Biting the hand that feeds you


I’m still a dog person!


Koda looks like this but with blue eyes


I’ve had to take the last couple of days off from blogging. Here’s why.


A little of the back story:


My son, just moved back into our home and brought with him a 50-pound male Siberian husky, named Koda. He’s a beautiful dog. He has light blue eyes and quite a stare. The problem is that he is a 6-month-old puppy.


If you’ve ever had a puppy you should know all about teething. He chews just about anything that isn’t nailed down. That’s not to say that he wouldn’t chew something that was nailed down. It would just take a bit longer to totally destroy it.


The bad news is that we already had 2 dogs. We have a 17-pound Corgi, named Gracey, that acts more like a cat than a dog. She tends to hide under the furniture to hide from everyone and everything. The other dog is a 47-pound mutt, named Roxy.


They don’t all get along. They tend to tolerate each other, at the moment. The puppy wants to play and the other dogs are older and they play when they want to and that’s not very often. The 47-pound mutt is the Alpha and she rules the roost. The husky has his eye on the throne, though. That’s another story.


I had this great idea a couple of weeks ago. Why not get a bag of raw hides and let them all chew to their hearts’ desire. I did just that. I bought a bag of the raw hides that are rolled up into sticks. That worked and kept them busy for about 15 minutes per raw hide. We went through several bags of those, but it wasn’t much bang for the buck. Next, I tried the raw hides that are shaped like bones. They were bigger and I thought that they would last a lot longer. They were fine with them, but I thought that they were too big as the dogs seemed to lose interest in them, quickly. They all got chewed and eaten, but it didn’t occupy them for a long enough period of time. They’d chew a bit and then leave and start to bother everyone again.


The next bag full was a smaller size of the ones shaped like bones. I figured that these would be “just right.” They were! I thought I was a genius. They would sit and chew those for an hour or longer.


We finally have some peace and quiet.


Gracey looks a little like this


It all seemed so nice, but that was the quiet before the storm. It was 2 days ago and there were a couple of half-chewed raw hides laying around. It was dark in the house and all of the dogs went for the same raw hide at the same time. The two older dogs got into a big fight over it while the husky watched.


They were barking and biting at each other. Gracey doesn’t seem to mind biting Roxy, but Roxy has always refrained from biting Gracey. By the time I got there to break up the fight, they had locked jaws. They had literally bitten each other in the mouth and their teeth were locked together. I picked up Roxy and tried to pull her away. That lifted Gracey up off of the ground. She dropped off and I tried to wrap my arm around Roxy to pick her up and move her out of there. I got my hand in front of Roxy and at that moment Gracey jumped up to bite Roxy again. She got my hand instead. I pushed Gracey out of the way and then Roxy got my other hand in her mouth and was gnawing on it.


I managed to get Roxy in her cage and my son got Gracie in hers.


I looked down and both of my hands were covered in blood. Talk about pain. I got to the kitchen sink and turn on the cold water. The cold water stopped the bleeding after 5 minutes or so.


I looked down and saw 2 puncture wound on my right hand and 2 deep cuts on my left hand.


My hands have been throbbing, in pain, for the past 2 days. It hurt to start the car with a key. That’s all thumb and my thumb is hurting bad!


They’ve finally calmed down enough to do some work.


Well, today has been a decent day. Not a lot of pain, but some. I certainly don’t want to bang my hands against a wall. Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal in the next few days and I can get back to normal.


It’s always something … right?



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