Devin Zander scam, Mario Cimmino scam, Link bound marketing scam, Rent-a-Serp scam



is that devin zander in there?



 This article was last updated on August 2, 2016


If anyone has experience with Devin Zander’s Shopify product please contact me and let me know if you liked it or not.


(Look for Update #30 for the latest information.  I’ve turned my attention to SEMeasy)


Super Mario Cimmino has once again offered to try to compensate all the people who bought his products and services and found out that they didn’t work.  If you were one of the unlucky purchasers, and would like to contact Super Mario, please contact me and I will send you his current email address.  I can be reached at: richard[@]richardbrokenshire[dot]com


Did Devin Zander and Super Mario Cimmino steal $400,000 EACH from their separate product launches?


I just heard a rumor that said that Super Mario TOOK in excess of $600,000 in sales for his Rent A SERP product!

How much of that did SEM Easy get?  Oh yeah, they said they lost money on the deal.



Am I trying to say that Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino are scam artists? Absolutely not! I am just here to tell you about my experience with these guys. I do this because they are out there selling more and different products every day. I’d like to tell you who I think these guys are.


Read my story, below, and see if you agree with me. 



Devin Zander scam, Mario Cimmino scam, Link bound marketing scam, Rent-a-Serp scam



I usually don’t mention names when it comes to products that I have bought. This particular time, I am pretty mad. I made the mistake of buying Rent-a-Serp from Devin Zander and Super Mario Cimmino.



  devin zander - isn't a fraud??? is he?



Here’s my story:



Rent-a-SERP was to be a way to build a site, get it ranked in Google and then rent it out to a professional in that industry. Rent it to someone whose own website was ranked off of the first page of Google.



It sounded like something that I’d be interested in so I plopped down my $47.00. I didn’t get the upsells. I wasn’t really that interested in it. I did get the plug in and I did have access to the training. Of course, my life got busy and I never had the chance to review all of the training information. I went there today to try to log in and review it, finally.



To my surprise, I couldn’t log in. At all. They closed the back office, containing the training, in less than 90 days after selling this product to the public.



devin zander scam?



I happen to glance at the URL that they were using for the log in page. Here it is:






Notice the – hahaha-sorrybh part of it. I wonder what the bh is there for? Butt heads?  (Zander told me it was for black hatters)



I guess that’s a message to all who bought this from them!



I think it must’ve been the HAHAHA part of the URL that really pissed me off!



I went to jvzoo.com to access my purchases that I have made through them. Yes, I bought it through jvzoo.com. They facilitated the transaction. I’ve sent them an email to ask about the product and the sellers. Do they condone this kind of treatment of their clients?



Here is my jvzoo.com receipt:



Your Purchase Details

Transaction Id: AP-8YJ26180E19908405
Date: Friday 13th of June 2014 11:41:02 AM
Product Name: Rent-A-SERP Theme & Plugin
Price: $47.00
Purchaser: twoa?????es@XXXX.com
Seller: Mario Cimmino



I’ll let you know if I hear back from them.



This is what I said to jvzoo.com:




This URL is the one that is showing for rent a serp. The hahaha in it says a lot to me.

I can’t even begin to tell you how unhappy I am about this. Do you have any information about this seller or the product? Is it still active? Did they close off access to it?

My big question is this. If they sold a product to the public through you and then less than 3 months later shut off access, do you condone this?

I probably need more information about what’s happened here, but I will never buy another product through jvzoo and I will probably have to tell everyone I know about this experience.

If you have information that would shed more light on this, feel free to email.


I did hear back from jvzoo.com. This is what they had to say to me:



Hi ,

Thank you for contacting the JVZoo.com support desk.

This product is showing as not able to take sales at this time.

The vendor’s contact information is:

Support Email: support@rentaserp.com

The vendor will be able to assist you with any questions you might have about this product.

Best regards,


Customer Support

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: EHV-444-34359

Department: JVZoo.com Support


Type: General

Status: Closed


Priority: Normal


Yeah, no kidding Katery.


I had to give them my purchase receipt for the product before they would respond to me. So they knew I had already purchased the product. Why are they wasting my time telling me that the product is no longer for sale? Are they aware that their clients just got lied to and had their money taken? Are they part of it? Are they okay with that? Seems like it to me! The support email address isn’t working.  My email, to the sellers was returned to me!


I should have done my due diligence and investigated the seller before I ever bought anything from him. My bad! I’m a little too trusting for my own good. I’ve learned my lesson!



If you are thinking about buying a product from someone who you don’t know, I would suggest that you do your own due diligence! Search the seller’s name and add in “scam” after it.


devin zander a scam artist ... nope???


I did this for Devin Zander scam. This is the top SERP:






I guess Devin didn’t like what people were saying about him and his company, Money Mindset. I’ve included a picture that he put on the thread. Nice Devin!



He says that this is a picture from his balcony. Is he implying that he owns the balcony? I think he is. It is curious that the piece of paper that he used to call someone a “douche” looks like a piece of hotel stationary.



I ask again, does he own that balcony or not? I guess he could. He got a lot of people’s money, recently!



It is a nice view!



This sums up devin

Your own bio on your http://money-mindset.net site says that you are a “wanna be evangelist.”    Do you mean a Christian evangelists?  Looking at this picture … well it kind of makes me laugh!!


(Devin has since told me that although he was born and raised a Baptist, he is no longer a practicing Baptist and did not mean an evangelist is the religious sense.  I am unclear about what kind of evangelist he wants to be.)



I also found where Devin must’ve ordered a sandwich from some sandwich shop that delivers. Here is what he had to say:



Devin Zander



reviewed 2 months ago



This location takes OVER AN HOUR EVERY TIME I ORDER…. If I were on the beach or something I’d understand it but I’m less than a mile away on the same freaking road basically Once… Okay I get it.. EVERYTIME? What gives stop smoking weed and just deliver the damn sandwich Sandwiches are good though, if you don’t mind waiting forever






This is the URL for the sandwich shop, if you’d like to read it for yourself.



Funny. He doesn’t seem to mind complaining about other businesses, though.



Hey Devin, it’s called Karma!



The last product that Devin was involved with was Cloud PBN, I think that’s what it was called. Everyone and their brother has been selling products based on private blog networks, lately. I didn’t buy that. I figured that since everyone was selling this strategy, that it was time to run the other way!



Figures Devin would be involve with this sinking ship strategy! Google just deindexed a lot of private blog networks.



Okay, so they closed down access to their product. So what. Why should you care? Maybe you shouldn’t. I don’t know. I just was pissed off and wanted to tell the world about my experience with Rent-A-Serp, Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino.



I don’t want the same thing to happen to anyone else!!



When I said Devin Zander scam, Mario Cimmino scam, Link Bound Marketing scam and I forgot to mention Money Mindset scam, I was just trying to rank for those keywords. I am in no way implying that any of those people or entities are scams. I meant that in the nicest possible way! It’s all in good fun, right?



take the money and run devin zander scam



Taking my money and running. That must’ve been fun, for you anyway. Me? Well, not so much.



If Devin,  Mario, Wyatt, anyone at Link Bound Marketing or anyone at Money Mindset would like to comment on any of this, please enlighten me! Tell me how wrong I am! Tell me that you’d be happy to refund all monies collected from this short lived product!



Also, if there happens to be anyone who bought a product, any product from these guys and used them, successfully, I’d like to hear from you as well.



 Be aware that these are just my opinions of these guys and their entities. They are based on my personal experience with them. Thank you!



My hope is that Google ranks this article on the first page so no one else will get treated like this by these guys!




Devin sent me an email and he asked me to reply. He said that I had things wrong and he wanted to “enlighten” me. I did reply to his email and ask him to let me what things that I had wrong. I am more than willing to make any changes to this article. That is as long as I think that I am being told the truth. I want to be fair and accurate.


He has not replied to my email!


Just like he didn’t accept my Skype message, after he asked me to contact him there. I’m seeing a pattern!


I never did a search for Mario Cimmino scam. I was too exhausted from the whole ordeal. It might be wise to run his name through Google (add the word scam after his name) before you buy anything from him!






Devin has been at it again!  He and a partner, or that’s what it seems, came up with another product.  He made it sound as if this one IS his product.  It is called Video Vantage.  It really doesn’t matter what is or what is was supposed to do, because it doesn’t work.  That’s by his own admission.  You can read his “apology” to all who bought the product from him here

Devin is sorry

(I see that Devin has pulled this post down.  Probably on the advice of legal counsel.

 I hope that I had something to do with the decision to take it down!!  It would indicate that you are afraid!

 The bad news for you, Devin, is that I copied the source code of that page!)


 He is blaming a change to the Google algorithm.  It’s possible, but who knows?



In the article he says that he will do “something nice” for all those who purchased the product.  That was October 21st.  As far as I know, he hasn’t done anything for those people.  I tried to leave a comment that suggested giving everyone their money back, but he has blocked me from leaving any comments on his blog.



I had to laugh at my suggestion!  I know that there is no way that he’d give anyone any money back!



UPDATE #3:  (11/11/14)



Devin has been kind enough to continue to email me, although he refuses to answer many of my questions.   He has said that Rent a SERP is not his product.  He almost had me convinced.  I was about to change the article to reflect that, but I was on Black Hat World and came across this thread.

