We’re at the mid point of the season


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It’s been 8 weeks since my 13 year old son’s basketball season got under way. We had 3 weeks of practice and we have now played 5 games. I had a really good draft, this year! What usually happens, in county run leagues, is that you get a bunch of guys who have never played before and you get the regulars who have played for years.


After the draft, you find out how well you did. A team usually gets 2 or 3 good players and 5 or 6 players who need a lot of work. Last year, I had 5 good players and 3 that needed work. By the end of the year, last year, I felt like we had a championship team. Unfortunately, in our first playoff game, we made 3 critical mistakes. The last of those mistakes was one that we couldn’t over come. We had started out 1 win and 3 losses. We ended the year 6 and 3. It was a nice comeback and a good year.


This year, I have 8 good players out of 8 players. I sit down the make up the line up for our upcoming game and it takes me 5 minutes. In years past, I’ve agonized over line ups. You try to put in guys that are good to cover up for the guys who need a lot work. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.


This year I haven’t had those problems. We’ve gotten off to a very quick start. We’ve won all 5 of our games! It’s been really exciting to watch. The kids have come together like a team from day one.


I’ve coached teams that took many weeks to start trusting each other. I’ve had teams that never work together. That’s always a struggle and makes for a very long year.


The funny things is that I wind up more exhausted than the kids, after our games. They play for an hour and I just walk up and down the sideline. I guess my problem is that I get really involved in the game. It’s to the point of being emotionally involved. By the end of the game, I am totally worn out.


Like I said, we are half way through the season. There are 5 more games to go. Of course we have to take on 4 out of the top 5 teams. I’m sure that we have a big bull’s eye on our collective backs. If I was the coach of another team, I’d be selling my guys on beating the first place team!




What most of the rest of the league doesn’t know is that we have won our first 5 games without our 6 footer. We’re not a tall team, but we did draft a guy who turned out to be 6 feet tall. They had him listed at 5′ 8” tall. I took a real chance on him and it paid off … or so I thought. The night before our first game I got an email that said that he had broken his thumb in some sort of freak “step class equipment” accident. Apparently, he tried to kick a plastic step, that is used for a step class, up into his hands. It managed to hit his thumb and it broke. How weird is that?


Our 6 footer is back and ready to go. We’ll have better match ups and I think we have a good shot at going all the way!


The final push toward the playoffs will be tough road, but it should be fun and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what my guys can do. It’ll be fun to be a part of it!!


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