills and abilities, you will increase your value to everyone.


Reason #3


You can become a guru! Once you have increased your self esteem, your self confidence, your skills and your abilities, you’ll be able to turn around and teach other people what you have learned. All you have to do is to put your own “spin” on the information and you’re good to go.


You’ll be able to create products and courses that you can sell. You can also charge people to coach them, personally. You can charge people all the way up to when your coaching is “ridiculously expensive.”


increase your skills with self development


I put that in quotes because I recently heard one of the network marketing gurus say that their coaching was just that, “ridiculously expensive.” They had to walk back that statement, because, well, they want someone to pay them.


I also heard that same guru say that they have only brought a couple of new things to the market, that most of what they teach is just stuff they learned from other people.


You’ve probably heard people, who provide coaching, say that they’ve invested $10,000 or maybe even $20,000 per year into their self development. I’m convinced that they do that to learn stuff from other people so that they can include it in their own coaching.


I believe that investing in yourself and starting a self development program can move you into success. If you continue to invest in self development, you can become an overpaid guru.


I meant overpaid in the nicest possible way! I’m sure that they’re worth the $50,000!



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