Are you comparing yourself to others?


Is it human nature to compare yourself to other people?


don't compare yourself to others


It seems to be human nature to want to compare ourselves with other people. You might think, “I could do that too.” Or you might think that there is no way you could do what that other person did. You might be thinking that you could never accomplish what they have. Or you might be thinking that your life could never be that bad. However, there’s only one way to compare yourself to anyone else and that’s if they are the same exact person as you are.


Every person has their own unique story. The road that led them to this moment is obviously a lot different than the road you’ve been on. They may have had certain advantages and they may have had some disadvantages, too. They have their history and you have yours.


They have their own beliefs about their life and life in general. They may have had a really good upbringing and they were sent off into the world with a lot of self confidence. They may believe that anything is possible for them. If they accomplished something special, I’m sure that they think that think that they are worthy of the success.


They have developed their own hopes, dreams and desires. They have built these out of their own circumstances. What they want is important to them. You may not want the same things as they do. Your hopes, dreams and desires are going to be different from everyone else’s in the world. The way you go about reaching those goals will be unique to you as well.


Everyone has their own baggage that they carry around with them. They are no different. They’ve had trials and tribulations in their lives. They’ve been hurt and wounded. They have their own cross to bare. Everyone reacts to their pains differently. Some people get stuck in them. While others seem to be able to let them roll off their backs. Everyone has to decide if they are going to let these wounds hold them back or if they are going to find a way to go around them or break through them.


All people are different. They’ve had their own life and you’ve had yours. They’re where they are because of who they are and you’re where you are because of the unique person you are.


comparisons suck


If you want something different, something better or something more in your life, then you will have to make that decision. You’ll have to go out and get those things that you want. If you are unable to go out and get them, then you will probably need to change yourself into someone who will go out and get them.


If you are going to compare yourself to others, then do it constructively. If comparing yourself to someone else is going to motivate you to be more or to be a better version of yourself, then fine, go ahead and compare yourself to them. All too often we are doing nothing more than putting ourselves down, when we compare. The person we are comparing ourselves to are better than we are. That is destructive and it will not help you!


I find that destructive comparisons are usually made to give ourselves an excuse for not doing something. “I could never do what they do.”


The bottom line is that person isn’t better than you, they are just different.


We all have our own journey to go on and it’s a long and winding road. We all have a different road to travel and we are all in different places on our road. It may be human nature, but try to avoid comparing yourself to anyone else except the person you were yesterday.


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