How was your 2016?



How is your 2017 going to be?


make a plan for 2017


Wow, 2016 sure went in a hurry. Now we wake up in 2017 and wonder what’s going to happen this year. All we are left with are memories of this past year. By now, you’ve realized that all of those pie in the sky resolutions are going to be out of reach for you this year. You’ve already given up on all of those wonderful things that you were going to do in 2017.


I have a suggestion for you. How about we take stock of what we did last year and set some more reasonable and attainable goals for this year. It’s not just about having goals and dreams. It’s more about having a plan to achieve those goals and dreams. I can tell you, from personal experience, that if you don’t have a plan, you won’t reach your goals.


Let’s look at what happened in 2016.


Did you improve yourself in any of the 7 major areas of life? What are the 7 major areas of life, you ask?




For most people this would be education. Did you invest in improving your current skill sets or gaining new skills that you can use in all areas of your life? This is where it all starts! If you are ever going to change your life, you will need to learn new things and acquire new skills. How can you expect things to get better if you are unwilling to improve yourself? This is the year that you need to stop being stubborn and start to invest in your own education!




This subject is too personal and varying that I won’t delve into it very deeply. No matter what your personal beliefs are, I would suggest that you look to improve yourself in this area. The key to overall success is leading a balanced life. Your spiritual life is part of it too.




This is probably one of the two most popular categories to make new year’s resolutions in. When January 1st rolls around, we decide that we are going to lose weight and get into shape. I can tell you, again from personal experience, that if you can lose the weight you need to lose and if you get yourself in good shape, your entire outlook on life will change. You’ll have more energy and more stamina. You’ll gain self confidence and self worth. The importance of this area cannot be overstated!


make a plan for a balanced life


Family life


Has your family life improved or is it being neglected? Are the relationships in your family getting better or worse during this past year? If you improve your family relations, you will get the love and support that you needs and wants.




Your finances dictate so much of your life and how you are able to live it. If you live paycheck to paycheck, that doesn’t leave much room for any added expenses, like investing in yourself. If you are doing well, you might not have the drive or desire to make any improvements to your situation. Most people want and need more money, but very few of them are willing to do what it takes to get more it.




Are you becoming a better person? What ever you think it means to become a better person, is what you need to do or improve on. Does being a better person mean to be more generous and helpful? Does it mean to be more loving? Does it mean to give more of yourself, your time and your money to improve the lives of people that you know and those that you don’t know, without expecting anything in return?


Business or job


You may own your own business, you may have a job or you may have both. Are you becoming a better business owner? Are you growing your business? Are you improving your product or service? Are you helping more people? If you have a job, are you a good employee? Are you improving your skills and learning new things that will help your employer? If you have a job and own a business, have you learned to balance the two? Have you been giving your all no matter where you are or who you are working for?


ask these questions about each area of your life


Now that we have the 7 areas of life figured out, it’s time to decide how we are going to take action to improve in each area. How are you going to achieve a balanced life?


Look at all 7 aspects of your life and ask yourself these questions. There may be aspects of your life that you totally neglected this past year. You won’t have any answers for these questions, in those areas. These are areas that you will need to look at and get started on this year!


Here are the 3 questions.


If you did something in that area what worked and what didn’t work?


What challenges did you face in each area?


What can you do differently, this year?


Whether you tried something or you neglected an area of your life, it either improved your situation or it didn’t. If it didn’t improve your life, then you should stop doing it and try a new strategy. If it did help you, then you need to do more of it.


Everyone will face challenges and difficulties in their lives. Were you able to conquer them. Did you navigate them successfully or did you struggle to find solutions? Are you likely to face the same challenges this year?


The third question is were you are going to formulate a plan of action for the coming year. What can you do differently this year versus what you did last year?


You’ll combine those things that worked for you last year with the things that you’ve decided to do differently. Write them down into a plan of action and refer to it often as you go through the new year.


If you don’t have a plan, you won’t get to where you want to go!


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