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Let’s take a journey together.  Let’s imagine that you have reached the end of your life and right before you pass you ask yourself that question.  “Did I make a difference?”  Did you effect the life or lives of anyone else?  Will anyone else, besides your family, be sad to see you go?  Will anyone’s life have been improved because you were on this earth?

It’s a bit morbid, I know.  No one likes to think about such things.  But I think you should think about it.  Is making a difference part of your plan in life?  Do you want to help to improve anyone’s life.  Do you want someone other than your family to miss you when you are gone?

Are you influencing anyone today?  If your are then there is a chance to make someone’s world a better place than when you arrived.  Of are you just going to work and coming home and watching TV?  Maybe play with the kids if you “feel” like it.  Maybe help with homework.

Maybe do a few “projects” around the house on Saturday and watch a game on Sunday?  Does this sound in the least bit familiar?

So what’s your plan?  You got the education, you got the “good job.”  So you’ll work for 45 years and then you’ll cash in your 401k.  Is that your plan?

Where are you going to be in 5 years, 10 years or 20 years?  You get another week of vacation and a small pay raise.  Is that any way to spend your life?  Working away to make someone else rich.  Or making a coporation more money?

If making a difference is part of your plan, how are you going to accomplish this?  If you continue down your chosen path will your ever have time to give something back?

But “my plate is full,” you say.

Well, maybe, just maybe your plate is full of things that don’t really matter.  Maybe you should make a change and clear your plate.  Football really isn’t important.  It’s just a big business.  That’s right.  It’s no longer a sport.  So you have been spending your time watching people conduct their business.  Give it up … at least for now.  Until you can afford Super Bowl tickets on the 50 yard line!

Isn’t it time to start to live a life that when you die even the undertaker will be sad?

Change your life.  Change the lives of your family, your kids!

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