Random thoughts for July 30, 2015


Random thoughts of a network marketer


are these my random thoughts


Does reading someone’s book make them your mentor?


I hear lots of people claim that Tony Robbins is their mentor. Maybe they claim that he is their coach. It could be some other famous person. Later, I find out that the person has read one of the books that Tony Robbins wrote and that is how they are claiming him as their mentor. Does reading that book really make him their mentor?




What is success in network marketing?


Not going broke!


How do you make $10,000 in network marketing?


Give a network marketer $20,000 to spend on their business.


Okay, okay, all kidding aside!




What kind of business is network marketing?


so this is network marketing


I’ve written about this topic many times. I’ve read many articles about what other people think about it too. There seems to be a lot of different answers. It’s a relationship business. It’s a business of duplication. It’s a numbers game. It’s sales and marketing.


I think all of those answers are right. Network marketing is all of those things.


I am now of the mind that at its core network marketing is an action business.


If there is a “secret” to success in network marketing, that’s it! Taking action.


I’ve seen so many different kinds of people find success in this business, over the years. They come from all walks of life. The demographics are as diverse as you can imagine.


Some are old and some are young. Some are fat and some are skinny. Some are tall and some are short. Some used Facebook and some used the belly to belly method. Some reach the top level in 6 months and some it took 8 years. It doesn’t seem to matter.


Any kind of scenario you can imagine, there is probably someone out there that would fulfill it and reach the top of their pay plan.


If there is one thing that they all have in common, it would be that they all took effective action. Some took massive action and some took consistent action over a long period of time.


They do have one more thing in common. They never gave up.


The secret to being successful in network marketing is to take effective action and to never give up!




Developing a system


take them through the process


When you get ready to build your network marketing business, you’ll want to develop a system that you can use. A system is just a series of events or steps that move people through the process of buying your products or joining you in your business.


I read a great acronym for the word SYSTEM and what a system can do for you.


S – Save

Y – Your

S – Self

T – Time

E – Energy and

M – Money


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