How do I deal with rejection

How do I deal with rejection


I had to add the emphasis to the word I because dealing with rejection is such a personal thing. In business as in life you will be faced with rejection, many times.


How do I deal with rejection


It’s the fear of this rejection that causes inaction and it is experiencing rejection that will put a lot of people out of business.


People who have never been in business before have no idea what to expect. They are told to approach their friends and family first. They already have a relationship with these people so it stands to reason that you should ask all of them to join your business. If you do that, that will be your first mistake and maybe your last. Find out why here. How Best To Use Your Warm Market


No matter who you are, even if you are a top money earner in some company, you will face rejection. When you get rejected, the key is to not quit the business and move forward. I admit that it is much easier said than done!


There are ways to never talk to your prospects. You could have someone else do the calling for you. Have them invite the prospect to a business presentation and just work with those that are willing to join you under those circumstances. I think that a method like that could work. It might take longer to reach the top levels but I guess it could be done. You could just contact people through emails. It’s rather impersonal but again I think it could be done this way.


Network marketing, is at its core, a relationship business. You need to be making contact with your prospects, personally. One way or another. You can call them on the phone if you prefer. Or you can meet with them face to face. Contacting them is imperative!


Unfortunately, this puts you in line for rejection.


I could say that any rejection you encounter is just business. Don’t take it personally. You and I both know that it is nearly impossible to not take rejection personally. When that first person says no, or even that 50th person says no, you are probably going to take it personally, at first.


It stings for a while.  But it will get better!


Getting back to the point of this post. How do I deal with rejection?


I look back 27 years ago, when I first got started in business. Dealing with rejection was difficult at best. I took it personally. I thought that they had rejected me!


My first reaction was one of disbelief. You know, “How could this be?” “Why?” “What was wrong with me?”

Then I got mad. “Those jerks. Who needs them anyway”

Then came the excuses. “My prices weren’t competitive.” “I didn’t offer enough services.” “I didn’t “sell” them on the service.” The list goes on and on.


In the end, it all boiled down to, I didn’t make the sale. I had no one else to blame. “The sun was in my eyes” doesn’t work in business. You have to take everything on your own shoulders. It gets heavy at times carrying all of that around.  I would feel bad about the business and myself. I would think that I would never make a sale. I wasn’t good enough to run a business. At times I felt like giving up. It just wasn’t worth the effort.


Then I’d have someone call me up to do business with me and I’d have to compose myself. I’d suck up all the bad feelings and put on a smile. I’d knock on their door and turn on the charm and I’d see what happened.


What I found worked best for me to deal with rejection, was to stay active in the day to day activities of my business. I’d set up as many appointments as I could. If someone said no, I knew no matter how bad I felt about it, that the next appointment could, literally, be later that day. I just didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself.


rejection hurts


As it’s said, time heals [most] wounds.


I still have people say no to me. I still don’t like it. But as it turned out I can “close” about 80% of people who call me to do business.


The only real advice that I can offer you on how to deal with rejection is to never be totally invested in the outcome of any situation.

What the heck does that mean?

Let me explain that by relating it to dieting. Weird, I know.

If you are on a diet and you are totally invested in the outcome of every situation, your success or failure is measured by every bit of food you eat. If you stick to what you are supposed to eat then you are a success. If you eat something that isn’t on your diet, say a piece of pie, then you are a failure.

You have to decide if cheating on your diet, one time, will make you quit.  You failed, right?  Or did you?

Failure. That is the key word there. When you are totally invested in every outcome and rejection will mean that you have failed.

That is just not the case. It is just a temporary set back.

As long as you don’t quit, you never fail.


My next post after “How do I deal with rejection” will be “Why do people say no?”


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