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Hang in there!


I had a bad day


Have you ever had a day when nothing seemed to go right? A day that from moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep, that everything went wrong? Every once in a while I have a day like that. Then there was this week. Oh brother, what a bad week. A week straight of bad days


It started last Saturday. We had our first basketball game. I coach my 13 year old’s team. We won in good fashion, but it was the first game. I tend to get emotionally involved. I was totally worn out, by the end.


On Sunday, I had a lot of stuff to get done. Even though Saturday was basically a do nothing day, I thought that I could catch up on Sunday. Nope! My brother was supposed to stop by for 30 minutes or so. He got here 2 hours earlier than I thought he would and stayed for nearly 2 hours. The worse part was that he needed help with some online stuff. I worked on it for the 2 hours that he was here. Only to find out that I had done it all in the wrong format. I had to delete everything and start over. That was depressing! I got next to nothing done after that.


I had to push the weekend’s big project to Monday. I started that project and got to the final stage and I could not get it finished. I tried for hours. Nothing that I tried worked. I got to the point of asking for help. I don’t mind asking for help, but usually that’s as a last resort. I asked 3 different people for help. All 3 said, yes, that they would help finish the project. Funny thing was that none of them could figure out a way to finish it. That’s now a total of 4 totally frustrated people.


I tried to finish it on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I put in so many hours, I can’t believe that I couldn’t get it done. Finally, I ran into a friend, who I knew was particularly good at these tasks. I wasn’t too proud to ask for his help. He said that he could come by later and give it a whirl.


I waited patiently. Well, maybe not so patiently. I did my best.


He showed up and I explained what I had done and what I was trying to do, but couldn’t. He studied the problem for a few minutes and he said, “Have you tried this?”


really bad day


Of course I had tried that. I tried it many, many times in the course of all those hours of working on it. I calmly said, “Yes, I tired that. I couldn’t get it to work. You can try that again, if you want.”


I never thought that it would work. I must’ve tried it 15 or more times and it wouldn’t work, for me.


He sat there and in 5 minutes he was done. I just stood there in shock. I couldn’t believe it. How did he do that? Mine is not to reason why!


I just accepted it and thank him profusely! I offered to pay him, but he just looked at me and said, “I really didn’t do anything.”


I wish I had asked him in the very beginning. He could’ve saved me 10 hours of frustration!


bad days are frustrating


The punchline of the story is that I have another project that is very similar. I hope I don’t need to ask him for more help, but he said if I have a problem with it, to just call him. It’s nice to know that someone has my back!


The bad news is that I had to push everything off all week long. I am so back logged with unfinished business.


Now, I have our second basketball game tomorrow morning.


I was able to start and finish the second part of that big project. It took me 25 minutes to complete, what was basically, the same task. I have no idea what I did wrong all those times, but I’m glad it’s over!


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