Look for post #3.  That’s Devin aka “Sovereign.”
This is what he says about Rent a SERP.
“I think it’s pretty awesome…
Then again it’s my software so my opinion probably doesn’t count :'( “

He’s lying to someone.  Either he has lied to me or he is lying on Black Hat World.  Who do you think he is lying to?



I mentioned in the beginning of this update that Devin is continuing to reply to my emails.  Since I let him know that I found the thread on BHW, he has stopped all communications.



Also, if you remember, Devin promised to “do something nice” for the people who purchased Video Vantage.  He hasn’t done anything!



 Devin, when you read this, please let me know if I got anything else wrong!  I am trying to be fair and honest about my experience.



UPDATE #4:   (11/18/14)



 Needless to say, I haven’t heard a word from Devin since I found that thread on BHW that proves that he lies to people.



 It comes as no surprise at all, but Devin has a new product launch.  Yippee!  I’m sure I’ll be holding my breath waiting for that!    I guess he is hoping that “well” is very deep.



When Devin was emailing me, he claimed that neither Rent a SERP or Cloud PBN was his products.  He claimed to be nothing more than the copywriter for the projects.  He told me that he offered to do the sales video for both product creators and that I shouldn’t be mad at him for the product.  Obviously, rent a serp was his product and now I have found this site that shows that Cloud PBN was also his product.



Check out the link here:



 Devin’s product list



This page shows all 6 of his products.  I only know about the 3 products the other 3 were before I lucked into finding him.



I’m going to request an evaluation copy of his new product.  Do you think that he’ll send it to me?  LOL!



UPDATE #5:  (11/26/14)

Heeee’s baaaack!  Yes, here are the details of Devin’s new product.  Super Affiliate Machine is the name of it.  Yes, I am sending him an email to request a review copy of the product.  I don’t think that there is any way that he will send it to me.  I’d be fair and honest about the review.  If it actually works the way it is supposed and produces some sort of good results, I’d be happy to tell all of my readers.  Anyway, the product is due out on January 20, 2015.  It has a price point of $47.00 and he is offering a 50% commission to his affiliates.  I have no idea if there are upsells, but knowing Devin, I’m sure that there will be 1 or 2.  My guess would be that there would be a “Pro” version of the product and some sort of “mastermind group” or coaching.  If I can get that information, I’ll be sure to share it with you.


There is an affiliate contest in which he is offering $25,000 in prizes.


You can visit the Muncheye page for the listing here:  http://muncheye.com/devin-zander-et-al-pbn-secure


One thing I can’t believe is that JVZoo is still letting him sell through them.  I wonder if JVZoo is in league with him?  Obviously, at the least, they have completely ignored me and the information that I have been able to gather about this guy.


I wonder if he will deny ownership of Super Affiliate Machine … if it doesn’t work?


MINI UPDATE:  I never heard back from Devin about his new product, Super Affiliate Machine.  I was really hoping that he’d send me a copy of it to use!  I would love to write a Super Affiliate Machine Review!  If you think that I should be allowed to get a copy of it before the release, you can contact Devin through Skype.  He left his Skype contact information.


He still HAS NOT done anything for the people that purchased his Video Vantage product.  That really doesn’t surprise me though.


UPDATE #6: (11/28/14)


I just found out that Devin and his partners have another product coming out soon.  I had heard about this product, but I didn’t find confirmation until today.  The new product is called, Authority Snap.  The release date is December 5, 2014 at 11:00AM Eastern time.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time to get a review copy of this product.  I doubt that they would even let me see it before the launch.  Again, I’d be fair in my review.  Authority Snap review would be a good title for an article about it!


As best as I can tell, there are several people in Devin Zander’s group.  This particular release is being fronted by Wyatt Jozwowski.  They seem to rotate the front man with each release.  I’m and left to believe that it makes is harder for people to know who they are really dealing with.  With a track record that this team has, who could blame them for trying to cloud the issue?


I do have to give credit where credit is due.  If we are to believe Wyatt, his (or their) last 2 launches grossed nearly $400,000 each.  Was that PBN Cloud, Rent a SERP and/or Video Vantage?  That is a lot of money for products that didn’t do what they said they would do.


Be very careful, if you decide to do business with these guys.  I can’t speak to all of the  people in his group, but I have shown how Devin has a problem with the truth!  I am a firm believer that birds of a feather flock together!


Here is a link to the Joint Venture offering, if you want to hear what Wyatt has to say and scroll down for his “proof” of earnings for his last 2 launches.




This group of marketers have made off with a total of, nearly, $800,000 on the last 2 product launches.  To their buyers, they may have gotten their $47.00 or $94.00 and that might not seem SO bad.  You have to look at the totals to see what they have really been able to accomplish.  I guess it’s true what they say, it does all add up.




I was out on the internet reading about Devin Zander and all the people who he has hurt, financially.  I found this article.



The article has so many comments from people who have had their money taken by these guys.  Funny thing is, someone found an arrest record for drunk driving.  I guess he has a good lawyer.  He told me that the lawyer got the charges reduced to reckless driving.


I’ve edited the post about Devin’s driving record.  I’ve removed his mug shot and the editorial comments, made by me.  If you would like to read about the incident, you can follow the link.  You’ll find the information in the “Comments” section.


I do think that this information is relevant and it shows the type of character he has.  You’ll can find out more about this decision, below, in Update #9.


It seems that Devin has been picked to be the affiliate manager for a new product launch.  Yay!  The name of the product is Super Affiliate Machine.  It is a software product.  I don’t have much information about it, yet.  The product was created by Austin E Anthony.  I’ve decided to write separate articles about all of the products that Devin is associated with.  As it turns out, I could not get a copy of the SEO software to be able to write an educated review of the product.  This makes me wonder how someone who has never used the software could write an educated review?


A did ask Austin for a review copy of the software.  He said that I could get a copy for a review on the launch day.  The launch will be over by the time I could get a copy and test it.  Hmm, think he knows that?


I did contact Austin E Anthony, via Skype.  I asked him why he picked Devin as the affiliate manager.  With a track record like Devin’s, you have to wonder why anyone would associate with him.  Austin said that he is aware of the products that Devin has released and he is okay with that.  He said that Devin apologized for releasing products that he knew didn’t work and that was good enough for him.


Wow!  A simple apology makes up for taking $400,000 from an unsuspecting public!?


Make of that what you will!


 Update #8:  1/21/2015


Devin had asked me to contact him via Skype from the very beginning.  I did just as he had asked and never responded to me.  I took it as him giving me the finger.  Maybe I’m too sensitive??  I decided to block him from contacting me via Skype.   I had reported all that before.  I found his Google+ page and left a message for him there.  He did not accept my request to connect via Google+.  He did, however, go to my Google+ page and left me a message.  He commented on the fact that he had stolen my money and I have blocked him from contacting me on Skype.  I said fine and unblocked him.  I even went so far as to contact him to let him know that he was unblocked.  Did he contact me?  Yes.  This is what he had to say to me.


“[Friday, January 02, 2015 5:30 PM] Devin Zander: Hey Richard, how’s it going?


That was the one and only thing that he said to me all this time.  I’m not sure what the point was??


UPDATE #9:  2/2/2015


Well, to Devin’s, credit he was able to track down my business phone number.  He called me.  I decided not to answer the phone.  He then left his home number in Skype.  I did call him back.  We chatted for nearly an hour.  It was an interesting conversation, although, I’m not sure how productive it was.


He accused me of doing something that is illegal by complaining about him stealing my money.  I assured him that I was doing nothing of the sort.  He then reiterated that the content of my video was definitely illegal.  I told him that I have an article about his exploits and that I’ve never uploaded a video of any kind.  He apologized and said that he got me confused with someone else who doesn’t like his business practices.  I did accept his apology.


He then search for and found my article.  I, again, offered for him to read it and correct anything that I’ve gotten wrong.  I think he skimmed over it and pointed out a few things that he didn’t like and thought they I had been unfair, but said that everything looks to be true.


The first thing that he pointed out as being unfair was the information about his DUI arrest.  He said that he didn’t think that it was relevant to his business practices.  I understand what he is saying and he may be right about it.  I think that it goes to show his character.  He went on to say that the charges were reduced to reckless driving.  I asked for proof of that and he did say that he’d provide me with that information.  I’m not holding my breath for that.  In the off chance that he is right about that incident not being relevant, I’ve taken out the picture of him and my editorial comments.  I figure that if someone is looking for information about Devin that eventually they would come across the article, so I’m leaving the link to it for convenience sake.


We talked about Rent A SERP.  He says that Rent A SERP was entirely Super Mario Cimmino’s product.  Although, I did find the comment Devin made in Black Hat World saying that it was his software.  There’s a link to that specific page,


He told me that he laid claim to the software and this prevented people from sharing the software with other people on BHW.  I don’t think that I believe that at all.  I would think that when you purchase a product that you agree not to share it with anyone.  Does that mean that Black Hatter Worlders are allowed to share software, if no one lays claim to them on the site?


Devin told me that Super Mario was sued over Rent A SERP.  Apparently, someone has a product that does the same thing in the same way that Rent A SERP does.  Super Mario settled out and agreed to not sell it anymore or provide updates for Rent A SERP.  Devin said that he was unable to provide anymore information than that.


He says that he is leaving the world of SEO and moving on to greener pastures.  He says that there are too many people selling crap in the Internet Marketing and SEO niches.  Ya think?


