How did I reach the top level of my last MLM?

Getting to the top isn’t always easy!

I was just what I did to reach the top level in my last MLM business.  I guess I kind of got lucky.  I picked a company that was one of just a few Forex education companies, just as Forex trading was becoming very popular.  Forex Made Easy had just started doing their infomercials and FX Trainer kind of cam in and mopped all the people who couldn’t afford their auto-trader program.

The nuts and bolts

I asked my upline for some help and got it.  He set up a sales page for me and I went to town on Google pay per click or PPC.

Again, I say I got lucky as I knew nothing about PPC.  I knew nothing about keyword research.  I knew nothing about bidding strategies.  I didn’t even know what an autoresponder was.  Never heard of follow up or email marketing.  It’s a wonder that I got to the top at all.  LOL!

I only had 1 keyword and that was Forex.  At the time you could get clicks for about $1.00 for Forex.

Even at only $1.00 per click it got very expensive.  It took almost a year to get to the top level in my business.  I can’t even remember how much it cost me to get to the top.  The good news was that it was a $1,000.00 buy in.  Well, it was a double edged sword.  It was $1000.00 to get into the company but when you recruited someone you got $500.00.  If you got 5 people in a month you got a bonus of $500.00.

Although, the Google PPC was expensive, it did pay for itself.  In fact I was in profit because of the monthly bonuses I got a few times.

Google PPC was the only method I used.   I really didn’t know of another online method back then.  This was 6 years ago.  I wish I had known about autoresponders back then.  I might have cut the time in half to reach the top.  I would’ve saved so much money.

Oh well, I learned a lot from the experience!

It was too bad that the company officers embezzled all the money and left us all holding the basket.  We couldn’t even sue them.  They were a corporation.  The two main guys actually had the nerve to start up their own non-MLM companies.  I’m sure they sleep well at night.

So the dreams of MLM success were short lived.  No big checks.  No retirement.

Needless to say I walked away, jaded by the whole thing.  But I vowed to get back to the top of the next company I picked.  I used the same criteria this time as well.  I picked a company that had multi-years in their niche but it was a ground floor opportunity.  The company had to have a track record of fast growth with room to grow more.  This time I wanted it to be easy.

So I found a company that offers a service that is “sold” at a discount from what everyone pays for it now.  I wanted it to be totally consumable, so customers had to get more each month.  And everyone had to use the service.  Okay, so I picked [Removed].  I am associated with [Removed].

Although I used Google PPC, I am not necessarily recommending that you use it.  Like I said it can get to be costly.  It is hard to beat it for getting targeted prospects to your site.  Use it at your own risk!

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