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self talk

Your success in any kind of business and life for that matter, has a great deal to do with what you think of yourself.  Do you think that you deserve the things, in life, that you want?  If you think that you don’t deserve those things, do you really think that you will ever get them?

Back in the 1990s, I came across a book called, “What to say when you talk to yourself,” by Shad Helmstetter. That was back in my self improvement phase. In the book, the author says that most of what we say to ourselves is negative and self defeating. We have learned negative things from our families and friends. We have learned things through our experiences. He says that up to 75% of what we say to ourselves is negative.

I’ll speak for myself, I don’t know how many times that I’ve stopped to think about what I was about to do and thought, “I can’t do that.” Or “Why bother, they’ll just say no.” I’ve said, “I don’t have the time to do that.” “I can’t afford that.” Any number of things that are negative and keep me where I am, instead of allowing me to move forward.

Growing up, I had a family member tell me that I’d never amount to much. They continued and said that I’d never be able to live on my own, because I’d never be able to care of myself.

people in your life will influence your self talk

I’m thinking, “Do they know something that I don’t know? Am I that pathetic and worthless?”

Many years later, I came to the conclusion that they were just being mean.

How cruel do you have to be to say those kinds of things to a relative?

I realized that I needed to undo the damage that had been done. After I read the book, I knew that I needed to change my “self talk,” so I made a cassette tape of myself reading a list of positive affirmations.

I played the tape throughout the day, for months. I seem to recall that I wore out the tape. I do have to admit that although I believed that my “self talk” was limiting my potential, I really wasn’t sure that playing a recorded tape of me, talking nice, was the answer.

To my surprise, it help me quite a bit. When I was presented with new situations that would have caused me to doubt myself and my abilities, I was able to face down the fears and move forward. I was able to do those things that, previous, I was unsure that I could accomplish.

I highly recommend that you, at least, try this. It can’t hurt and who knows, it may actually work for you, too!

50 positive affirmations for your self talk tape

I’ve put together a list of about 50 positive affirmations that you could record for yourself. You can use them as written or feel free to modify them to suit you and your needs or you can make up your own affirmations.

My income grows every day
Making money is easy for me
I am good at managing my money
I make money by doing what I love
I love helping people
I am passionate about my business opportunity
People like me as I am
I enjoy being of service to others
I have a lot to offer other people
I plan to succeed in my business
I have goals I need to achieve
I network, effectively, with other people
I plan strategically and long term
I follow through with all my plans
Other people want to work with me
I help other people to succeed in their business
I am constantly increasing my business knowledge
I see the opportunities around me
I enjoy working in my business
It’s easy for me to generate new leads for my business
I am always improving my knowledge in my field
I am a leader



you can develope your leadership skills with self talk



I make things happen
I imagine my success in great detail
I am a charismatic person
I am enthusiastic
I decide what happens in my life
I can do anything
I am a winner
I think positively
I associate with positive people
I will achieve all my goals
I attract wealth, health and abundance
I am in control of all aspects of my life
I have a focused mind
I see myself as a millionaire
I believe in my abilities
I am optimistic
I am very decisive
I am able to ask for help when I need it
I am comfortable in new situations
I am comfortable around new people
I deserve success
I am extremely self confident
I follow through with my plans
I am a very happy person
I am motivated from within
My self discipline increases every day
I am focused on what needs to be done
I put my ideas into action, immediately


self talk will help you to get your ideas into action

I know that reciting positive affirmations probably seems a bit weird, but I’d urge you to trust me and give it a try!

Positive affirmations aren’t just for Jack Handey anymore!


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