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Random thoughts


a few of my random thoughts


Shiny object syndrome


If you’ve been in any kind of online marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “shiny object syndrome.” Basically, if you have shiny object syndrome you jump from one marketing method to another. You are desperately trying to find a method that will work, for you. You might try Youtube marketing for a few weeks and when you don’t get any leads or sales, you move on to Pinterest marketing or article marketing. Whatever the latest and great method happens to be will be the next one to try.


In my opinion, the root cause of shiny object syndrome is lack of commitment.


commit to a marketing method


You need to pick a method and dedicate yourself to really learning how to use it, effectively.


It doesn’t really matter what method you start with. Just pick a method that interests you and you think that you’d be good at. We’ve all heard to success stories from the people who have used just about every method out there. There have been people who have used blogging, Youtube, Facebook and most other social sites to reach the top levels of their company’s pay plan. If they can do it, so can you!


It’s just a matter of learning how to use the method.




Multiple streams of income


Once you reach the top level of your company’s pay plan, you’ll probably become one of the gurus who sells their “secret system to success.” How do I know that? Because nearly every top earner turns around and sells books, tapes, CDs, courses or memberships. It’s all in the name of selling success.


which path should you take


I’ve never spoken very highly of these gurus. I mean, aren’t they making enough money as it is?


They sell the “picks and shovels” to the rank and file in the network marketing industry. Do any of these things help anyone? Have you ever bought a course and used it to reach the top level of your company? There must be someone out there that has. How else do these people remain gurus, if no one reaches the top? Or maybe the turn over rate is so great that there is always someone new to sell them to.


I heard an explanation for why these gurus do this. Suppose you reach the top levels of your company and you sit on your income. Your income might go up a bit or down a bit, but it is still a pretty good income. Then one day your company closes down or your company decides to terminate you. There goes your entire income. You’re probably not broke, but you won’t be getting a pay check from your company anymore.


network marketing companies do shut down


You might be thinking, “What are the odds of that?” Well, we’ve seen Vemma get shut down and MonAvie got bought out for a song. Stranger things have happened.


You would think that a top earner from one company could easily become a top earner in another company.


I’m still not a fan of the gurus doing this, but at least there seems to be a reason to do it.


Why can’t they start a different business or invest the earnings, instead?


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