Devin said that he only had one product of his own.  That was Video Vantage.  He said that he was an affiliate coordinator or sales manager for other people’s products.  He writes sales copy and does the sales video for their launches.  That may be true.  I did talk directly to Austin Anthony who immediately said that Devin was in no way affiliated with the making of Super Affiliate Machine.  The problem is that Devin does the videos for these products so he is “the face” of them.  In turn, this makes everyone believe that the products are his.


He did give me his word, that although he hasn’t done anything for the people who bought the product, Video Vantage, that he was going to make good on his promise to make things better if not making things right.  He said they he would create content that would far exceed the $47.00 that was paid for Video Vantage.  He said that it has been 7 months since he made that commitment, so I’m not holding my breath for that either.  I asked him to give everyone’s money back to them for the product.  He said that it would be too complex to do that.  That he had paid his affiliates and that made it too complex to do a refund.


Well, to that I say, That’s total crap.  He knowingly sold a product that he didn’t test and knew wasn’t going to work.  His affiliates took his work that he was selling a decent product that would work.  If he has to refund $400,000, then he should refund $400,000!  This is all on him.  He knows that he sold a crappy product and kept the money.  He just doesn’t want to give back all of the money because he paid half of it to his affiliates.  Too bad for you, Devin.  I did tell him that I didn’t want my money back.  So he only needs to refund $399,953.00.


Let’s move on to SAM.  That’s Super Affiliate Machine.  I did sign up as an affiliate.  I did that so I could gather information about the product, the authors and the launch.  I never used the product.  I didn’t buy it and I never promoted it or sold it.  I have no knowledge of how effective the product is or isn’t.  If anyone was brave enough to buy it and use it, please let me whether it worked for you.  I’d be more than happy to include your experience with it in my article.


I did find out that they were able to sell $308,000 dollars worth of product during the 8 day launch.  Austin told me that he thought that the launch went very well and Devin said that is sold more than they thought it would.  A couple of their usual affiliates were not able to participate in the launch.  Of course they would tell that things went great no matter how they really went.  Devin did say one interesting thing about the launch and my article.  He said, “you know you’re hurting Austin.”  I believe that is a direct quote.  But they both said that the launch was better than expected.  I’m not really sure what to think about that.  Did I hurt anyone or was it really a great launch?  I did warn Austin.  I gave him a link to my article.  I thought I gave him enough time to switch managers, but he chose to work with Devin.


We talked about my request for a review copy of the software, SAM.  I told Devin that I had ask Austin directly for a copy of it.  Austin said “NO.”  We discussed that the software is SEO software and that it would take 30 days or longer to find out if the software works or not.  That means working for the public and not their beta testers.  I do find it interesting that the refund period is 30 days as well.


I asked Devin, repeatedly, what his goal was in contacting me.  He said that he wanted to make thing right or at least better.  I asked him if his goal was to get me to take down my article.  He said that he would like that, but that it was entirely my decision.  DUH!  Right?  He said that if I could think of anything that he could do for me to make things better, to let him know.


Devin kept saying that I “hate him.”  I told him that I didn’t know him well enough to like him or hate him, but I was extremely angry with the way that he conducts his business.

That’s the bulk of what we talked about.  I’ll send Devin an email to let hm know that I’ve updated the article again and give hm the chance to correct anything.


Update #10: 2/27/15


Needless to say, I never heard back from Devin.  Are you as shocked as I am?  He said that he’d get back to me with the information about his DUI arrest that would show that the charges were reduced to reckless driving.  I’ll try to find out on my own.


It’s also been a month or nearly a month since he said that he’d create a product that would be “worth a lot more than” the $47.00 price of Video Vantage.  Keep in ind that he said that he’d do this product about 4 months ago.  I have no idea how long it should take to create a product to give away in place of Video Vantage, but 4 months seem to be plenty of time.


I was contacted by someone looking to hire Devin as their product/affiliate manager.  He said that he read my article and was alarmed by it.  I don’t blame him one bit for being alarmed.  I gave him my opinions and left it at that.  We’ll see what comes of that.

Remember that Video Vantage is the only product, or so he says, that Devin created.  He said that the other products that he sold or represented belong to other people.  It was just a coincidence that some of the other products didn’t do what they said that they would do.


Update #11: 3/16/2015


I could’ve sworn that Devin said that he was giving up promoting products and was going to do something different.  He did say that!  He said that he was giving up his Money Mindset website and was moving on.


Apparently, he still has his Money Mindset website and he is still promoting products.


The latest product is called, Social Lead Chief.  I don’t know much about the product, yet,  It has something to do with Facebook.  I was just notified about the launch yesterday afternoon and the launch is today.


It costs $47.00 and I believe it has 3 One Time Offers or upsells.  They range in price from $67.00 to $197.00.  Devin says that this is a 2.0 product.  Apparently, version 1.0 generated in excess of $1 million.


With all of the baggage that Devin carries, I’m kind of surprised that people are using him to launch their products.  That’s my opinion, anyway.


I suppose this launch has kept him busy and he hasn’t had the time to “do something nice” for the people who bought his product, Video Vantage.  I’m really not expecting him to keep his word about this incident.


I just got Devin’s personal sales email.  He lays claim to being the one who personally built this software.  Did he really build it or did someone else?  He seems to want to have it both ways.  Before it goes on sale, it’s his software.  After the launch is over, it won’t be his.


Here is his email subject line:


My New Software Launches In Less Than 2 Hours …


The email starts off like this …


Hey There, Devin Zander here!

I know this is sort of short notice but I’ve been busy working on a software basically 15 hours a day for the past few months… And well, it’s launching at 11 AM EST today!

The guy must be some sort of beast to be able to code 15 hours per day!  I’m impressed!

I find it strange that a beast like that can’t find the time to do right by the Video Vantage people … that he kept their money!

Devin Zander, I know you read this post.  Please correct anything that I have wrong!  I do strive to be fair and honest!


Update #12:  4/12/15


It’s been nearly a month since I lasted updated this article.  I haven’t heard from Devin at all.  No real surprise there.  I just thought I’d mention that.  In our phone conversation, he said that he would definitely be putting together a product to give away to all of the people who were unfortunate enough to have crossed paths with him and bought Video Vantage.


As of today, he has not fulfilled that promise.  No real surprise there, either!


How do you spell sociopath?


Tick tock Devin.  Everyone who bought Video Vantage from you will die of old age before you get something to give away to them.  How about their money back?


Update #13: 5/4/2015


Devin is back at it again.  He is launching another product.  This time it’s with Alex Becker.  I believe it is called PBN Hack.  They held a webinar for the product.  I wasn’t able to attend it.   As I understand it, the product or service has to do with building links on private blog networks.


I’m not a fan of Alex Becker either.   I have no idea if he sells good products or not.  I’ve never bought anything from him.  I just  find him way too arrogant.


I was listening to an interview, over the weekend.  They were discussing how they treat the people on their list.  They agreed that treating people with anything less than respect was a recipe for disaster.  Of course it reminded me of Devin Zander and Super Mario Cimmino and they way they treat people.


I recall, in my phone call with Devin, that he said that this article was hurting the people that he works with.  I guess he just didn’t see the double standard that he seems to live by.


Devin, what about the thousands of people that you and Mario hurt by selling products that either didn’t work or were plagiarized?


Do you ever give them a second thought?  Or are you too busy spend all their money?


This guy is a real piece of work!


I wonder if it’s true that “birds of a feather flock together?”


UPDATE #14:  5/19/15


I’m a bit early for Devin’s 7 month anniversary of promising to do something for all the people who bought his product called Video Vantage.  I guess it comes as no surprise that someone like Devin would promise something and never deliver on his promise.


It kind of restores my faith in humanity.


Can anyone say, “Devin Zander scam?”


Apparently, Devin has another product launch coming up in about 7 weeks.  It’s called Simple Social.  They haven’t released much information about the product, yet.


Super Mario Cimmino and Wyatt Jozwowski are at again, as well.  They have some sort of subscription service that has something to do with buying expired domain names for private blog networks.  I believe the cheapest buy in was $197.00 per month.  They claim to only allowing 100 people to join the service.  If they are able to keep the service full, even at the cheapest buy in, that’s nearly $250,000 per year.


UPDATE #15:  5/20/15


As fate would have it, I got received an email from our boy Devin Zander.  If only I had known.  I would’ve waited to do my update.  No matter.


I read the subject line, which said, “Did You Buy Rent-A-Serp? (IMPORTANT UPDATE)


I was a bit surprised.  Devin has told me on numerous occasions that Rent-A-SERP was not his software.  Why was he sending me an update to Rent-A-SERP?


The email starts off like this:


If you bought Rent-A-Serp from Mario last year I’d like to offer you something as an apology: a free download of a BETTER version of Rent-A-Serp (that works)


I do like the fact that he is finally admitting that Rent-A-SERP didn’t work!


I’m still wondering why he is sending me anything about Rent-A-SERP.  He then goes on to say this:
I’ve been waiting a long time for Mario to send out something but it appears it isn’t happening or at least hasn’t happened yet (he’s promised me he’ll be sending you something in June)
The theme is something that Wyatt Jozwowski has provided.  I don’t know much about him.  I do believe that he is part of their little “group.”

