Scarcity or Abundance



Scarcity vs abundance






Scarcity definition:



In the dictionary, scarcity is defined as, “insufficiency or shortness of supply.”



In business, we think of scarcity or rather having a scarcity mentality, as believing that there is a lack of people to talk to about our opportunity. What do we usually do when there is a lack of people to talk to? We hoard the people that we do have. We tend to “wrap our arms around them” and keep them safe and protected. We don’t want to lose any of them!



We tend to think that this is all that there will ever be. We may never find anyone else to talk to. We MUST recruit these people, at all costs. We chase them, we bug them and we plead and beg them to join our businesses. “Please, won’t you join my business?” We are emotionally tied to every decision that is made.



We do these things until our prospects don’t want to have anything to do with us. Then we are lost. Our worst fears are realized. There are no more people to talk to.



What are we to do? Who knows? We quit.



scarcity leads to quitting



It looks kind of funny when I sit here and write this “story” down. It may seem extreme, but I would say that more than half of all network marketers really feel this way. They probably don’t even realize what they are feeling or doing. They just do it.



When they quit they probably blame the company and not themselves. Then they may join another company and the cycle begins again.



Abundance definition:



In the dictionary, abundance is define as, “an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply.”






In business, we think of abundance or rather an abundance mentality, as believing that there is a never ending supply of people to talk to about our opportunity. What do we normally do when there are lot of people to talk to about our businesses?



We don’t chase our prospects all around town. We don’t have the time to do that. We’re too busy setting up our next appointment.



We don’t have quit the business because we have lots of people to talk to.



That’s the kind of story that we want for our business!



The question is, “What do we do until we have a lot of people to talk to?”



Adopt an abundance mindset



have an abundance mindset



We all know how we should act when we are trying to build a business. We’re supposed to act like we’re in a hurry when setting appointments. We aren’t supposed to chase, bug or beg!



When we first start out in business, we basically have our warm markets available for us to talk to. Unfortunately, that list is finite. Or at least it seems finite. Eventually, we’ll run out of people to talk to and we know that. We start out with the reality of scarcity. Until we figure out how to generate leads, every month, we’ll always be operating from the standpoint of scarcity. That’s not a good place to be.



What can we do?



I have two words for you … fake it!



That’s right. No matter where you are in learning how to generate leads, you need to act like you have an abundance of leads to talk to. You’re always in a hurry. You always have more people to talk to.



Once you are generating a lot of leads then you really will be in a hurry.



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