So you’ve signed the dotted line … now what?


it don't mean nothin'

You got tricked into seeing a network marketing, business plan.  You liked what you saw and you signed up.  You’re ready to make your millions of dollars.  Life is good!

If you read my bio, you saw that I was in several MLMs, over the years.  I started in Amway, went to Herbalife, stopped in on a company, I think it was called Synergy and then on to several others.

Back to you now.

You have your distributor kit, now what?  If you’re like me, you opened it up.  Read all the manuals.  Watched the company DVD and listened to the CD in there, too.  Maybe you even tried out the products in there.

When do the millions of dollars come rolling in?

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  No millions of dollars, yet.

So where’s my millions?

I watched, I listened and I read everything in the kit … what gives?

you gotta love MLM



Okay, I have to do some work.  That’s okay.  I can do that.  My up line says talk to me friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.  Hmmm, I don’t know about that??

My friends and family will get mad at me if I trick them into this business and they don’t make money.  There will be “heck” to pay, if they lose money!  Who can blame me for hesitating?  I can’t even say that I am going to make money in this business.  How am I supposed to show my friends and family how to make money?  I have no idea.  This sucks!

I’m not ready to share the business with anyone that I know. How am I going to build the business?

I ask my up line what to do and they tell me to talk to my friends and family.  It’s deja vu, all over again.

Okay, I’ll talk to 1 relative about the business.

I ask my brother to look at the business plan.  He tells me that only the people at the top make money in MLM.  Is that true, I ask myself?

1 relative

I talk to my best friend in the world.  I know they will support me in this venture.  They tell me that they tried MLM years ago and spent more money than they made.

This is starting to suck big time!

Now I’m afraid to talk to anyone else that I know. I’m afraid of more rejection!

I get frustrated and quit.  I lasted less than 60 days, in my business.  Yippee!

Does this story sound familiar?

It’s a true story.  It’s my story.  Is it yours?

I’ve heard this same story or one just like it so many times that I wish I had $1.00 for every time I’ve been told the story.

Not that I blame anyone for quitting the business.  Especially, when all the help you get from up line is to be told to try to recruit your friends and family.  If you have read my post about how to work your warm market, then you know what I think about that.

You don’t have any idea how to generate leads.  You have no marketing or sales plan.  No one in your up line knows what they are doing.  Or it seems that way.

My up line?  Glad you asked!  I need to tell you about that.  My personal sponsor violated the terms of service and he didn’t want to comply and he quit.  That was okay with me.  I found out later that he and his partner were trying to build 6 different MLM businesses at the same time.  I had asked him for some help with setting up some online marketing stuff.  He was a professional programmer.  I figured it would take him less than a day to set up everything and he could use it as well.  He didn’t have time to help me.  Or so he said! Being in 6 other businesses doesn’t leave much time, I guess.

A week later my sponsor’s sponsor quit too.  A sign of solidarity?  Maybe?  Who knows … who cares?  I moved under the next guy up the line.  Turns out his sponsor is the #8 money earner in the company.  Yippee! Like that would do me any good.

I’m thinking that I can finally get some help setting things up.  I talk to the guy who is now my “sponsor.”  He tells me to call my friends and family.  Ugh! Same crap, different day!

I’m sure we’ve all got stories like that one.  Or at least heard stories like that.

MLM is great ain't it?

I have decided that if I am going to make it in this company, that I will have to be the de facto leader of my own team.  I need to have a plan of action, a marketing plan that is easy enough for everyone to duplicate.

You may find yourself in the same or in a similar situation.  You’ll have the same choice to make.  Quit or pick yourself up by your boot straps and be the team leader that you wanted.  Your income in this business is directly related to how many people you help to make money!

Now go out and earn your money!


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