The theme is “free.”  You do have to give Wyatt your email address.  I was already on his list, to keep track of what he is up to.   He does offer, for sale, some sort of course about the theme.  I’m left to assume that the course is a “how to use the theme” course.  Hopefully, it’s mostly self explanatory!  If not, what’s the good of a free theme, if you don’t know how to use it?

My understanding was the Rent-A-SERP infringed on someone’s software and that Super Mario was told to cease and desist.  How is this software going to be any different.

I’ll try to contact Devin about these questions.

Of course, my biggest question is going to be why do something for Super Mario when you haven’t done anything for all of the Video Vantage buyers?

Devin told me in his email that he has emailed all of the people who bought Video Vantage and is working with them.  I don’t think that’s true.  I know people who purchased the product from him and they say that they never heard from him.  He says that he is offering refunds if a buyer asks for one.  Obviously, I can’t confirm that.  If you bought Video Vantage from him and would like a refund, contact Devin Zander.

Devin also told me that Wyatt’s Rank and Rent software comes with a guide on how to use it, but I opened the zip file and didn’t see any kind of documentation in there.

I’m going to email him again and see if I can get anymore answers.


UPDATE #16: 5/22/15

Wow!  This Devin Zander guy is a real piece of work!

I am continuing where I left off with the new, free Rank and Rent theme that was created by Drip Apps.

I emailed Devin to ask about how to use the theme.  He told me that Wyatt had included a guide with the theme.  I told him that wasn’t true.  Apparently, he and Wyatt are meeting in Orlando and Devin said that he would ask about it.  That gives you the background for what I am about to tell you.

I emailed the people at Drip Apps to find out if there were any instructions or a guide that came with the Rank and Rent theme.  I was told that there was.  Okay, fine.  Where is it?

This is where it gets fun …

I emailed a guy at Drip Apps.  He has been a nice guy and seems to want to help as much as he can.  His name is [name removed].  He tells me that Devin found out about a free product that Drip Apps has and wants to use it as an “apology gift” for all the people who were unfortunate enough to have bought Rent-A-SERP.  It seems like it is no big deal to Wyatt and the Drip Apps guys, so, Ha, use it all you want.  Drip Apps gets to build its email list and Devin gets to look like a good guy.  Clever guy.  I’m guessing that they are working together on this.

And I was wondering why Devin was doing something for the buyers of Rent-A-SERP.  I thought Devin had turned a new leaf.  Ha, I laugh at my foolishness!

Devin positions it as a free replacement for Rent-A-SERP for everyone and it actually works.

All is right with the world, right?  Well, if you know how to use the theme and you know how to get a site ranked in the top 3 of Google, then maybe all is right.  If not, you’re out of luck.

It turns out the product was not made for the buyers of Rent-A-SERP, it was made for Wyatt’s members.

Now it all makes sense!

Devin is the hero??  Wyatt gets a big email list.  Super Mario gets thrown under the bus!  Sounds fair, doesn’t it?

Like I said, Devin is a real piece of work.


UPDATE #17: 6/9/2015


I am absolutely stunned today.  I just received two emails from none other than Super Mario Cimmino.  It’s been over a year since the debacle known as Rent A SERP happened.  He mentioned the cease and desist letter/email that he got and that is the reason that he has not contacted me before this.


Well, he tells me the story about having dinner with his family and a member of the family deciding to do a search for his name.  They found my article and his mother gave him grief about it.


He tells me that his mother went through all of what he went through with the product launch, the cease and desist and the fall out.


“My mother is aware of everything that happened with
Rent-A-SERP as she watched me go through the whole
process.. “


That’s the quote from his email.


If that is true, then why is my article such a surprise to her?  I’m just not buying it.


After telling me the story, he tells me that he’d like me to remove the article.  Now we get to the truth.


Here is a quote from the second email:
“Devin may have never asked to remove the article, and he is right the article is true and has valid opinion.”


Here is one last quote:
“We both know as marketers the user does not enjoy reading a large wall of text especially when first researching someone. I imagine 90% of the people who search my name will follow this pattern.. Search Name > See Title as “SCAM” > authority bias in effect and lose all trust.”


To that, I would say, if my visitors don’t read the entire article then that is probably better for him.  I can’t imagine what someone would think about these guys if they read the whole article.  Actually, I can.


I would also say that it is me hurting his reputation, but he did that to himself!


Super Mario contacted me and said that I left out 90% of our emails.  He is absolutely right.  I picked out the parts that were the most important to me.  It’s my blog, I get to do that.  He’s asked me to publish all of them in their entirety.  I’m happy to do that for him.  Here you go … (Keep in mind that Super Mario offers no proof of the thousands of refunds that he says he gave. I know I never got one. He also mentions that he is or was working with Julia and that she has local SEO clients now. There’s no proof of that either. He does admit that “words are only words.” Make of it what you will.)

Here is the email exchange between me and Super Mario, in their entirety.  The last entry that says From Mario, I had to add that as it did not copy his “sending information.”


On 2015-06-09 05:09, Mario Cimmino wrote:

Hey Richard, Had a family member do a search for my name on Google and bring it up during dinner.. Let’s just say my mother gave me spin lol.. I’m sure you know the details about Rent-A-SERP and the mess of mudd it was. I’m sorry it took this long to reach out I was curious if you would be willing to have a phone chat to talk in more detail. Of course my concern is to remove the article or at least my name from the article so when someone searches “mario cimmino” (mainly my family/mom & dad) they don’t get a heart attack and then a long explanation of legal issues I encountered. Also as you can tell I was thrown under the bus a bit here since the beginning and appreciate you writing so in your article. I understand sharing your opinion and actually admire it + the fact that you ranked the puppy so quick haha.. I was recently just released to discuss legal issues regarding Rent-A-SERP and my lips had to be sealed for a good part of a year now.. I know this is just an email and words are just words, but as I told my customers recently it was truly a nightmare to see support tickets and troubled customers rolling in and not be able to help or respond. For example Julia who is a mother of 3 and attending night school who purchased rent-a-serp and was detoured in her internet marketing journey with our wordpress theme which could no longer be updated.. I’m a buddhist and putting out this type of karma/energy into the world has been eating at my soul since the day we received my cease and desist. I would really love to hop on the phone with you and chat here is my personal cell [number removed] Cheers, Mario


On 6/9/15 11:58 AM, richard[@]richardbrokenshire.com wrote:

Hi Mario, I’m not a Buddhist, but I do believe what they say about Karma. In some ways you are very lucky. With Devin being the “face” of the product, that left you in the background. Devin even took credit for the product on Black Hat World. You’re lucky in the fact that I spent most of my time focusing on him and his business practices. I didn’t have as much time to look into you that much. Plus Devin remained active in marketing/launching products. Of course by contacting me you run the risk of me focusing on you now. Devin made contact with me as well. He never said that his intentions were to get me to remove the article. He called me here at home. He and I went over the article paragraph by paragraph and he said that I was thorough and that the information was correct. He did say that having his mug shot in the post was unfair. He claimed it was not relevant. I disagreed with him, but I did take the mug shot out. I’ve always invite you guys to read the article and let me know if I have put anything in there that is not true. I’m giving my honest opinion and I’d like to think that all of the fact that I have in the article support that opinion. I wrote the article for people like Julia and all of those that come after us. Think of it as a BEWARE of internet marketer sign. I made an effort to get a refund. I emailed Devin, you and JVZoo. I didn’t hear from you or Devin. JVZoo said I had to contact you. Now, I don’t want my money back. You guys stole it fair and square. The purpose of the article is to make sure that my $47.00 is the most expensive $47.00 you ever stole. When I read that you grossed something in excess of $400,000 that kind of solidified my resolve. To me, you guys should’ve given back as much of the money as you had. Devin said he couldn’t give any money back because the affiliates had already been paid. Well, to that I’d say that you had some of the profits and he had some of them as well. You guys just kept it all. Does Buddhism say anything about that? Did you tell your mother that you kept all the money? If you want to tell me your side of the story, please feel free. If you think that I have something wrong in the article let me know. I’d be happy to confirm what you say and change anything that is proven incorrect. Apparently RAS was your product and you should’ve been listed first, not Devin. I have to admit that I was surprised when he through you under the bus. I guess it’s true what they say. There is no honor amongst thieves. Quite frankly, your lucky that your not being prosecuted for this. I would have to think that you and Devin would know your niche well enough to know that you were infringing on someone’s material. Please feel free to contact me. Richard


On 2015-06-09 11:48, Mario Cimmino wrote:

Thanks For The Response Richard, I can tell you have made up your mind and perspective of this long drawn out and painful story.. Some points.. Yes the launch grossed 400,000 but after paying affiliates and processing thousands of refunds we did not keep much.. My mother is aware of everything that happened with Rent-A-SERP as she watched me go through the whole process.. but when you put a 22 year old’s word against an authoritative website like your own of course thoughts crossed her mind and brought worry. In regards to the refund, I apologize that you didn’t get a response.. As you read in my first email we were truly limited.. I would share the contract if I could but as you can guess it’s not allowed. We were unaware of the infringement, and only found out morning of.. Listen I understand from your shoes and anyone who purchased how this looks.. And my word doesn’t mean much as I can tell, but that is just not how I operate. It has truly killed me and probably taken years off of my life. You can take these emails and post them as you like because they are truly authentic and I back them up. I don’t enjoy reaching out to someone begging for their belief or empathy but sadly it has come down to it. As I am free now to do so I would gladly refund the $47.00 you spent on Rent-A-SERP, and going forward with customers I hope I can offer some value and change people’s lives like Julia whom I am work directly with and now has several local clients. Devin may have never asked to remove the article, and he is right the article is true and has valid opinion. The thing that I disagree with is the Title of The Page which calls myself and my company a scam. We both know as marketers the user does not enjoy reading a large wall of text especially when first researching someone. I imagine 90% of the people who search my name will follow this pattern.. Search Name > See Title as “SCAM” > authority bias in effect and lose all trust. If you want to bring ethics into this then I would like to make my arguement that your opinion of me aside I enjoy helping others liberate themselves from the 9-5 work week and make money online especially with local seo. I feel again my opinion I can offer valuable content to these people who are being detoured away from my content by the title of the article. So If I could make one request, it would be for you to please reconsider the title of the article. -Mario


On 6/9/15 2:26 PM, richard[@]richardbrokenshire.com wrote:

I’m not sure if you care or not, but I have added to the article, to reflect our emails. Again, I am offering you the opportunity to let me know if I have anything wrong. I’d be happy to correct anything. Just in case you don’t elect to read it, I said that, I am not the one ruining your reputation. You did that to yourself.


