These boots were made for walking



They’re gonna walk all over you … just keep walking



i love walking




That’s much of a title.  Oh well, it will have to do.


If you have been a reader of my blog, for a while, then you may know that I run three different businesses.  I spend a few hours here and a few hours there, on them all, every day.  I’m waiting to hit the big time so I don’t have to run all three.   It’s not that I don’t like what I do, because I do.  It’s just that it take a lot of time to run 3 businesses.


When things are going well, it’s great.  When things go wrong, well, not so much.


Problems kind of go with the territory.  Most days are fine.  Long, but fine.  Then there are those days that you just know are sent from …


… You know where.


I’m not one to complain.  At least not publicly.


There are days that I just need to blow off some steam.  What do I do?  I like to walk for exercise.  I walk a lot!  It’s great exercise and stress reliever too.


Walking for fun


I’ve done 4 full marathon and 2 half marathons.  The half marathons are not quite as fun.  You just get warmed up and it’s over.



walking a marathon is fun! for me anyway



Unfortunately, last year, I hurt my right foot.  It was some sort of nerve problem on the bottom of my foot.  It was like being stabbed, with a knife, with every step.  I can tell you that walking in pain is absolutely no fun!  There was time, last year, that I thought my walking career was over.  That was disheartening, to say the least.  I had to miss the spring time half marathon that I do.  Then, six months later, it was still not healed and I had to bow out of the full marathon.


Then to my surprise, my foot actually healed.  It was too late for the marathon, last year, but it was great to get back out on my training course.  The fresh air.  The sunshine!  It was just great to be back!


Then during my son’s basketball season, I played in one of their scrimmages and I hurt my left foot.  It is plantar fasciitis.  Basically, it is a pull or a strain of the muscle that connects the heel to the toes.  I thought the nerve pain, last year, was bad.  Wow, that was nothing!



plantar fasciitis isn't fun



It has been nearly 7 months since it got hurt.  It is finally feeling better.  I’m still not back to walking, for exercise.  I have had a few pain-free days, as of late.  I think I am on the road to recovery.  Again, I had thought that I would never be able to walk, competitively, again.  I had to miss the half marathon this spring as well.  It looks like I will miss the marathon, in October, too.


I can request a deferral and they will move my registration to next year.  I hope it will be fully healed by then!


Walking for competition


I would really like to be able to walk one more marathon.  I’d prefer to say that I’ve done 5 full marathons, instead of just 4.  I’ll be happy just to be able to get back out there.


You can get into great shape just by walking.  It is kind of fun to be in great shape.  Funny story for you!



walking lowers heart rate



In my prime, last year, I took my pulse and it was 45 beats per minute.  I told one of the relatives that my pulse was that low.  Their reaction was to tell me that my pulse way too low.  I assured them that I was fine.  They reiterated that my pulse needed to be higher.   I told them that I’d look it up on Google.


I put “how slow of a pulse is too slow?”


The answer?  Drum roll, please ……… ZERO!


Yes, apparently, if you have a pulse, you’re pretty much fine.



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