Dealing with rejection is difficult



Dealing with rejection sucks! It can put you out of business.

dealing with rejection is tough

If you are in network marketing, you are a salesperson. Like it or not, you’re in business to sell something. You’re either selling your opportunity or you are selling your products, but make no mistake about it, you’re selling something.


It seems that very few people are good at dealing with rejection. It’s certainly not fun to be rejected.


A few examples of rejection


If a guy asks a girls out on a date and she says no, that’s rejection. A guy breaks up with a girl, that’s rejection. A network marketer tries to get a family member to buy their products and they say no, that’s rejection. A waiter offers a customer a refill on their coffee and they say no, that’s rejection. Two people are sitting watching television. One says to the other, “Let’s watch The Walking Dead.” The other person says no, that’s rejection.


Is there an emotional connection with this rejection?


If a girl turns down the offer for a date, if the guy breaks up with the girl or if a family member says no to buying one of your products, that’s a rejection that hurts you. Why?


Conversely, if a waiter gets turned down for the refill or if someone doesn’t want to watch The Walking Dead, those rejections are no big deal. Why doesn’t this hurt us?


In the cases that hurt, there is a strong emotional connection between the people. In the case of the waiter and the TV watchers there is no or very little emotional connection. Neither party has much of an emotional connection to the coffee or to the TV show. Dealing with rejection in those instances is easy. No one gets their feelings hurt when they don’t want more coffee, right?


For some reason there is a strong emotional connection when selling things. I don’t understand why there is this difference, but there. You would think that it would be kind of like offering someone a refill of coffee. If you are in sales, then you know that it is nothing like the coffee scenario.


It seems that we are emotional connected to our products and our company. This is what makes dealing with rejection so difficult, for most people. If someone says no to us, we take it personally. Even professional salespeople can take rejection personally.


Can you imagine how difficult it would be for someone who isn’t a professional salesperson to be dealing with rejection?


are you dealing with rejection


We see this everyday, in network marketing. The new network marketer is so excited by the amount of money that they are going to make that they don’t even realize what’s about to happen to them. They’ve been told that the products sell themselves and that everyone is going to want to do the business.


They are sent off into their warm market. Not only do they have a emotional connection to their products and company, you now add in the emotional connection that they have with their warm market and that’s a recipe for disaster. Their warm market is no different than any other group of people. There will be people who don’t want the products or the opportunity. They network marketer is rejected. Like I said, dealing with rejection is difficult.


Some people will be able to push through the rejection, but most won’t. They’ll quit the business.


Can I offer you any help when you’re dealing with rejection?


When dealing with human emotions, there’s no easy solution.


I can tell you this. It’s rare when a prospect says no to buying your products or says no to joining your business that they are saying no to you or about you. They are saying no to the spending the extra money that your products will cost them. They are saying no to the extra work that they’ll have to do in order to make that $100,000 per year. They probably aren’t saying no to you because you dress funny or your hair is too long. They aren’t saying no because you’re too short or to tall. They aren’t saying no because you’re too smart or too dumb. It’s not because you’re too skinny or too fat. They aren’t saying no because of any of those things that you think is wrong with you. They’re just saying no.


I know it’s easier said than done, but you need to realize that a prospect telling you no isn’t about you. I think that’s your vanity talking. Once you let go of that, you can detach your emotions from it. Although, dealing with rejection won’t be easy, it can get to a point of being easier.


Dealing with rejection is a matter of breaking the emotional connections that you have!


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