On 2015-06-09 13:35, Mario Cimmino wrote:
You should be a publicist you do a great job of highlighting to form a story… You left out 90% of our emails. Mario


On 6/9/15 2:38 PM, richard[@]richardbrokenshire.com wrote:
I can publish them in their entirety if you’d prefer. Just let me know.


[From Mario]
Please do excluding my phone number


UPDATE #18: 6/11/2015

I’m still on  Super Mario’s email list.  Apparently, he is trying to gift his new product to all of us who bought Rent A SERP.  It’s called Lead Snap.  Well, it was called Lead Snap.  It turns out that the name is already in use.
Here is a portion of an email I got from Super Mario:

Hey, It’s Mario..

 I wanted to update you guys in regards to the Rent-A-SERP replacement course “Lead Snap” 
 We set out to release the course June 8th.. which is today but several people brought to my attention [emphasis mine]that the name “Lead Snap” is in use already and is trademarked!!! Uh Oh 

—————————— end of email (well, that portion of it)

Is it just me, or is that just too crazy?  As a business person, I would have to think that you’d do some sort of search to see if the name is in use or if anyone else has a product that is similar.  Doesn’t that make sense?  Wouldn’t you at least want to know who your competition is?  Wouldn’t you want to know if you are going to infringe on someone’s copyright?

I don’t get it??  I’d at least put the name in Google and see what comes up.  But that’s me.

Now I bring all of this up because it did me reason to pause and ponder things.  Could Super Mario be telling the truth that he really didn’t know that Rent A SERP was infringing on someone’s copyrights?  I find it hard to believe, but if he didn’t check the name of this new product, then maybe he really didn’t know.

With that being said, as Super Mario tells the story, he got the cease and desist on the day of the launch of Rent A SERP.



He didn’t get the cease and desist after he sold however many copies of Rent A SERP that he sold.  He got it the day of the launch.

He didn’t cease and desist!

He kept selling Rent A SERP!

That means that he got the cease and desist and he knowingly sold something that was an infringement on someone’s copyrights.

He’s really lucky that he’s not being prosecuted for doing that!

He should’ve shut everything down as soon as he got the cease and desist.  That’s what cease and desist means.

Is that theft? Or fraud? I wonder.

I had email Devin Zander to get his perspective on the sequence of events on the day that Rent A SERP launched.  Here is an excerpt from his reply.

As for the C&D I can confirm that was sent out less than an hour before the scheduled launch time of RAS via e-mail
Devin Zander


He says that he can confirm that Super Mario got the cease and desist email an hour before the actual launch.  That’s time enough to call off the launch.  Yet he decided to sell Rent A SERP like it was his own!


I wonder if criminal charges could be brought against him?


UPDATE #19 7/29/2015:


I was thinking about the cease and desist email that Super Mario got.  Who sent it and why didn’t he just stop the launch?  I had a few other questions, so I emailed him.  It seems that he has no interest in responding to me any more.  Bummer!  Oh well.  I got along just fine during that year that he was enjoying my money and your money!


There is a 3 year statute of limitations on fraud and theft!


Here is a copy of the email that I sent Super Mario.  When I didn’t hear back from him, I sent a copy to Zander.  He hasn’t replied either.


I guess the fellas are too busy to talk anymore.  I see that Super Mario has a membership site he’s selling and Zander is apparently laying claim to affiliate products again.


I have no idea if they membership site is worth the money or if any of the affiliate products that Zander is trying to sell actually work, but I have no interest in spending my hard earned money to find out.  Do you?


Good morning, I had a few questions about the launch day of RAS. Which company sent the C&D email? Devin said you got the email an hour before launch and you still continued with the launch. Why? Why didn’t the other company enforce the C&D? Was that company financially compensated after the launch? Thank you. Richard I really would like to know who this company is and if they received any financial compensation after the launch was over. If they did, then they could probably be held liable in this theft!




I really thought that I was done with this article!  To be honest, I wanted to be done with it.   It is nearly 10,000 words long, now.  I’m tired of thinking about these guys and how they treat people.  They both are constantly apologizing for what they do.  Maybe if they didn’t treat people this way, they could stop apologizing.

I got an apology email from Super Mario.  Here is the complete text.  I know Super Mario would want you to be able to read all of it:


Where Has Mario Cimmino Been?! 



Hey there, It’s Mario! I know we haven’t talked in forever and
you’re probably thinking



Why is LinkBound Academy not being updated?



Why haven’t I responded to emails? 


Why has our support system been entirely absent?


Why has our website gone on and off and why did it have crazy bugs?


The last 2 months have been insane!…to say the least
One issue just seemed to be appearing after the next, but hey lessons learned right!


“There is no lessons without failure”


So I wanted to apologize to you guys face to face, and explain what the heck has been going on I filmed a video for you guys in the office, its not the usual educational content but a sincere apology


If you could please watch it to the end I would appreciate it so much, it would rest my conscious to know that you guys now understand where I have been and that I didn’t just disappear.




There is a link to a Youtube video that he made, in the text. I’ll include the video at the end of this update.  It’s an 11 minute apology.  I did notice that he turn off the comment section below the video.  I guess I can’t blame him for doing that.  I can only imagine the storm that would ensue if the 11 people who have viewed the video were allowed to write what they think.


He says that he is sorry about Link Bound Academy not functioning.   He also apologizes for Rent A SERP, again (it didn’t work either).  He mentions the plugin that Wyatt Jozwowski gave away to replace Rent A SERP.  Apparently, that didn’t work the way they want it to.


It seems he is very good at selling stuff that doesn’t work!



These guys are walking train wrecks!

From what I have seen his private blog network course doesn’t work either.

I would like to say that this is my final update, but these guys are young and I’m sure that every time they get an idea I’ll have to write about them.

All I can say at this point, is that if choose to do business with them, you do so at your own peril.


Hey Super Mario … I think this article is your Karma!  You earned it!


(Unfortunately, Super Mario has taken down this video)




It seems that the boys are at it again.


Both Zander and Super Mario have product launches this week.  Yippee!  I’m all a-flutter.


What’s Zander up to:


Zander’s launch is some sort of “sell a physical product on Shopify and make $1,000,000” product.  Can you make $1,000,000 on Shopify?  Who knows.  I wouldn’t buy this product, even if it was free.  You can bet that it’s not free!


This is the first product that Zander has laid claim to.  Apparently, in the email I got, he is not saying that the product is his own creation … hmm first time for everything, I guess.


What’s Super Mario up to:


Super Mario is at it again with the private blog network stuff.  He claims that he is only accept 127 clients for this product.  No wait … later in the email he says it will be 147 people.  I’m not sure which it is.  I’m not even sure if this “scarcity” is real or not.


Of course Super Mario would insist that I include the entire text of any email that I quote from … here is the actual email I received from him about his latest product: (I removed all the links to his sales page.  I’m not promoting his product and would hate to think that I helped him get your money!  I did leave the name of the product in so that you’ll know what to be on the look out for!)


[PBNexus] The Doors Are Open – 123 Spots Left

Hey everyone Mario here!


Do you know the equation to Google’s Alghorithm?


Well PBNexus cracks the code and ranks sites faster than ever


The Doors To PBNexus Are Open!


We are only accepting 127 Members (Reservation Members Got First Entry)


My partner Josh and I created 9 case studies you can view here [link removed]


We sent geographically targeted local traffic to the websites


Every single time we decreased the bounce rate of our sites 


the rankings increased…


The equation to ranking in Google right now is


[Traffic, Links and Social Signals]


And that is exactly what we are using in our ranking service PBNexus


We opened the doors Friday and we sold out 53 spots in 45 minutes


We are only accepting 147 clients this opening and we are

CLOSING FOR 3 MONTHS after to deliver the best results


Here Is Your Link: [removed]



Mario Cimmino & Josh Woods

A LinkBound Partnership


P.S – If you purchased StackPBN our last ranking service please respond to this email with your receipt we have a special FREE offer for you. 


