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I was going to write an article about perfectionism today, but I am preempting it.


I’ve been able to coach my 15 year old’s basketball team for the last 3 years. I’ve really enjoyed the experience and he has too. We had a chance to win the championship 3 years ago, but we made several mistakes that we couldn’t overcome and lost in triple overtime. Last year, we came back with one goal in mind and that was to win the championship. We had a great year and we did win the championship.


We thought that was the end of the line for him. We didn’t know that there was another league that he could be part of. We got in late, but they needed coaches and I was their guy! We were able to get 3 other guys from our championship team and we were assigned three guys who played travel basketball, the last few years.


I’m writing this article because I’ve had trouble getting everyone to play together. There were times when we looked terrible. Two weeks ago we struggled to beat the last place team by 3 points.


In the second week of the season, we lost to a very good team. They’ve been undefeated and in first place all year long. We’ve been a game behind, in second place, since that loss.


After that loss, everything that I did with the team I did in preparation for the rematch.


The rematch was today. I was sweating the game all week long.


In the first game, we were totally humiliated for the first 15 minutes of the game. They had a 22 point lead midway through the second quarter. It looked bad for us. I had to call both of my times outs in that first 15 minutes. I did get them to play more like a team for the rest of the game. They out scored us by 22 in that first quarter and a half and we out scored them by 16 the rest of the way. Yeah, we lost by 6.


As it turns out, we needed to win today’s game by 7 points or more to move into 1st place. The second tiebreaker is point differential in head to head games.


Today was game day.


By midway through the first quarter we were losing 2-1. It was a real pitcher’s dual. We settled down and began to take control of the game. We frustrated them at every turn. I could tell that they were mad and completely off their game. By the end of the 3rd quarter, we had built a 17 point lead.


It looked good for us, but they are a very talented team. That put so much pressure on us throughout the 4th quarter. We made so many mistakes and they whittled the lead down to 3 point with 1 minute 30 seconds left to go. There was about 84 seconds of sloppy, hard hitting play and we were at a 5 point lead. With 6 seconds to go they fouled my son and put him on the line for a 1 and 1. He made both of them and we had a 7 point lead and that’s where it ended. We had our 7 point victory and we moved into 1st place.


I think today’s game was the game where we turn the corner and start playing together, as a real team!


I have to say that I’m proud of my guys! They played their faces off and it was a great win for them!


Congratulations to all of them. It was a well deserved win!


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