The 3 reasons why people don’t get rich

This is why you may never get rich!



You can keep the fame. Just give me money! It seems as though most people want to get rich. Then why does it seem to happen so seldom?


Once people “grow up” and get a job, they seem to give up on the idea. They’re way too busy to get rich! That statement seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it. How can you be too busy to get rich? If you are busy working on whatever it is that you are working on, shouldn’t that in turn get you rich? I guess not. After all, it happens so seldom!


If what you are spending all of your time on isn’t making you rich, then why are you doing it?



will you get rich



There’s the question for the ages!


You’re willing to work and to work hard but, you aren’t willing to do the things that will make you rich?  Does that make sense?


I’m off of my soapbox, for now anyway.


Reason #1 why people don’t get rich.


It really never occurs to them that they can get rich.


Everyone “gets a life” and is basically stuck there for their entire lives. The old saying is, “You’re too busy making a living to get rich.”



you need to realize that you can get rich



It is fairly easy to get rich. It might not be the overnight riches that you’d like to have but, you can get rich. If you start at age 20 and you were to put $50.00 per week into an investment that generates 8% return, you would have over $1,000,000 at retirement age, in 45 years. I would think that most people could find an extra $50.00 per week to do this.


If you didn’t start this when you were 20 years old, you’ll be playing catch up for a long time.


If you start this program at age 40 you’ll get to 65 years old with just under $200,000. Not too shabby.


Reason #2 why people don’t get rich


They don’t set getting rich as a goal for themselves.


You have to know where you are going in order to get there. Think of getting rich as a destination. It’s like going on a cross country trip. If you don’t set your destination for the opposite coast, you will never get to where you want to be.


Not only does it have to occur to you that you could go cross country or down to the beach for the weekend, you also have to decide to go there. Going to the beach is a lot of fun and very relaxing. I think I’ll go there today. Yes, that’s what it takes. A decision and a setting of a goal.


Reason #3 why people don’t get rich


They don’t take the necessary steps to get rich.


One day, they wake up and realize that they could be rich. Then they think that being rich and living that kind of lifestyle would be fun. They decide to set the goal of getting rich. If they don’t take the steps needed to get rich, it won’t happen. You will never arrive at your destination.



are you taking the right steps to get rich?



Think about the example of going to the beach for the weekend. Sun and surf sounds really good, doesn’t it? You know you have nothing else to do so going is a really great idea. You pack up your bathing suit and suntan lotion and jump in your car. You start the car and head out on your trip. Oops! You don’t have a road map to get there.


You may be taking steps to get to the beach but, not the right steps. If you don’t have a plan, a road map to get to where you want to go, what are the chances of getting there?


You need all three of these things in order to reach any goal. You will need them whether you are trying to get rich or just going to the beach for the weekend.



you can get rich through consistent action



If you are going to be rich you, first, need to realize that you can be rich. Second, you will need to decide to get rich. You need that to be your goal. The last thing that you need to do is to take the correct steps or follow the right plan of action.


Think about your own life. Where are you now? Do you have the lifestyle that you want? Has it occurred to you that things can be different? Have you set a goal? Have you learned the way to get there?


After that you just need to take consistent action. It might not be instant riches or whatever else that you may want but, eventually, you will get to where you want to go!


You can do it! You are capable. You deserve it too! Make it happen!




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