This product comes on the heels of his last debacle.  Oh yeah, that was a private blog network product too.  Hmm.  I’m starting to see a pattern here.  Are you?  You can read UPDATE #20 to find out about what happened with that product.  It comes with an apology video for why he didn’t offer support for the product.


UPDATE #22:  November 25ish, 2015


Most of this update has been removed.  There were some unsubstantiated rumors running around about Super Mario.  I haven’t been able to confirm them so I decided to remove them.


Last night, November 27, 2015, I attend a product launch webinar from Super Mario Cimmino.  I think it was called PBNexus.  The cheapest you can get in on the products is $300.00 … per month.  I wouldn’t even trust the guy with $47.00.


You also have to wonder about the people who are choosing to work with them.  This is article is really easy to find, on Google.  You can search “Mario Cimmino super good guy” and this article is #1.  Does the fact that these product developers are picking these guys say anything about the products?  Maybe!  The 2 of them have a history of putting out products that are untested, don’t work or are plagiarized.


Do you think that it’s true that birds of a feather flock together?


UPDATE #23: 12/24/2015


It’s Christmas Eve and all the house not a creature was stirring … except Super Mario and Zander.


There’s not much to report on Zander.  He’s still hawking his Shopify site building thing.  I don’t really know that much about it.  I can’t say whether it’s good or bad, but it is from Devin Zander, so you have to wonder, right?


Super Mario is another story.


Out of the blue, Super Mario sent me an email.  It was the usual “please change the meta data on your post” plea.  I’m not sure he actually said please, but I added it in anyway.  I wouldn’t want you to think that he was impolite.


He also cried the blues about, statistically speaking, that 82% of his webinar attendees are reading my article.  Well, that was kind of the whole point of this article.  It is supposed to be a beacon of light to all those that are thinking about purchasing any product from any of these guys.  I want everyone to know how these guys run their businesses and how they treat everyone.  I shared my experiences with both of them and added in some of my opinions.  It’s up to you, the reader, to decide if you want to take the chance and buy something from them.


Super Mario is still selling his PBNexus product.  I did attend his webinar about it.  That’s all of the information that I have on it.  He did offer for me to use the product and do a review of it.  I haven’t decided if I will do that or not.


In our exchange of emails, he tells me that he did refund the $400,000.00 that he took in from his Rent-A-SERP product launch.  He told me that he had proof of this in his Paypal account.  I asked him to show me.  Is there anyone out there that thinks that he can show proof of refunds?


It’s been close to a week since he offered proof of refunds and I haven’t heard from him.  I didn’t know it took that long to use Photoshop.


I find it almost impossible to believe that he would have refunded all of the money.  You see, he told me that he had to pay out 50% to all of his affiliates and he paid Zander something for running the launch, or whatever Zander did.  Plus the JVZoo fess and any other incidental fees that go with a product launch.  I’m not really sure how much he really ended up with, but I know it was less than the $400,000.00 that he says he refunded.


He also wanted to let everyone know, who bought Rent-A-SERP, that he is still wanting to offer you a refund.  Hmm, he just told me that he had refunded everyone’s money.  I’m confused??


Let’s assume that Super Mario made a mistake and misspoke about refunding everyone’s money and there are still people out there that didn’t get their money, other then me.  If you bought Rent-A-SERP and have yet to get your money back, you can contact me directly at richard[@]richardbrokenshire.com.


Super Mario … I’m waiting for your proof!!



UPDATE #23: 3/16/2016


I have to admit that I don’t have any new information about these 2 guys.  I asked Super Mario to leave me alone.  Much to my surprise, he has.  I haven’t heard from him in months.


The last time I spoke to him, through email, I offered to have a look at all of the refunds that he claimed to give to the people who bought his Rent-A-SERP product.  I told him that I’d be more than happy to report back to the people who read this article exactly what he showed me.


He never did show me any Paypal report or anything else that would verify that he actually gave back any monies.  He said that I had to remove this article if I wanted to see the “proof.”


Now I ask you, why wouldn’t he just show me the reports?


You should know that neither Zander or Super Mario have ever accused me of lying in this article.  In fact, they have both stated that it is fair, honest and very comprehensive!


The only time that Super Mario has complained is when I didn’t put entire threads of emails in the article.  I was all too happy to put it all in here so everyone could read it.  I don’t think that there has been any exchange between the two of us that has helped him, but that’s not my fault.


I would think that if he really gave back most of the money or even some of the money that he’d want me to see that he did.


I’d still like to know who it was that issued the C & D letter to him on the day of the launch.   That’s the cease and desist letter that he got, but apparently, everyone involved was in favor of him selling the plagiarized product.  Even the company that had their product “stolen” was all too happy to let him sell it.


As far as I’m concerned, they are liable as well!  They were paid a portion of the money that Super Mario collected.


Did they give back any of that money, Super Mario?  Probably not.  I know Zander didn’t give back any of the money that he was paid.


I’ve had several people ask me for his email address saying that they bought Rent-A SERP and wanted a refund.  I did ask them to let me know what happened.  Did they get a refund or not?  I never heard back from any of them.  It kind of makes me wonder if they were real customers or not.  If they did get their money back, you would think that Super Mario would’ve told me about that.  He didn’t!


Super Mario, if you’d like to email proof of any kind of refunds, feel free to do so.


Devin Zander

The last I heard from Zander, he is still selling his, or maybe it is someone else’s product, about making money with Shopify.


I really don’t know anything about it, but …


UPDATE #24:  5/24/2016


I was alerted to this article that is about your friend and mine, Super Mario.  I thought you said you were a Buddhist??  Aren’t Buddhists supposed to be peaceful?  I’m pretty sure that theft is against their tenants as well.  Maybe you are really a “BINO.”   A Buddhist In Name Only!  I think you are just a low life!!

Mario Angelo Cimmino, 23, of 2 Webster St., Salem, and Domenic P. Dicato, 24, of 239 Oakwood Ave., Revere, were arrested on one charge each of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot), after police responded to a reported incident on Webster Street at 9:20 p.m. Dicato was charged with two additional counts of assault and battery (urine and spit). Police said that the victim was friends with Cimmino and Dicato, but they were having problems. When the victim went to Cimmino’s apartment, Cimmino and Dicato jumped him, knocked him to the ground and kicked and punched him several times. While the victim was on the ground trying to protect himself, Dicato urinated on his head, then spit on him. The victim was brought to Salem Hospital, where he later noted having back and leg pain.


Sounds like you guys stomped the crap out of him.  Congratulations!  I guess all of the Rent-A-SERP money will come in handy!  Maybe the victim will sue you for all the money you got from Rent-A-Serp.  Now that would be Karma at its finest!  You should give SEM Easy and see if they can help you out.


For me, I hope you finally go to jail where you belong!


Heads up to SEM Easy, you’re next on my list!


If you would like to read the article on the website I found it on, you can go to Salem News.

You will need to scroll down about half way down the page to get to this particular part of the article.


UPDATE #25:  5/26/2016


I have it on good authority that the Rent-A-SERP launch did well in excess of $600,000.  I had originally reported that it did $400,000.  It kind of reminds me of that scene in the original Die Hard movie.  When Holly is talking to Hans.  The conversation ends with this:


Holly Gennero McClane:   After all your posturing, all your little speeches, you’re nothing but a common thief.
Hans Gruber:   I am an exceptional thief, Mrs. McClane. And since I’m moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite


Super Mario you’re exceptional as well!


UPDATE #26:  6/27/2016


For some reason I was keeping tabs on Super Mario.  I guess I just wanted to see if he landed himself in jail, yet.  I didn’t see any news of that front, to my surprise.  I did see that he has driven a new website onto the front page of Google for his name.


The URl is http://mario-cimmino.com/


I’m telling everyone about this website so no one has to wonder if this is the same guy.  It is!


UPDATE #27:  7/2/2016


I’ve decided to find out what the company called SEMeasy, their URL is http://www.semeasy.com, knows about the release of Rent A SERP.  The following is the inquiry I submitted through their “ticket system.”  They didn’t have an email address to contact someone directly.  That’s probably a smart idea.


As far as I am concerned, SEMeasy may be to worst of the bunch and that’s saying a lot!  SEMeasy claimed that Rent A SERP infringed on their copyrighted product.  I have no idea what product is was, but that’s what Super Mario and Zander told me.  Both of the fellas told me that SEMeasy had issued a cease and desist for Rent A SERP.  In spite of the cease and desist, the product was launched.  As it turned out, Rent A SERP had bugs in it and didn’t work.  According to Super Mario, he had to agree to not contact any of the purchasers of the product and he wasn’t allowed to fix any of the bugs.  They sold a product that didn’t work and wasn’t going to be fixed.  I want to know who knew that information?  I’m sure that there had to be complaints from users who couldn’t get the product to work.  Yet none of them did anything other than enjoy the payday!


Why do I say that SEMeasy may be the worst of the bunch?  Because they allowed the product to be sold even after claiming infringement and issuing a cease a desist.  Somewhere along the line they had to learn or they knew that the product didn’t work and didn’t let Super Mario fix the bugs.  All they did was to collect the money and insure that everyone got screwed!


(I stand corrected on this.  SEM Easy says that they made an agreement with Super Mario to license the software and that’s why it was released to the unsuspecting public)


That’s my rant for the day.  Here is the text of the message I sent SEMeasy this morning.  I wonder if they will respond or are they too busy counting all the money that they got from the sale of this product (and I use that term loosely!)


