And in the end …


Our basketball season is over




I had the pleasure of coaching my son’s basketball team, again, this year. On paper, we had a great year. We won 7 games and only lost 1. We finished in first place. Unfortunately, we were a divided team, all year. It was like coaching two separate teams. I just couldn’t get them to play like a team. I tried everything that I could think of and then some.


At mid season, I had to get a little more harsh with them. I told them that if we didn’t start playing like a team, that we might as well not play the rest of the games. They did respond to that, for the next two games. We looked great! In the first game we scored the most amount of points all year. The following game, we played the 1st place team. At that time, they were undefeated. We beat them by 7 points and took over first place.


Today was our first playoff game. We played a team that is much taller than we are, but even with that, we got our share of the rebounds. It was a back and forth game. The referees kept making bad call after bad call, all of which were against us. There were some really obvious calls that weren’t made.


There were two shoots made by the other team that hit the rim and bounced straight up only to hit the straps used to raise the basket when not in use. That’s supposed to be an automatic dead ball. The shoots went in, on the play and they counted both baskets.


The officiating was terrible and I complained as much as I could get away with, but it didn’t make a difference. They continued to make more and more bad calls against us. My guys held their own and with 23 seconds left, my son, Matthew, tied up the game at 42.


Unfortunately, our defense was asleep and they moved the ball down the court and made an easy lay up. We were down 44-42 with 16 seconds. I called a time out and we worked out what we wanted to happen. In hindsight, maybe I should’ve taken out one of my rebounders and put in a shooter. I decided to leave the team the way it was, my thinking was that we would have 3 rebounders in the game in case we missed our shot.


As it turns out, one of my 2 best ball handlers brought the ball up court and had it stolen at midcourt. We never got a shot off. It was a very disappointing loss. We had beaten this team twice during the regular season. They played us tough and I knew it would be a tough team to beat a third time. We played well enough to beat them!


At the end of the game, my guys told me that the referees were best friends with two of the guys on the other team. It was then, that I knew why all of those bad calls went against us.


I hate to lose, but it would’ve been more tolerable if the referees weren’t so biased for the other team.


The commissioner of the league was there and just let all of that happen. Makes me wonder …


Anyway, thank you to all my guys, it was a great ride and we deserved a much better fate than that! Good luck in the future and I hope I see you guys around town!


Needless to say, our season ended today.


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