Handling rejection


Don’t let rejection stop you


You have a new distributor or maybe you’re new to the business. You have these dreams and goals for your life and ready to go. You make up your list of people who you want to share your business and products with and you start to make contact with them. What happens?


Unfortunately, most new distributors are sticking their necks out to be able to talk to their friends and family about their business. They are leaving their comfort zone. For the most part, they are in for a rude awakening.


I would hope that your friends and family would let you down gently, but there will be those that think they know all about network marketing and how evil it is and they won’t mind sharing their opinions with you. Sometimes it will be in no uncertain terms. There might be some who will scold you, reprimand you, shame you, lecture you and maybe even yell at you. Ouch!


This kind of rejection from people who you thought would be on your side can be devastating. It can be career ending.


Rejection is painful. It seems to be part of human nature to take that rejection personally. We take rejection to mean that we are something less than we need to be or want to be. Rejection lowers our self esteem and our self worth. We can’t afford to think any worse about ourselves than we already do.


I believe that the lower someone’s self esteem, the more they tend to “super charge” the rejection. Most people, who are effected by rejection, take the rejection personally. The person who has low self esteem to very low self esteem will integrate the rejection into their self talk. They will begin to tell themselves that they really are, whatever they’ve been told. If the rejection is that they aren’t good looking enough, they suffer through the immediate pain of the words, but they begin to tell themselves that they aren’t good looking. It’s not that the original pain of the rejection wasn’t bad enough, now they are repeating what they’ve been told over and over again, in their mind.


What can be done about this?


It’s very easy to say that you shouldn’t take the rejection personally. It’s easier said than done.


There is an old saying that goes like this, “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I don’t know who made that up, but to me it’s wishful thinking. I think that most people would rather be hit by a stick or a stone rather than to have to endure some of the cruel words that they’ve heard in their lives. Those words can echo in their mind for a lifetime.


I do have 3 suggests for handling rejection. The first is:


conquer rejection


Drown out the negative self talk


If you are one who tends to internalize other people’s words, then you must be diligent. You can keep repeating to your self that you are good enough. If someone tells you that you aren’t good looking enough make a conscious effort to tell yourself that you are good looking enough, over and over. Do this until you aren’t telling yourself whatever the other person said to you.


Is there any truth to what was said to you?


Sometimes what people tell us is the truth or it has at least a kernel of truth to it. If there is some truth to it then you need to make improvements to yourself. Someone might tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing. All you have to do is to educate yourself enough to become good at whatever it is.


Stay busy


If you’re constantly thinking about what’s been said to you, it can become a self fulfilling prophesy. Even if there isn’t any truth to what was said it can happen to you because you kept thinking about it.


If you are a network marketer, you must know that you’ll face a lot of rejection. Probably 9 out of every 10 people will tell you “No” in one form or another. If you only have 10 people to talk to then the rejections will seem much worse then if you had 1,000 people to talk to.


When you talk to 10 people and 9 of them say no, that seems like the end of the world. When you talk 1,000 people and 100 of them say yes, it makes the other 900 not hurt as bad.


Keep moving, keep working and move quickly in between your prospects. Don’t slow down to think about what the other person said to you. In the case of business, speed heals all wounds!




One person’s thoughts and opinions should never define your self worth! You have to power to shut out everything that they say to you. You shouldn’t take it to heart and you shouldn’t repeat what they said. The only person’s opinion that should matter to you is yours.


Try not to let others control you that way!



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