Random tips for network marketers – August 29, 2016

Network marketing tips


network marketing tips



Closing the sale


As a network marketer, you will be a salesperson. That’s whether you like it or not. As a salesperson, you’re going to be asked to “close the sale.” Ask any good salesperson about how to close the sale and they will tell you to “ABC.” That stands for “Always Be Closing.”


Closing the sale is just a fancy way of saying asking for the sale or asking them to buy whatever it is that you are selling. After you tell someone about your product and what it does, you say something like, “Would you like to buy my product?”


Unfortunately, some people look for a cool shortcut to take. They want to fool someone into buying their products. They read a lot of books on closing the sale or they take NLP courses to try to find a phrase or two that will convince someone to buy from them.


I have a suggestion. How about finding an easier way to close the sale?


What if we brought our products to the right person? The right person is someone who has a problem that the products solve. Then you don’t have to use fancy phrases or NLP to get them to buy from you. If you show them how it will solve their problem, you won’t have to close the sale, they’ll ask you to sell it to them. Now doesn’t that sound a lot easier then using NLP?


Working your warm market


A tale of two distributors …


I know these two distributors who work for the same company. One is the sponsor of the other. They both started in their warm market. The one who is the sponsor didn’t have one person in their warm market support them. No one signed up as a distributor, nor did anyone of them buy a single product. The other distributor had tremendous luck. They signed up 4 people and had nearly two dozen people order the products. What was the difference? It was probably the approach they used and the credibility factor.


I can’t can’t really help you with credibility in your warm market, but I can offer up a suggestion for your approach.


tips for network marketers


Use an indirect approach when talking to people, in your warm market.


If you go with a direct approach, it would be something like, “You need to see this product.” or “Do you have 30 minutes so I can show you how this opportunity works?” A direct approach is anything that sounds like you are prospecting them. This approach is bad for two reasons. The first is that you set off the person’s salesperson alarm and they will run away from you. The other reason is that you run the risk of alienating them. This burns out your warm market and you’ll lose friends and possibly relatives, too!


In an indirect approach, you ask your warm market for a favor.


It might sound like this:


“Hey, can you do me a favor? I just started this business and our product helps people lose weight, gives them more energy throughout the day and helps them sleep better at night. Do you happen to know anyone who would like to get those benefits?”


An indirect approach is a nonthreatening approach. You never have to worry about getting anyone mad at you or losing your friends. They might say that they don’t know anyone like that. They might say that they’d be interested in it.


Who knows what will happen, but you could windup with an army of people who are working to help you sell your products!


Fun fact about warm markets


Did you know that over 80% of network marketers were signed up by someone in their warm market?


We’re 15 years into the age of the internet and 80% of sign ups came from the warm market. Don’t miss out on this gold mine of prospects. Just use a proper approach and see what happens!


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