Develop new habits


You need to develop some new habits, if you want to succeed!


develop new habits



What’s the difference between a successful network marketer and the network market who is about to quit? Habits!


Whether they are good or whether they are bad, we are always developing new habits or reinforcing our old habits. What is a habit, anyway? Dictionary.com defines a habit this way:


Habit – an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary


Google says it like this: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up


I prefer the one that Google gives us. I think they have hit the nail on the head by saying that it is a practice that is hard to give up! Although the one that says that it becomes something that is almost involuntary is right on the money as well. That definition actually tells us how we get a habit or a new habit.


If we want to develop a new habit we need to incorporate it into our lives. Then we need to practice and follow that pattern until we do it almost involuntarily.


I do have to tell you that old habits really do die hard! It can be very difficult to develop new habits.


Are you ready to develop new habits?


Developing a new habit is directly related to how motivated you are to make that change. If you are highly motivated, the change may be fairly easy to make, however, if you are not totally committed to this change, it may never happen.


Our minds are basically designed to run on autopilot. You may be thinking that I am entirely wrong about this, but I can prove it to you. Let’s say that you jump in your car to go to work. The morning was very busy with getting the kids to the bus stop and you have a lot on your mind. You start up the car and you head out. You’ve driven this route 1,000 times. You could get there in your sleep. While you are driving, your mind starts to wander. You think about how the morning went at home and then you start to think about what you have to get done at work. The next thing you know, you’re at the office. You got there safe and sound, but you really can’t remember how you got there. You got there on autopilot. It can be a bit unnerving to think that you really weren’t concentrating on your driving, but you were fine.


your habits make you run on autopilot


The next time you go somewhere that you’ve been a thousand times, try to remember how you got there. Do you remember every stop light and turn?


Maybe you actually do run on autopilot after all.


This is what makes changing habits difficult. Your mind, basically, has a road map of every habit that you have. It’s like an old cassette player. You put the “drive to work” tape in and press play. You get to work and you may not even remember how you got there.


All of your habits work like this!


Helpful hints to help you develop new habits


Chose one habit to change or develop, at a time.


Trying to change a little is hard, but trying to change a lot is nearly impossible. Pick the most important habit to work on first.


Link the old habit to the new habit.


You should tie in your new habit to your old habit. Here’s an example. When you start doing what ever the old habit is, you must stop immediately and start to do the new habit. Let’s say that the old habit is procrastinating making phone calls for your business. You think about making phone calls and you tell yourself that you’ll do it right after you watch The View. As soon as you realize that you are procrastinating, you must pick up the phone and start dialing. Your old habit should trigger you into action with your new habit!


Celebrate every victory, no matter how small.


as you improve your habits celebrate


As you are able to institute your new habits, you should reward yourself. A little B.F. Skinner never hurt anybody. If you make small gains toward your new habit, you should give yourself a small reward. If you make big gains, then give yourself a bigger reward.


If you are on a diet and you lose weight this month, then reward yourself with a movie. When you reach your goal weight, then buy yourself a new wardrobe!


That’s the process and the good news. It is possible, given enough time and desire, to develop a new habit and replace old habits.


The bad news


The bad news is, in my opinion, your old habits are still part of you. They are etched into your mind. You can crowd them, but I don’t think that you can ever completely rid yourself of them. You will always have them. You will need to work at the new habits all the time to make sure that you don’t slip back into your old habits.


I’ve talked to people who were smokers for 15, 20, 25 years and they were finally able to quit the habit. Good for them! Now it’s 10 years later and they still think about having a cigarette. They can find themselves in situations that used to trigger them to light up and they have to fight the urge to smoke. They changed that habit 10 years ago and they still have thoughts of smoking. That habit is permanently in their mind.


Having good habits can make or break you. How motivated are you to change your bad habits?


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