You’ll see it when you believe it

you'll see it when you believe it

You’ll see it when you believe it!



It used to be, I’ll believe it when I see it. Someone got the bright idea to turn the phrase for network marketing. I think I first heard it back when I was in Amway. I’ll date myself, back in 1981. The higher ups in the company were trying to motivate us, I suppose.


Of course they were talking about success. You’d see your success when you believe that you could be a success. When you believed in the business. When you believed in yourself.


When you first get started, you have nothing but belief. Oh yeah, and a distributor kit. They probably didn’t give you much more to work with than that.


I do have to admit that for the longest time, I resented that phrase.


What do they mean, you’ll see it when you believe it?


I can see why they came up with that phrase. In my humble and honest opinion, I think they were trying to put any blame for my failure on me. If I failed in the business, they certainly were not going to say that it had anything to do with them. The fact that they only gave you one piece of advice, go bug your warm market and sent you out to build a business.


If I failed, it was because I didn’t believe enough.


For many years, I thought it was all crap!


In most of my MLM adventures, I had a belief that I could build the business. But after I got a few, “No thanks,” my belief started to wane. I’d sell a few products and that would bolster my confidence. I kept telling myself, you’ll see it when you believe it.


you'll see it when you believe it


I’d start to fade out and then next thing I knew, it was time to go to the company convention. They were fun. It was all rah rah, you can do it. They parade the top earners on stage to give us a pep talk and to sell us their new CDs and books. You see, you need these things to be a winner. I’d spend $25.00 on stuff to motivate myself and head home to plow through it. Wow, $25.00 was a lot more money back then.


In the end, it was always the same, you’ll see it when you believe it. I was a total believer by Sunday afternoon. I’d leave the convention center all ready to go back to work.


There was not an ounce of doubt in me on Monday morning. By Thursday, I was ready to quit.


How could that be? I watched all those average Joes and Josephines stroll across the stage. If they could do it, certainly I could do it. I admit, I never found any kind of success in those early days. It wasn’t until I found someone in a company that had a good business plan.


I now think that belief is a huge help to building your business. Belief leads to enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious. I do think that believing in yourself and your company are important. Especially, since that will be all you get from most sponsors.


It seems to me, that you join a MLM because you believe that you can make some money. Maybe you can even reach the top levels. If you didn’t believe that, there is no way that you’d sign up. That little bit of belief is all you need to get started.  You need a lot more than belief. Belief is so fleeting. Here today, gone tomorrow. Or at least by Thursday.


You really need a comprehensive business plan. You need to have a road map that covers at least your first 3 months in the business. Once you find a process that works, the plan can just be re-cycled. The proverbial, rinse and repeat.


If you add in other strategies to your plans, then you just incorporate them into what you are doing now.


I have a confession. I sat down to write this article and it was supposed to be pro belief. I was going to write about how it is really important to believe. I was going to try to convince you that, you’ll see it when you believe it.


But I really don’t believe that.


A tested business plan beats out believe every time.


business plan



If you can offer a real plan to a recruit, do you think that it would be easier to recruit them? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say to those who said, “No” to you, that you have a real plan that works.  Just because they couldn’t get MLM to work before doesn’t mean that they will fail this time, especially, if they have a real business plan to put into action.


To those who have always said, “You’ll see it when you believe it,” I say bite me and stop trying to blame me for your lack of leadership!



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