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Should you pass out samples of your products? On the surface, this seems like a no brainer. Of course we should all pass out samples of what we are trying to sell. Most of the time I would say yes to passing out samples. Especially, if you have a product that is easy to share a sample of it and if it is fast acting. Meaning your prospects will see noticeable results.


You may have a shampoo that you sell. If your shampoo is effective right away and leaves your hair soft and manageable, then by all means, give away as much of it as you can. If you happen to sell weight loss shakes, then the taste may be the most important thing in the decision making process. Let them try it to see if they like the taste. Your prospect probably isn’t going to lose any weight by drinking one shake, but at least they’ll know that the flavor is something that they like.


When wouldn’t you pass out samples?


There are two times that I would either not pass out a sample or be hesitant to pass them out. If your product is something that takes a fair amount of time to see the benefits, then I might not hand out samples. A good example of this would be vitamins. A company’s vitamins may be the best on the planet, but they could take days, weeks or even months to see the benefits from them. With something like this, you’d have to think twice before handing out samples.


The other time that you might not want to pass out samples is when they are cost prohibitive. They may be just too expensive to pass out. If you have deep pockets and you are convinced that samples would help you sell it, then use your own discretion.


I don’t have time”


i dont have time for network marketing


As network marketers, this is something that we hear all the time, from our prospects. Do you know where else you’ll here this complaint? From the people who are already in network marketing. Yes, from distributors. When it comes to learning the new skills that they will need to be successful or when they need to develop self worth and self esteem, a lot of distributors will complain about it.


Too many distributor believe that they will learn everything “on the job.” On the job training works. It’s just brutal at times. They don’t take the time to read a book or listen to a CD in order to learn new things. Take the time! Find the time! Make the time! It’s well worth the investment.


Network marketing isn’t for everyone


This past week I’ve had the good fortune to talk to 2 different relatives about network marketing. Ah, the dreaded warm market. I was talking to one about the product that my company has and the other, I was talking to them about the business opportunity.


I’ll discuss what happened with the first one. The one who I talked to about our products. Keep in mind that this is a relative.


wellness network marketing companies


I truly believe that our product will help alleviate real physical pains that this particular relative has. Their back is sore all the time and they have been taking pain pills for a while now. All I wanted them to do is to try it and see if it helped. I was willing to give them what amounted to free samples for as long as they needed them. If they decided to buy the product, then good for me, but if not, I was still willing to give them samples, forever. I heard, from a concerned third party, that my relative is really mad at me. For what, you ask? Apparently, they thought all I wanted to do was to sell them the product. How did they get that idea? I’m not sure. I told them that they could have the samples for free and forever.


I guess it’s true what they say … No good deed goes unpunished.


The second story is about my dealings with a different relative. We were discussing the merits of owning a network marketing business. To be more specific, it was my network marketing business that we were talking about. I wanted to know if they would be interested in transitioning from their regular job to owning a business of their own.


Wow! Did I get an earful. This relative is constantly complaining about hating their job. Apparently, they are over worked and under paid. They hate the thought of going to work, but every day, there they are driving in rush hour traffic.


I guess the idea of owning a business is so foreign to them that they’d rather stay right where they are. Their job? Well, “It pays the bills.” “It’s a steady paycheck.” “I’d rather do things the ‘normal’ way.”


Honestly, I was sorry that I talked to either of them, but what are you supposed to do? I truly feel that our product can literally help everyone who has an ache, a pain or any kind of degenerative disease. If they know anyone who has any of these types of problems, then they could make some money, too.


Like I said, network marketing isn’t for everyone.


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