Random tips for network marketers March 22, 2016


I had come up with the idea of writing short articles on network marketing a while back. These are ideas or tips that I had to share with others, but I didn’t think that it would take an entire article to convey my point. I thought that this format was pretty clever. Unfortunately, it turns out that no one reads these tips. Maybe I need to rename the category. I might call it “Random tips for network marketers” or something like that. Do you think that might generate more curiosity?


tips for network marketers


Some of the things that I’ve written about have been really good ideas. I’m surprised that no one is interested. Oh well. I’ll keep writing as the thoughts come to me. At least they will be out there in the ether.


Vendor parties


It seems that everyone knows someone who is in the network marketing business. More than likely, they know several people who are distributors. How about all of the network marketers get together, in someone’s home or in a room at the local church and put on a vendor party.


All the network marketer would get their own table to display and demonstrate their particular products.


Each network marketer would invite all of their warm market to attend. I would suggest over inviting as most people won’t go. I would think that you would be doing well to get a 10%-15% attendance rate.


The invitations should include a list of all of the companies that will be represented and they types of products that each will have. I would also suggest that all of the vendors donate a product or two to be used as door prizes. Make sure that you have a registration, to get everyone’s contact information, for the drawing for the door prizes.


Each vendor will want to collect as many names as they can, at their tables. Those will be the leads that they can follow up with.


leads for network marketers


Don’t be surprised if most of the vendors will want to look at what everyone else is selling. Also, keep in mind that most network marketers will leave their company, in their first 90 days. This is a great source for leads to recruit new people in to your business.


Content generation


I’ve written several articles about where to get ideas for writing new content for your blog or other places. However, the best place to get new content is from your own personal experiences in running your own network marketing business!


Let’s say that you approached someone to try to recruit them and you used a different sequence of words this time. If you are willing to share that information, then you could tell the story of how well you did with your new script.


If one of your distributors has a problem and you work with them to solve it, you can write about that.


There are going to be problems and obstacles that every network marketer faces. All of these situations are great things to write about!




I just read a short article that said that when someone gets distracted from what they are doing it takes them up to 15 minutes to get back to what they were doing. The study also said that there are 25% of people who take as much as 2 hours to reengage.


That’s scary!


It wouldn’t be so bad if you are in the group that can get back to work in 15 minutes or less, but think of those people who take up to 2 hours. They must get next to nothing done, once they get distracted.


distracting network marketers


I would suggest that, when you are working on your business, you do so in a quiet and comfortable room. Tell everyone that you live with that you will be working for the next, however long you will be working and that you are not to be disturbed.


You should turn off you land line and your mobile phones. Close down any email services, forums or social media accounts that you may be a member of. Obviously, you can have any of these turned on if you are using them to work your business. You just don’t want anything to distract you!


Okay, there are my 3 network marketing tips for you today. If you liked these, there are a bunch of tips in the other articles.


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