I bought Rent A SERP a couple of years ago.  Since then the product was not supported and apparently it was only issued to make money.  I’ve learned that you claimed that your company owned the rights to the product and that you issued a cease and desist letter.  For some reason the product was launched anyway and apparently over $600,000 was taken in of which I am told you got a lot of it.
Why wasn’t the cease and desist enforced?  Was it just so you could make money?  The product was never supported and the bugs in it were never fixed.  Basically, and in my opinion, Rent A SERP was sold just so you, Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino could make money and none of you ever had any plans to make sure the product worked.
I’m willing to listen to your side of the story.
Just so you know who I am:
That’s me and you’re next!
UPDATE #28:  7/5/2016
I’m impressed!  I got a response from the people at SEMeasy.  Here is the full text of their response.  I’ve decided to put my comments inside their response.  They will appear in bold and in parentheses.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us, we hope you had a great holiday weekend.

(Thank you!  I hope you did as well.)

With regards to your article and support ticket, I, personally, prefer not to engage in vapid threats (“you’re next”). However, seeing as you’ve elected to put my business in your proverbial “blogger cross-hairs”, you’ve left me with little choice but to correct the erroneous conclusions you have reached over the last two years.


(I just want to know what happened and what part you and your company played in it, if any part.  I see that you are straight to the point with your threats!)


  1. Rent-A-SERP (“RaS”) has never been promoted, owned, launched, endorsed, or otherwise by SEMeasy. Your claim that it is “SEM Easy’s Rent A SERP product!” is factually and patently incorrect.

(I don’t believe that I have ever said that RaS was your product.  If I have, please point that out and I will make the correction.)


  1. Cease and Desists, like the ones we issued to the parties involved in the RaS launch, are wholeheartedly different from enforceable injunctions (you’ve seemed to confuse the two). They are simply a legal notices of intent to sue – which would have been our next step in our legal proceedings (along with seeking temporary injunctions) had an agreeable settlement not been reached.(I was lead to believe, by Super Mario and Zander that your company profited from the sale of RaS.  I have no way of knowing who is telling me the truth.  After all of my dealings with Cimmino and Zander I’m inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt.)


  1. It was our intent to stop the distribution of RaS all together, however, our attorneys advised us that this would entail a lengthy, not to mention extremely expensive litigation process. After performing a risk analysis, the conclusion was reached that a settlement was the only logical choice for us.


        (It’s a shame that so many people had their money taken.  Thousands of people.)


  1. We made it clear from the onset that our licensing agreement would be a one-time usage deal. This was to protect our IP – our only intention in this entire ordeal – not to, as you put it, “collect the money and insure that everyone got screwed!”


            (I’ve asked them if this means that Super Mario wasn’t allowed to update the product in order to fix the bugs in RaS.)


  1. Nearly all monies recuperated from the forced licensing of our IP went to paying legal fees. No, we are not “too busy counting all the money that they got from the sale of this product”. Further, even if we had no legal fees, I highly doubt it would take us two years to count to such a small sum. With this said, I’m not sure where you’re getting your numbers, but I can assure you that we haven’t seen anything close to resembling what we would believe to be our fair share of $600k.


             (I have no idea how much money that SEM Easy collected from the licensing agreement or how much their legal fees were.  I do have it on pretty good authority   that the sale of RaS grossed in excess of $600,000.  Super Mario has yet to say anything about that figure.)


  1. We, as a company, have lost more money on this deal than we have made.
    1. We suffered from a dilution and premature mass distribution of our IP.
    2. The monies earned from licensing barely covered the legal fees of licensing in the first place.
    3. We, of our own good will, offered lifetime discounts to all RaS customers. In total, this accounts to a loss in excess of $120/member annually.(I’m curious why you would feel the need to discount your own version of RaS, other than it’s a monthly subscription.)


  1. We never prohibited Zander or Cimmino from contacting their customers.
  2. We never prohibited Zander or Cimmino from issuing refunds.
  3. We never controlled the billing/refund process. Again, if it was up to us, the product would have never been released.

Ultimately, what we are left with now is a tangental relationship with entities we enjoyed having no association with. (Note: due to the non-disparagement clause of our settlement we are not at liberty to discuss Zander/Cimmino directly, as has been stated in the press release in our forum regarding this whole ordeal) As such, it is no surprise that a blogger with an axe-to-grind has whittled his way down the Zander-Cimmino rabbit-hole and stumbled upon us, it was merely an inevitable eventuality – not by fault of us or yourself, mind you. Less predictable, however, is how this blogger reacts moving forward.


(Ax to grind?  Yeah, probably so.  Non-disparagement clause … I didn’t sign it.  I’d like to read the press release that you issued about this.  Maybe I can get a link to it.)


As we’ve shown, we at SEM easy go above and beyond when it comes to protecting our IP. Let it not be misconstrued that this protective spirit is limited to IP alone – we have absolutely no qualms against using the law to protect our interests, assets and reputation as well. This is not to say, as you’ve so eloquently put, “you’re next”. That decision is entirely up to you.


(Again, I’ve just offered my opinion.  Nothing vapid or veiled from you.  I’m willing to listen to your side of the story and make any corrections.)


I appreciate your spirit and endurance in investigating this matter, Richard, and I hope you find something substantive to report on. However, if you were looking to go on a fishing expedition you might want to find some deeper waters. There truly is nothing to be caught in this SEM easy stream.

All the best and Happy Fourth!



Let me say first that I have done nothing in this article, but share my opinions and relate my experiences about the whole Rent A SERP debacle.  Although their overt threat is duly noted!


To the SEM Easy guys:

If you were just a innocent bystander who got caught up this to this, then fine, you have nothing to worry about from me.  I strive to be accurate, fair and honest.  You are part of the story, like it or not!


UPDATE #29:  7/26/2016


I tried to contact the people at SEM Easy.  The following is exactly what I asked them.


“I don’t believe that I ever said that RaS belong to you or your company.

Cimmino told me that you had placed what amounted to a gag order on him and that he was prohibited from contacting anyone who bought RaS and he also claimed that you wouldn’t let him fix bugs in the code.  Is that not true?

I’ve only offered my opinions in this mess and related my experiences.”


I gave them 3 weeks to respond.  Honestly, I didn’t really think that they would, but I thought I’d try.  I’d love to know what they know about this situation.  Like I always say, “It’s good to want things!”  I’m left to believe that they are refusing to answer any more questions.  I’ll keep digging to see what I can find out!


I wonder why they wouldn’t want to cooperate.  If I were an innocent bystander, someone who had my intellectual property stolen, I’d be happy to tell the world about it.  If I had lost so much money because of this, I’d be looking for a platform to tell it from.  Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


UPDATE #30:  8/2/2016


This is the response I got to my last question that I asked the SEM Easy people. Again, I’ll put my comments within their text and I will put it in bold. Some of what’s in their response contains things that I had asked them and things that I have put into this article. They have highlight my remarks in blue.


Appreciate the updates on your website.


I’m glad to hear that you like it!


Not sure what you’re crusading for, but keep up the fight good man!


Please don’t patronize me! My goal was to see one of the parties in jail by the time I was done with this article. My other was to find out what really happened and why.


I also write this article as a public service. To me, Super Mario sold a product that didn’t work. I have proof that Zander sold a product that didn’t work and he knew it didn’t work. Zander actually wrote an article and put it on his blog that admitted that he sold that product knowing full well that it didn’t work.


For some reason that has me pretty mad.


With regards to your question – there has never been a “gag-order” placed on Zander/Cimmino preventing them from contacting their clients – simply a non-disparagement clause and a confidentiality agreement on the settlement itself (as can be found in 99.9% of settlements out there).  If you could relay to us any information in which Cimmino made these claims it would be greatly appreciated… I’m sure our legal team would appreciate it as well.


Super Mario had sent out a video to his RaS clients when the 1 year anniversary happened. He claimed that he was now allowed to talk to all of the people who bought Rent A SERP. He claimed that the people who shut him down had place what amounted to a gag order on him. He claimed that he wanted to tell everyone what was going on and why, but due to his agreement he had not been able to do that.


I’ll look through my past emails and see if I can find it and I’d be happy to send it to you! He may have taken it down by now but maybe he left it there??


Regarding the claim of not being able to fix bugs in the code, this is a half-truth at best.  We allowed the RaS camp to release an update immediately after our settlement (a CSS fix to their leasing bar, if I recall correctly) but had clauses in place to protect any updates related to our IP, preventing additional features from being added or modification to existing code which would further emulate our software – which was the core issue in the first place.


I do think that I remember getting the one update. However, there were other bugs that needed to be fixed in order to make it work. Now you have me curious about what exactly did Super Mario say in that video. Hopefully, it’s still around.


I only have anecdotal evidence that RaS didn’t function properly. I had gotten too busy to look at it when I first bought it and by the time I got around to using it the entire site had been removed. I have heard from several people that it didn’t work. I agree with you that if it didn’t work that it shouldn’t have been sold at all.


As far as we know, the original RaS code was working as intended and stable at the time of launch.  If it wasn’t, then it should have never been sold in the first place.


I would imagine that you’d have no way of knowing if the product worked or not. I’d like to know how you heard about this product? Did you get to see the code before it launch? It sounds like you didn’t actually use the product.


