Are self limiting beliefs ruining your business?



What are self limiting beliefs?



self limiting beliefs area  bad thing



If you don’t think that you can do it, it doesn’t matter how big of a “why” you have! That’s what self limiting beliefs are.



When you join a network marketing company, what’s the second thing they ask you to do?



The first thing you are told to do is to fill out a “memory jogger” with all of the names and phone numbers of your friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, your acquaintances, people who provide services to you and your family and anyone else you can think of.



That’s not a complete waste of time. You can read more about that here. “How best to use your warm market.”



The second thing they ask you to do is to read 15 minutes a day. You can read “How to Win Friends and Influence people.” Maybe “Think and Grow Rich.” Anything by Tony Robbins. The list goes on and on. They tell you that your need to feed your mind. Make sure you give yourself a “check up from the neck up.” Get rid of that “stinkin’ thinkin’!” Thank you to Zig Ziglar!



Most people, as it turns out, grow up and wind up with self limiting beliefs.



Self limiting beliefs are those internalized thoughts and beliefs that limit what we think we can accomplish.



Sounds like gobble-de-gook, to me!



self limiting beliefs are gobble-de-gook



I have three stories that should illustrate what all that means. All three stories a true!



Self limiting beliefs and the fleas



A group of fleas were put into a regular mason jar. If you don’t know, flea are excellent jumpers and can easily jump out of a regular mason jar. The lid was screwed on, tight. The fleas, in an attempt to escape their new “home,” jumped like crazy. They kept hitting their heads against the lid. This goes on for a while. All of the fleas continue to jump and smack their heads. Slowly, each realizes that escape is impossible. They stop jumping. The lid is removed. None of the fleas tries to jump out of the jar. They have learned to believe that escape is impossible.



Self limiting beliefs and an elephant



self limiting beliefs and the elephant



A man travels to India to visit a long lost relative. His relative lives in a small village. When he arrives at the village, he notices that there is a massive elephant who is tied to a stake, by a rope. The visitor looks at the beautiful creature who is “trapped” by the rope. It is obvious that the elephant could easily break the rope and run away to freedom. He asks his relative why the elephant never tries to escape. He is told the story that when the elephant was very young, they are able to keep him secured by that same rope. The young elephant struggled and pulled against the rope, to no avail. Slowly he learned that escape was impossible. He has been conditioned to believe that he can not get free.



Self limiting beliefs and the chimpanzees



A team of scientists are investigating group behavior. They will put a group of chimpanzees into a room, together. The 5 chimps are put into a room with nothing but a bunch of bananas hanging from the ceiling and a ladder. The chimps, immediately, go for the bananas by climbing the ladder. The scientists open a secret door and use a full force fire hose to to soak the chimps. Needless to say, the chimps move away from the ladder. Some time later the chimps, again, make a move on the bananas. As soon as they get to the ladder the scientists blasts them again. Again, they move away. This goes on for a while and the chimps, finally, give up on getting to the bananas.



self limiting beliefs and the chimps



When the chimps get to this point the scientists take one of the original chimps out and add a new chimp to the group. The new chimp sees the bananas hanging there and he goes for the ladder. This time the scientists just watch. As soon as the new chimp gets to the ladder the others jump on him and give him the beating of a life time. The new chimp quickly learns that he is not “allowed” to get the bananas. Then another original chimp is taken out and another new chimp is introduced to the group. The same thing happens. The scientists continue the experiment until there are none of the original chimps in the room. There are now 5 new chimps in the room who have never been sprayed by the fire hose and yet none of them is willing to go for the bananas. Nothing is stopping them from getting the bananas, except their self limiting beliefs!



All three of these stories tell about the psychology of self limiting beliefs. It all applies to humans, as well. There are three different scenarios involved in the stories and yet all three tell a tale of being conditioned to believe that something can not be done.



Most people come to network marketing having learned some sorts of self limiting beliefs. I think that these self limiting beliefs are what cause most people to not only fail, but to never even get started.



New distributors get excited by the amount of money that can be made in network marketing, but when push comes to shove, they really don’t think that they can do it



self limiting beliefs are costing you money



I truly think that self limiting beliefs are what sabotage the career’s of most network marketers!



When you join a network marketing company and your sponsor tells you to start reading books, you should probably listen to them!



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