Gurus be damned

I watched a video today by a millionaire, internet marketer. Good for him! I honestly can’t remember his name but, I liked the video. Much to my surprise, he was explaining how the gurus make a lot of money online. I imagine he was including himself in there as well.


His conclusion was that unless you are making products and conduct big product launches, you weren’t going to make a lot of money online.


I suppose the video was a commercial for his upcoming “how to make products and conduct successful product launches so you can make a lot of money, online” course.


After the video was over, I remembered a story that I had heard years before. You probably have heard it before but I wanted to put it on my blog anyway.


Gold Miners


It is the story of the 1849 Gold Rush.


Gold had just been discovered in California. Hundreds, if not thousands of people set off to find their fortunes. They staked their claim on some land and started to prospect. No, I’m not going to tie this into conducting your network marketing business. Although, many parts of the story parallel the MLM business.


Back to California.


As it turned out, very few prospector actually made money. Not very many of them actually found gold. They worked and worked only to come out on the other side with nothing to show for it. A lot of them even lost money in the process.


Hmm, kind of sounds like MLM doesn’t it.


There was a lot of money made during the gold rush. Not all the money was made by the miners.  If the prospectors didn’t make all the money who did? You need a lot of tools to look for gold. Picks, shovels, buckets, gold pans and even a scale. Just in case you found a little gold and wanted to know how much it was worth. I didn’t even mention the food, shelter and clothing that you’d need to survive.


Who made the money?


Those merchants who were selling all of the tools that the prospectors needed, that’s who.


Sounds like the gurus, doesn’t it?


The gurus are there to tell you that you just need their latest and greatest tool to make a lot of money in your business.  Go, go, go!  Buy, buy, buy!


I suppose at some level they are providing a needed service. I’m sure that some of them are really trying to help others to be successful. Maybe some of the products work and some them don’t. It is, “buyer beware” after that.


I’m sure that, just like a gold prospector, there are some necessary tools that everyone will need to conduct a business. The rest of it, well, not so much.


Let me ask you a question. If you had a piece of software that when you run it would make you a millionaire in a year or two, would you really sell it? Let me change the question now. Maybe you have already made all the money that you would ever need. Would you sell it then? I’m trying to give the gurus the benefit of the doubt here. Well, would you sell it?


Maybe you’re just a great human being and would really like to share your method of generating a lot of money. I hear ya! But if you knew your software worked and would make someone rich, would you sell it for $37.00? Or $47.00? Or even $97.00?  I’m not hinting that a more expensive product would work any better.



body by jake


I heard an interview with the Body By Jake guy. You must have seen his infomercials try to sell you exercise equipment. He was a body builder who designed home gym equipment. During the interview he was asked if his equipment really worked. He said yes they did work, if you used them. Then he was told that a mere 2% of people who bought from him actually used the equipment. He was asked if that bothered him. He answered, “I can sell it to them but, I can’t make them use it.”


Maybe that is what happens in the online tools world. But I’m not sure about that.


Now I’d like to ask you if you have ever bought a product or service that you found actually did what it said it would do? Conversely, how many products have you bought that didn’t work.


I really need to stop watching videos about the product gurus!



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