Again, we had no control over billing/refunds for the sale or management of RaS as it simply was not our product – just, in our opinion, a poor attempt at infringing on our own IP.


Now on to your direct statements regarding our company  Firstly, you’ve wrote: I don’t believe that I ever said that RaS belong to you or your company. 


It is our opinion, and the opinion of every layperson we’ve asked, that the header in your article, and I quote, I just heard a rumor that said that Super Mario TOOK in excess of $600,000 in sales for his/SEM Easy’s Rent A SERP product! is a direct claim that RaS was a SEM easy product.


I have no idea whose product it is or was. All I know is that SEM Easy either profited from the sale or tried to profit from the sale.


One thing I still don’t understand is why you would do something that you lost that much money on, if you really lost money? Why not defend your IP to the hilt or just let it go. To me, it looks like you did everything possible to wind up in the worst possible situation that could’ve happened. They released and sold the product which you claim diluted the market for your product and in allowing the launch to go forward, you claim that you lost a bunch of money. It’s difficult to imagine things working out any worse for you.


If they way I wrote “for his/SEM Easy’s product!” is being taken that way, I’d be happy to make the correction and differentiate things better. My apologies.


I was asked not to violate confidentiality about the $600,000 figure. If I am ever given permission to share the information, I will.


It says it right there, clear as day: SEM Easy’s Rent A SERP product.


Next, I wonder why they wouldn’t want to cooperate.  – We have cooperated, and sent you a lengthy response the last time you contacted us.  Every time we draft one of these responses it takes time away from our other work/clients and costs us money.  We would also prefer not to be associated with you, the mess you’re writing about or sh*t you’re so obviously attempting to stir, hence our silence in the matter.


You’d prefer not to be associated with me? Wow! Hurtful!!


As I see it, you’re part of this mess. There many things that you could have done in order to not be part of this and you chose not to do them. Like it or not, you in it!


Finally: If I were an innocent bystander, someone who had my intellectual property stolen, I’d be happy to tell the world about it.  If I had lost so much money because of this, I’d be looking for a platform to tell it from.  Kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


This has been explained to you already – due to the non-disparagement clause of our settlement we are not at liberty to discuss Zander/Cimmino directly, hence we have not taken a public position on this matter and continually refuse to do so.


I don’t think that you’d need to say anything disparaging about Super Mario or Zander in order to tell your side of the story.


It’s up to you whether you talk to me at all, I don’t think I’m twisting your arm or worse. I’m just asking questions and making comments as I see them. I’m will to hear your side of the story. I’m willing to make corrections to my article as new information becomes available.


Thank you for your response! I’ve posed other questions in my responses, if you like to answer them.

All the best, SEM




If you insist on doing business with these guys, I wish you the very best of luck, but don’t say that I didn’t warn you!


Please share this article with everyone you know! It might help them!



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19 Responses to “Devin Zander scam, Mario Cimmino scam, Link bound marketing scam, Rent-a-Serp scam”

  1. Demetris says:

    Excellent Article! perfect! I want my own refund on this crap that they served me when i was such a noob in this industry. Since i’ve seen this article be updated, my question to you is how do i contact these frauds to get my money back? Any ideas?

    Thank god i didn’t pay for those 500$ ones..they were doing.

    only paid 37, and stupid enough not to ask my money back, i just left it. Good article! Keep punching that fool!

    • Hi Demetris,

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed this ever expanding article! Sorry to hear that they got your money as well. You can send me an email at richard[at]richardbrokenshire.com and I can get you in touch with the seller of the product.

      He claims he is issuing refunds. I’m not sure I believe it.

  2. David says:

    Very good article, saw Zander’s latest offering and was tempted. I forgot about the $47. I think I will pass on any future offerings

  3. sk bhatia says:

    I am also a victim to RAS purchase. Your article has supported my belief about the scam I felt I was trapped.I purchased a new website and do not find RAS Plugin to install. Sent email every where, no reply, except JV ZOO which says contact the vendor directly.


  4. Thanks for the Article I recently purchased from mario cimmino Linkbound Academy and never received anything for my payment I’ve been emailing to no avail this guy is a real scum bag anything I can do to help in any way please let me know I’m very upset over the whole thing.

    • Quite frankly, I think someone should call the FBI and Interpol and press fraud and theft charges against both of these guys. $400,000+ is a lot of money to steal from the public! They shouldn’t be wandering the streets with that money, they should be in prison for 10+ years! That’s my opinion. What do you think?

      • I agree wholeheartedly I am going to contact the Massachusetts State Attorney General and file a formal complaint and put them on notice of this guys activities.

        • James Johnson says:

          Hey Cliff,
          You should also file a charge back with your bank, in addition to contacting Mass State AG. That is what I plan to do – charge back on the bastard since he does not respond . I too purchased Linkbound Academy and he has never delivered, and I cannot even log into the site and he does not respond to support desk. He is a scammer for sure. Takes money and runs and never answers email support. What is a piece of shit…

          And thanks for this blog Richard. These guys are jokes and scammers! I too was a recent victim of Super Mario from his new product, Linkbound Academy. Purchased early (July 28, 2015), never got the full product he promised and he does not respond to email and I am locked out of the site.


          • It’s unbelievable what these guys are willing to do. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t think that they should be arrested and prosecuted? I mean, think about how much money they stole. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars and somehow they are walking the streets.

            I hope you get your money back!!

  5. Mr E says:

    This is a great read. It leads you to believe that all these guys are scammers. What about Mike Cooch, Jeff Herschy, Holly Cooper, an others who use JVZOO to pedal their wares? I definitely think a class action law suite is fitting!

  6. One More Scam says:

    one more scam for you to add he sold a coaching along with some partners in october and they just vanished from the group they dont even show up and it was like 10 grand

  7. Markus says:

    Greetings! I’ve been following your web site for
    a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Tx!
    Just wanted to mention keep up the excellent job!

  8. B Draiman says:

    Your article has opened my eyes. It never occurred to me to check out the people making these offers on webinars before buying their products (especially when they are selling through a reputable company like JVZoo.)

    The crazy thing is that with the time pressure of having to order by the end of a webinar etc. in order to get bonuses, many of us end up buying (even very expensive programs) impulsively. Especially when they offer a 30 day guarantee, I assume I’m not really risking my money even if I’ll discover the program is not right for me. Now I have to wonder which programs might not even work altogether and which sellers might not fulfill their promised guarantees! Yikes!!

    The dumb thing about this is that if I were purchasing an expensive item at a store or online, I’d be putting a lot more time and thought into the purchase and probably research it, etc. before deciding to make an expensive purchase, while online I’ve made many impulse purchases on webinars! Food for thought…

    Unfortunately I found your article after paying almost $600 for Devin Zander’s current program today. So far I haven’t been able to get into the program. Hope that isn’t an indication of things to come…

    Does JVZoo help you get a refund if it’s still within the 30 days? If it proves to be problematic, I guess I might be able to get my credit card company to work on getting the money back from him if necessary. Let’s hope this program is legit and does as promised and a refund isn’t required. Your article has made me nervous about this, though.

    Thanks for the eye-opener.

    • The online marketers are very smart. Limiting the amount of time you have to make up your mind to buy is high pressure for sure.

      I took the chance that some people would be searching the names of the sellers before they buy and decided to try to warn people. I’ve gotten complaint emails from Super Mario. He’s complaining that I am costing him money. You have to figure that turn around is fair play. He cost me money.

      JV Zoo wasn’t very helpful. I first contacted them for a refund and they told me that I had to go straight to the seller. When I asked for a refund from Super Mario, I went to his “help email.” Of course he was none responsive. I made the mistake of paying cash through Paypal and they were no help either. Lesson learned. If you ask your credit card company to help you with the refund, they should be helpful.

      The one thing that I hope people do when they finish reading this article is to warn their friends. Tell everyone you know to do a Google search on anyone that you are about to buy any product from! Even if it’s a $5.00 gig on Fiverr.com. Better safe than sorry.

      I don’t have any information on Zander’s current offering. I am on his mailing list so I’ve seen it, but I have no idea if it works or not. I have asked for review copies of the products that they are selling and they have always said “NO!” I wonder why they would do that.

      I would urge anyone who does decide to buy a product, from either of these guys or anyone else for that matter, to try the program immediately just to make sure that you are happy with it and it is right for you!

      You say that you are nervous now. I say good! You should be nervous.

      Best of luck with the new program. I hope it works out for you!

  9. Sean M Henigan says:

    Hi Richard,

    First off, great blog. Thank you for your excellent reporting on this issue. Secondly, I, too, lost money on RAS. $47 may not seem like much money. But, on my limited income, it all adds up. At the time, RAS sales page stated that the fee were a one-off purchase. Then, after the fact, it was changed to a monthly fee. Yet, those of us who bought the product when it was advertised as a one-off fee were led to believe that we were locked into that supposedly great deal. Obviously, I paid the price for lack of due diligence, beforehand. Of course, I never received any refund. But, I now keep a list of IM’ers to watch out for when looking at IM products to invest in. Sort of a blacklist, if you will. Thanks!

    • Hi Sean,

      I’ve gone the other way. I just don’t buy products any more. There are literally thousands of people who got their money stolen. I’m sorry that you got caught up it. It’s a real mess!

      It’s sad and funny that you have a “blacklist” of marketers to watch out for. It shouldn’t be that way.

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