My own worst enemy


my own worst enemy



That was title of a short lived television show form 2008. I remember it because I actually liked the show. It starred Christian Slater and a young Taylor Lautner. It managed to last a whopping 9 episodes before it was canceled. It was kind of a Jekyll and Hyde show. The main character was a mild manner businessman until he was “triggered” into being a top flight spy, who could speak 13 languages and was trained to kill. The businessman side of the main character didn’t like the other side of himself. Surprisingly, the spy part didn’t like the businessman either. The show was appropriately called, My Own Worst Enemy.


I only bring up the show as today topic reminded of it.


Who is your worst enemy in your business? Most people will play the blame game. My sponsor has no idea what they are doing. The company’s compensation plan is no good. The product doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, etc. I can’t say that I blame them for doing that. It is human nature to try to get out of any blame when things going wrong. It’s as old as time itself.


The first time in history that I can remember someone saying, “It wasn’t my fault!” was in the Garden of Eden. God comes down to find out what’s going on in the Garden and Adam says, “It wasn’t my fault that I ate the apple. The woman gave it to me.” That’s a paraphrase, of course, but you get the idea.






It’s time for you to accept responsibility for your circumstances. You made your choices and you circumstances are a consequence of those decisions.


Maybe you are rich beyond your wildest dreams or maybe you are struggling to make ends meet. Either way, it is most likely due to your choices.


I realize that there can be some circumstances that are beyond our control. Things can happen that we didn’t choose ourselves, they were chosen for us. Unless there is still a problem with someone else being in total control of your life, you should be able to find your way out of what ever circumstances that you currently find yourself in.


There are many ways that you are your own worst enemy, at least in your business.


The first way that you are your own worst enemy is that you don’t have realistic expectations for you and your business. You can come into the business thinking that it is going to be easy and that you’ll be an overnight success. Or you may think that you are a superstar recruiter and you might be thinking that you will recruit everyone that you talk to.


It takes time to learn a new business and learn the skills that you need to be successful. Once you have found out, the hard way, that you aren’t going to be able to recruit everyone that you talk to, you may have a tendency to give up. Give yourself that time to learn. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


The next way that you may be your own worse enemy is that you may not appreciate anything that you do accomplish. You may not be rich by the end of your first week in the business, but I’m sure that you have learned something or done something that you should be proud of. Maybe you sold a product to a friend or maybe you learned how to operate your back office. These might seem like small time accomplishments, but there are people out there that won’t ever do either of those things. Be proud of yourself!


We tend to focus on our failures way more than we see our successes. We criticize ourselves. We beat ourselves up and make it that much more difficult to accomplish anything.



don't focus on your failures



Your failures are learning opportunities. You just figured out one more way not to do something. Try something new next time.


Another way that you are your own worst enemy is thinking that there really is a network marketing genie in the distributor kit. You sit and wait for something good to happen to you. Rub the side of you kit and hope the genie pops out and grants your every wish. That’s just not going to happen. This is an action business not a wishing business.


The last way that you may be your own worse enemy is losing sight of your dream. This business is difficult. There will be a fair amount of rejection. It may be real or it may be imagined, but you will feel it all the same. All the negativity will cloud your vision and you can lose sight of why you started your business in the first place.


You need to start with giving your self a break. You’re not going to be the greatest business person who ever walked the face of the earth, at least not in the beginning. I’m sure that you can become the greatest, if you study and work hard!



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