How to write goals that keep you motivated

how to write goals


Have you ever read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill?  I must’ve read in 4, maybe 5 times over the years.  It is one of the greatest sales and motivational books ever written.  This is not a review of the book.  It is suggested reading though!

Hill suggests that if you would like to be successful, in business or life, that you should write down your goals and read them to yourself everyday.  In doing this, you will naturally keep yourself motivated to achieve these goals.

How to write goals so that they make sense

The key is to keep your goals organized.  By this I mean break them down into 3 time frames.  Long term goals, medium term goals and short term goals.

How to write goals to see the big picture, your long term goals.  These will be your ultimate goals for yourself.  These goals will be the ones that take to most effort and the greatest amount of time to get to.  These goals might be things like matching your business to what you are earning in your job.  This could be the amount of income you need to retire.  Or perhaps your goal might be to have your spouse retire from their job.  Maybe your ultimate goal is to own a mansion.

I believe that finding a corresponding picture helps you visualize what it is that you are working toward.  Find a picture of your dream home and attach it to your refrigerator.


your new home


You also need to write down a time by which your will have attained your long term goals by.

So when you write down your goals they might appear like this:

I will own the mansion on Elm Lane by December 2015.  

Your dreams must be attainable.  To say that you will own a $2,000,000 by the end of the month is not reasonable or attainable, in most cases.  Your mind will not believe that your goals can be reach so your mind will not help you.

How to write goals for the midterm.  These goals are the ones that seem within reach.  Those dreams that you can see yourself attain with a reasonable amount of effort.  Things that may only take a few months to a year.

Maybe you will try for a certain level in your company.  Or maybe an income level.

So a midterm goal might be written like this:

I will be generating $2,000 per month by the end of June 2013.


your to do list


How to write goals for your day to day activities.  This is basically your “to do” list.  You should break down your goals into small daily activities that will be designed to get you to where you want to go.

A typical to do list might look like this:

1.  I will write one post for my blog today
2.  I will call all of my new leads today
3.  I will talk to 2 new people face to face today
4.  I will invite 5 people to my company’s webinar tonight

You should have your daily goals written down and you can cross them off as you get through each one.  There’s not a whole lot that is better than crossing something off of your to do list!

My suggestion is to type up your long term and midterm goals separately.  A single sheet of paper for each one that contains a picture, a written goal and a time limit by which you will be in possession of whatever it is your are striving for. Have them all laminated and put them in places that you will see them several times per day.  When you see them read what they say.

How to write goals that your mind will believe

Over time they will become internalized.  You will eventually believe that you will reach these goals and your brain will kick in to help you think of new ideas that will help your get what it is you want.  Your brain, your unconscious mind, will aid you in your efforts.  That is if it has reasonable goals and a fair amount of time to achieve them.


your mind wants a piece of the action too


Once you have these types of goals written down your mind will go to work for you!

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