What changed?


 No, really, what changed?



I was sitting here, on a snowy Friday afternoon, doing what most red blooded, American men are doing, contemplating the nature of the universe and our place in it. You know, quantum mechanics and string theory. The usual stuff!



a snowy Friday



No, not really. I was out shoveling snow and I got tired. I decided to rest and write a post for today.


For the longest time, I’ve been trying to figure out why the success rate is so abysmal, in network marketing. It is a great business model. It seems so simple. I realize that it isn’t easy but, still, I would think that a higher percentage of people would find a way to make it to the top.


Yet, year after year, the numbers come in and they never change. I’m not going into the numbers again. You can look in my rants and find all of that information.


I’ve read the books and listened to the tapes. I’ve gone to the conventions and the hotel meetings. I’m sure that most network marketers have done all of that as well.


I’ve made the lists of my family and friends. I’ve bugged them to join … oops … I mean I asked them to join. You too? How often does that work?



bugging people to join me



I see new faces at the meetings all time. The old faces are gone and a new crop of hopefuls has taken their place. It’s like a never ending, revolving door of humanity!


What is it that makes someone a success while most of the people that they recruited never make a cent in the business? Are they just lucky? Did they just happen upon the home run hitter that propels them to the top? I’m sure there are some people who just get lucky. It turns out that they know a car dealer who joins and recruits most of his car sales staff. It snowballs, out of control, from there. It happens.


It just doesn’t happen that way, for me. It seems, I have to work for every recruit I get.


I’ve talked to some top earners in the business. If I mentioned their names, you’d recognize them. There does seem to be a common thread for a lot of the top earners. The company they made it big in, wasn’t their first attempt at building a network marketing business.



top mlm earners



In fact, I talked to one top earner who had tried 9 other times to make it big in network marketing, before hitting pay dirt! Their current company was their 10th attempt. Can you imagine trying network marketing 10 times? They had little to no success for 9 tries and someone, actually, was able to recruit them.


I just want to know, what changed on this 10th try? Why did they become so successful this time and none of the other times? I’ve asked several of them this exact question. I can’t tell you what they said. Not because I don’t want you to know the answer. It’s because they answer they gave was of no help to me. Okay, I’ll tell you what one said and you can tell me if it helps you.


I asked, “What changed for you?”


They’re response …


“I had a better idea of who I wanted to become.”


I believe that is the exact quote but, I could be a bit off.


I’m not even sure what that statement means. If anyone has any idea what that means and how it can be helpful, please let me know!


Is there a guru out there that would actually answer that question, what changed? Or would they insist on you buying their latest and greatest book, tape, marketing course or whatever else they might be selling.



buy my marketing course and you will be a success



What changed for these people who tried network marketing and failed so many times? I have no idea.


Congratulations to them, of course, but, will they turn around and help all of those who are struggling?


Maybe if we buy their products …


My final thought … I received an email from a guru, that’s not that impressive, I’m on their mailing list. There was a line in the email telling everyone that they make a pretty “good living selling their products and courses.” I guess that says it all.


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